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Energy-saving and new energy vehicles will soon introduce a development plan

    Experts believe that purely electric cars will become an important direction of development, will become a mainstream power lithium batteries.

    New energy vehicles is coming, and coming to us is accelerating. Reporter learned from relevant state ministries, booster cables energy saving and new energy automotive industry development planning and package of support policies - the "energy saving and new energy vehicle development plan (2011-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as "planning") has been completed, is to all relevant ministries for comments, will be finalized this month and submitted to State Council for consideration, such as consideration of adoption, the fastest implementation is expected during the year.

    "For an industry to support the implementation of the policy package is the first time in China, which indicates the state of the new energy automotive industry, the degree of attention." battery clip States Securities researcher Li said, "This is the second in June this year, the Ministry of Finance introduced the four departments," on the private purchase of new energy vehicles to carry out the pilot subsidy notification ",tow rope the lead industry development of new energy vehicles in China an important policy."

    It was revealed that "planning" detailed list of energy saving and new energy vehicles in China's development goals and a series of supportive policies, pure electric vehicles will become an important strategic transformation of the automotive industry direction. "Pure electric vehicles best suited to internal combustion engine of a lack of oil and the high technological level conditions, simple structure, easy maintenance, energy and materials." Li said.

    "In the traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, abroad 20 years behind China. Especially the car engine in this high-tech fields, domestic enterprises are still not self-development capacity,ratchet tie dowm China has developed internal combustion engine vehicles with little chance to catch up. But in the electric vehicle field only four or five years the gap. China has a cost and market advantages, potential and may form a leadership position in the world. The new energy vehicles are expected to become important over time for the automotive industry path, is the opportunity to turn overtaking car . With the new energy automotive industry, the technological revolution, the next 10 to 20 years, will be China's automotive industry to achieve leap-forward development, strong brands for a masterpiece of great historical opportunity. "Li further pointed out.

    According to statistics of major cities, 80% of the mileage on the car at around 20km (small city should be even shorter), so the user considerable short-range cars. Now the use of electric bicycles and light electric motorcycle masses, enhanced purchasing power needs in the shelter of the means of transport, they are short of pure electric vehicles of potential customers. Charging time driving 50 ~ 80km of pure electric vehicles much market power of existing lithium-ion batteries or lead-acid batteries can meet the requirements.

    "Should be selected low-speed, short-range, micro-electric vehicles as a market promoting the breakthrough, driving range not very long, enough for 50 to 80 km, the maximum speed can reach 50 kilometers per hour." Tenth, held recently in Beijing Sixth Annual Meeting of the Chinese electric vehicles electric vehicles and the second session of the seminar on industrial development strategy, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, YANG Yu-Sheng said.

    "Planning" Once implemented, the key to China's new energy auto parts industry will be the first to usher in rapid development. See new energy vehicles will be in the traditional automotive industry chain extension on the basis of an increase of battery, motor, electric control system components. It is understood that additional components of new energy vehicles, the battery system, the highest proportion, accounting for the vast majority of additional cost. The cost in the form of pure electric vehicles, the power battery up to 60%.

    "The battery is new energy automotive industry chain, the most critical part of the core, the new energy automotive industry value chain will focus on the most core of the battery business to start, and gradually extending to the electrical system (drive motor, control system), vehicle (x car, bus), and upstream resources (lithium, rare earth) area. "Fortune Securities analyst Mr Li said.

    Currently suitable for electric vehicle power source (10.91,0.11,1.02%) of the batteries are lead-acid batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries and lithium-ion battery. "Lithium battery will become the mainstream of future development of motive power batteries, lithium-ion battery is developed in the last century, a new type of 90 storage battery, a light weight, high specific energy and power, small size, long cycle life, no memory, self-discharge rate, temperature and many other advantages of wide application, more plug-in hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles requirements. and the lithium battery has a large space for technological upgrading and cost reduction, so the medium and long term, lithium battery will be gradually implemented in the market for nickel-hydrogen battery to replace the battery. "parade view.

    In this regard, the State Director of the Centre 863 Prince of battery testing in winter that the power lithium battery market in 2014 is expected to reach 2 trillion yen, the overall battery market, more than 3 trillion yen. Battery manufacturers feel the demand from the global automotive manufacturing company a surge in pressure. Actively preparing for battery manufacturers, several major battery manufacturers has exceeded 1 trillion yen total investment, investment in the next few years as SONY billion yen in 1000. Mass production cost of lithium-ion battery will quickly drop down to 3,750 yuan in 2015 is expected / kwh. Large-capacity lithium-ion batteries will be in the railway and other industrial application fields.

    In accordance with the idea of Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang, I hope that by 2012, China had 10% of the new production car is a new energy vehicles, China's vehicle production in 2009 was 13.79 million, is expected to the new energy vehicles in 2012 to 150 million.

    "At present, the basic cost of lithium iron phosphate in 4000-5000 yuan / kwh between. Ni-MH battery of basic cost 2,500-3,000 yuan / kwh, in June introduced the" new energy vehicles subsidies "in the pure electric passenger car battery group of not less than 15 kwh of energy minimum subject, that a new energy vehicles battery 15kwh calculated, taking into account the future cost reduction factor, assuming a conservative 3 million nickel-hydrogen battery unit / units, priced 5 million lithium / Taiwan ; use of nickel-hydrogen batteries, 70%, 30% use lithium batteries, so we can calculate, nickel-hydrogen batteries in 2012 will reach 31.5 billion market capacity, lithium battery market will reach 22.5 billion yuan. from the current situation Look, 2012, 1.5 million new energy vehicle production may be difficult, but to achieve this goal by 2015 is entirely possible. "Mr Li said optimistically.

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