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Alstom positioning China to participate in various power generation projects

    Energy supply, but also to a low carbon economy to achieve rapid change.

    To look forward to that,booster cables as the industry only to their own clean power plant design and manufacturing of spare parts required for all companies - Alstom are trying to find the best solution to this challenge.
    "To participate in development of various forms of energy generation project, Alstom has been the pride of the Department,battery clip and the global strategy of the Chinese market is very important in Alstom. We have seen the Chinese market in 2010 given the very positive positive signals,tow rope I believe the future will be in the Chinese market Alstom greater breakthrough and leap. "global strategic significance of China for Alstom so intuitive is reflected in the Alstom China president Buerbule? Ke Lude's discourse in.

    Strategies in China.

    Over the past year, ratchet tie dowm sweeping through the global financial crisis for China's power equipment manufacturing industry has experienced rapid growth for many years after the first "winter." Many enterprises with different Alstom face this crisis seems to be more calm and collected. "2009 is the power [1.850.00%] a year of relatively slow development of the market, our results also show a corresponding change in the entire market, but over the past year, for Alstom is a transition in terms of more stage last year, Alstom still achieve large-scale investment in China, and this investment is expected within the next two years will continue to expand. "Buerbule? Ke Lude in an interview with our correspondents said.

    Of course, this optimism is not unfounded conservative. In accordance with the International Energy Agency (IEA) reference scenario forecasts from 2006 to 2015, annual growth rate of world electricity demand will reach 3.2%, and from 2015 to 2030, the growth rate will slow to an average of 2%, of which the vast Most of the electricity demand in developing countries, mainly in non-OECD regions is expected annual growth rate of 3.8%.

    In fact, nurtured by the Chinese power market to attract really great potential influx of global giant, but as the first multinational companies to one of China's development, Alstom is a long time and the Origin of the Chinese market.

    In 1979, Alstom set up its first office in China; in 1995, set up in Tianjin Alstom Hydro Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to "Tianjin Alstom Hydro"), making it the world's largest hydropower equipment manufacturing base; In 1997, the establishment of ALSTOM (Wuhan) Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.; established in 1998 four continents Power Equipment (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.; in 2004, a joint venture with Beijing Heavy Electric Machinery Factory founded the North re-Alstom (Beijing) Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "North re Alstom"), to build its global manufacturing center Turbine market ... ...

    On this basis, Alstom in September 2007 to 338 million yuan of state-owned transferee of shares 51% WBC, WBC B become the controlling shareholder, and in November 2008 completed a new factory base. Holdings as a new plant side, the world's largest boiler manufacturer Alstom base into operation, not only marked the beginning of its coal-fired power plants directly into the boiler market in China, more importantly, indicates that power generation equipment base in China, Alstom layout has become the three pillars - Hydropower Equipment, steam turbine and generator, the three major coal-fired power plant boiler base was officially formed.

    In 1995, when he was general manager of Alstom Hydro's Buerbule? Kelu De participating in the joint ventures in Tianjin Alstom Hydro, the year went to Tianjin, more than 40 times. Talk about that experience, he somewhat mixed feelings, "During that time, we walked side by side with a lot of difficult times. At first, we did encounter a number of practical difficulties, mainly after the establishment of joint ventures require significant changes facing the and adjustment. For example, like technology, management, quality control and so on. but I am pleased to see that the Chinese colleagues Zhili Yu with us to resolve these issues. last century, the late '90s to 2000, when Chinese exports situation Bijiao downturn, but the very value Alstom rapid development in China, we are willing to continue our joint venture investment. "
    In the interview, reporter learned that, even under the influence of the financial crisis, Alstom has not stopped large-scale investment for the Chinese market. In addition to last year's production run of Alstom Wuhan Boiler Factory, also invested in Tianjin Port [11.80-0.17%] Zone expansion of Tianjin Alstom Hydro, the "new plant to build more updated taking into account the existing equipment, which will greatly enhance the business processing capacity and efficiency, to further improve product quality and productivity, completely adapted to our market, China's hydropower development plan requirements. "Tianjin Alstom Hydro vice president told reporters million Dragon Boat Festival, now the first new plant completed on time, has been put into trial operation, the second phase has begun preparations started.

    "I want to say is, whether the acquisition or merger, which in itself is not the most difficult. The biggest challenge comes from the acquisition, the strategic plan of how to achieve proper development of enterprises." Buerbule? Ke Lude The remarks Sihu in the elimination of the industry is behind such frequent Binggou concerns, "As a global enterprise, Alstom is committed to each customer around the world, all markets the most advanced technology, and we are very localized, Women In the important market to have the professional team and the joint venture, to ensure full close to our customers. "

    Growing Chinese market.

    Into the North re-Alstom, the reporter and his party safe passage along the Green visited the factory, in addition to sophisticated turbine equipment manufacturing, is what impressed me most were presented within their shop clean and orderly work environment. According to general manager of the North re Alstom Bonan, at present the enterprise is the full implementation of EHS (environment, safety and health) management, and arrange the production process of the Commissioner responsible for ensuring that risks and environmental impacts of sustained control, run inspections and correct problems found in The implementation of preventive measures, "concern the production process in every detail to ensure the quality of our truly user acceptance." He also clever use of "why a house does not sweep sweep the world," the Chinese proverb to explain the news to see to all this.

    Buerbule? Ke Lude said that Alstom has a very clear global policy, such as the production of the North re Alstom steam turbine, generator products using the design, production technology, have, and Alstom in Europe, North America, and the rest of the world and regional Yunyong technology solution is completely consistent with and in the process through to the North Zhong Bu Duande Alstom's 技术转让 and training of judges produced the world's most advanced product Da Dao level.

    Interview, reporter learned that, in product design standardization module design Alstom, which tailor-made according to customer needs, and make the best Flow design. "It was a standard design, but specific to each project is different, its leaves, its progression, size, site of the state based on the redesign, to ensure the realization of the project to the customer the highest performance and best The Design Flow. "director of the North re-manufactured stone Cen Alston told reporters," manufacturing technology, product development is a connection, we also extensive use of advanced management tools, using a number of other enterprises with advanced global Alstom process systems, including the manufacture of blades as PDM software, through technology, process, quality management system to establish and perfect the product to ensure businesses are Alstom products, quality and Alstom Alstom technology . "

    At the same time, China's power generation equipment market is undergoing fundamental change, which Boonen has a personal experience. He believes that, in addition to rapid escalation of unit-capacity technology, more importantly, investment in power plant customers in China and attitudes are changing gradually. "They began to realize lower investment cost alone can not solve the fundamental problem, and request product coal consumption, performance, and machinery maintenance costs are reduced accordingly."

    To meet such changes, Alstom Power Service business increases plant efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions target for the introduction of new plants the best technology, highest efficiency, lower production per MW electricity used fuel rate. "For example, the blade design, welding patent, uniaxial cooling system, as well as the insulation design of Alstom, Alstom's products are guaranteed to the world renowned high prestige, and can provide low-emission and high-performance generator. "stones Cen said.
    In addition to traditional thermal field, in the same water area of Alston doing well. From the initial position in the production of hydraulic turbine unit capacity of 250MW to be able to independently design and manufacture various types of units (mixed flow, axial flow, tubular, shock, pumped storage) up to a maximum single output 900MW, Alstom Tianjin Water continued technological upgrading and transformation of its clients has won wide recognition in China: the company has for the Three Gorges Left Bank, Right Bank was provided with 14 generating unit, and in 2007 was provided to the Xiangjiaba hydropower installed capacity reached 3200MW, value of the contract more than 160 million euros of 4 sets hydroelectric generating set of orders. Meanwhile, the company also actively develop the overseas market, the current equipment has been more than 70 countries in the world put into operation, while providing services for the existing station, reconstruction and upgrading.

    "In the global market, Alstom China has been strong over the past 3 to 4 years, the average amount of orders received in the Chinese market of 1.0 billion euros." Buerbule? Ke Lude stressed that "we have seen the development of China's industrial policy-making is a long-term, long-term perspective, while Rafer Alston is willing to follow the same approach, stay with a substantial point of view the development of China, support China's industries. "

    He also said the industry had closely watched the joint acquisition of Schneider Electric, Alstom and Areva T & D business has now completed the negotiations, is waiting for Europe's final confirmation related. "After confirmation, we will be in Europe, including the integration and restructuring in China. Believe that after the acquisition, Alstom Areva for the business world, including in China, regardless of the number of terms from the staff or the strategic layout speaking, new leap. "

    For the clean energy sector "insurance."

    International Energy Agency's long-term electricity market forecast, 2030, nearly double the global power generation capacity is expected to wind power, hydropower, nuclear power, clean energy technology-based robust growth. Meanwhile, China is currently developing new energy development plan also indicates the strategic location of the new energy industry, it is learned that as of 2020, China's total investment in this area will be more than 4.5 trillion yuan. Needless to say, the development of new energy industry and competition, domestic and foreign enterprises will become an important new round of industrial competitiveness, "the battlefield."

    Frankly speaking, Alstom is not fast pace in this regard, but indicates the strong, forward-looking.

    June 2007, Alstom signed a purchase agreement Ecotècnia Spanish wind turbine company, began to enter the wind energy market. "Alstom is also willing to enter China's wind power market, hoping to partner with China and promote China's wind power market, a step forward in development. But we are not blindly forward, if we in China have large areas of wind power initiatives, or want it to be successful. "Buerbule? Ke Lude said.

    In the nuclear field, Alstom and China Guangdong Nuclear Power and Dongfang Electric [46.510.96%] Group of extensive cooperation, as China's large-scale conventional island of nuclear power projects and other equipment and services. In 2008, Alstom won jointly with the Dongfang Electric to supply two 1750MW nuclear power plant in Taishan Arabella Turbo 300 million euros worth of contracts. In addition, Alstom Power Systems with CleanCurrent cooperation will extend to business development and utilization of tidal energy, and plans to be completed in 2012, the first generation of tidal power generation products for commercialization, the Department of Alstom Hydro will in turn become a tidal power generation plant equipment and turnkey solution provider.

    At the same time, the new layout did not affect the energy sector Alstom to traditional fossil fuel power generation concerns. "Although many countries and Gong Si Du Zhili Yu Tuidongcaiyong renewable energy, but even with all the efforts of the Bu Fen Huanshibugou, because we saw, that many important countries including India, China for a fairly long period of time, Ran Coal will also be one of the main forms of power generation, based on the above, in the past few years, Alstom has invested considerable energy in carbon capture and storage technology research and development. "Buerbule? Ke Lude said.

    Although R & D for this technology will put a huge, but Buerbule? Ke Lude view, "It is a bit like insurance, pre-need to continue to invest some funds in order to secure the future we can ensure our health and safety. "Moreover, with the commercial kept fully in the next 4 to 5 years after the formation of scale, the carbon dioxide capture and storage technology, the overall cost will be substantially reduced.

    It is reported that carbon capture and storage technologies, Alstom focused on two technologies, the first oxygen-enriched combustion technology is the second post-combustion capture technology is the technology. Alstom has been present in the world has about 10 to 12 carbon capture and sequestration pilot project, "Through these experiments, the two technologies can be further continuously improved by a relatively mature technology and equipment. Our goal is that by 2015 years, so that carbon capture and storage technologies are commercially available, and hope to establish in China's early demonstration projects related to. "In this regard, Buerbule? Ke Lude full of confidence.

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