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NEC and Neusoft Group work together to launch cloud computing service

    Today, NEC Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the NEC) and its subsidiary NEC (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NEC (China)) with the Neusoft Group Co., Ltd. (600718.SH, hereinafter referred to as Neusoft Group) and its subsidiary Neusoft Information Technology Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as Neusoft Institute of Information Technology) common in the Chinese market cloud services business has signed a cooperation agreement.
    Based on this agreement, booster cables NEC Group and Neusoft Group in October this year set up a joint venture in Dalian, China, to jointly promote the China market for cloud computing services.

    The joint venture company tentatively Xinhua Neusoft Institute of Information Technology Co., Ltd., capital of 5,000 million, of which NEC (China) capital ratio of 70%, Neusoft IT investment ratio of 30%. Neusoft Group NEC Group and the integration of our respective strengths to provide the best customers in the Chinese market,battery clip the wealth of services and products, provides high reliability of integrated cloud services business.

    NEC has developed the cloud point to the data center (Note 1) global promotion plan, the world's major regions in the cloud services business, tow rope the strategic cooperation with Neusoft Group opened the NEC data center cloud point a prelude to the global promotion plan . In the future, NEC will use the plan to establish a global network of services for Chinese companies and Japanese companies investing in China, U.S. and European companies and other customers with the continuity of global harmonization of quality services. NEC relies on its own servers and other high energy-saving rate of hardware products,ratchet tie dowm and various application management middleware products, with the OMCS (Note 2) Construction of the experience accumulated in the system, building the basis for highly reliable service system that contains the core system, including developing cloud services business.

    Neusoft Group is a global growth company, is a leading IT solutions and services provider, in the Chinese market has a wealth of industry experience, rapid response capabilities, excellent operations management and broad customer base. Neusoft Group is actively expanding in recent years, cloud computing business, Neusoft located in the cloud applications and services solutions provider in the cloud application reference architecture, key technologies and tools common to a large number of R & D investment and management services in health, automotive telematics services, location services and a positive practice and has made considerable progress. The cooperation with NEC will further expand services in the cloud Neusoft's business scale, through the powerful combination to create greater value for our customers.

    It is reported that NEC will be applied aspects of the joint venture with Neusoft's technology environment as a basis for building their own data centers, will provide, including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, including a comprehensive cloud computing services. The data center will provide 24-hour, 365 days a primary language (Chinese, Japanese, English) the full range of services to answer questions before the import from consulting services to the service process of problem solving as well as the needs of the surrounding systems integration.

    China is rapidly expanding cloud computing market, the data shows that the market is expected to grow 30% annually, 16.0 billion in 2012 to scale. Neusoft Group NEC Group and hope that through this strategic cooperation, to 2012 in China cloud computing services to become the market leader in the field.

    (Note 1) point cloud data center.

    Is in the data center, the core of the system through the practical application of its own over the system model (the specific hardware, OS, middleware portfolio), provide the basis for building services systems. For corporate business with the trustworthiness of services including core system, including application service. In addition to NEC in Japan outside the system built around the world have also established point cloud data center to form a data center network. Through the uniform application for centralized monitoring center application to the global monitoring, to provide efficient, high quality global service network applications.

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