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Christmas mass become hostile to U.S. Wind Power Equipment Industry

    Wind power industry development in China is currently still in infant stage of industrial development, according to WTO provisions, in certain developing countries can be protected, but recently the United States to the World Trade Organization (WTO) against China for wind power equipment manufacturers of illegal subsidies no reason to upgrade Sino-US trade friction.
    In this regard,booster cables China's Ministry of Commerce, Division of Treaty and Law tit for tat yesterday, pointed out that the development of wind energy in China in line with WTO rules. U.S. accusation was groundless. Rumors spread that the Christmas period, battery clip for two people that is not good news.

    China denied the development of wind power measures illegal.

    December 22, the United States at the WTO on China's wind energy institute these measures consultations under the dispute settlement mechanism of the request,tow rope the first step for the launching of trade litigation. U.S. trade officials that the subsidies the Chinese government requires only the use of wind power domestic parts manufacturers, in violation of WTO rules.

    December 23, Treaty and Law Ministry of Commerce official said that the current world countries are actively developing new energy sources to combat climate change. "China's measures on the development of wind energy is conducive to energy saving and environmental protection is an important means of achieving sustainable development, ratchet tie dowm is consistent with WTO rules."

    Meanwhile, the official pointed out that the Chinese side of the U.S. filed the WTO dispute settlement procedures that attention. China will deal with under the WTO dispute settlement rules, and reserves the right to.

    It is understood that the rapid development of China's wind power industry and 5 years has been the world's tenth ranked first. NDRC Energy Research Institute, Li Junfeng, deputy director of the expected annual increase of the next decade, wind power capacity is still maintained at 15 million kilowatts -2000 level. By 2015, China's wind power installed capacity of about 90 million -1.5 million kilowatts. Currently, large-scale wind power equipment manufacturers in China, including Xinjiang Gold Wind Science and Technology [22.51-3.39%], Sinovel and Dongfang Electric [33.30-5.88%] and so on. General Electric and United Technologies and other wind turbine manufacturers are optimistic about China's wind power [0.760.00%] market, and competing urgent fast-growing markets in China.

    The United States by seeking WTO consultations within 60 days of opening the process to resolve differences through consultations, if these efforts fail, the United States may apply to the WTO dispute settlement panel to hear.

    An infant industry, wind power can be properly protected.

    Accused the U.S., China experts believe that wind power industry is infant industries, could be properly protected.

    Bai Ming said, first of all, wind power equipment is a new energy, clean energy, in line with the trend of the global low carbon economy. For my country, and the thermal power and hydropower compared to wind power is still in early stages of development and the future direction of development, so early in the development of certain measures require government support.

    WTO also exists for the protection of infant industries in developing countries regulations. It is understood, WTO protection of infant industries were defined as follows: to allow a country to create a new industry or to protect the newly established soon, the industry is not competitive import restrictions adopted for the infant industry can be identified to improve tariffs or import licenses, etc. to protect them.

    Secondly, the white out that any country would be inclined against their goods. "Even greater freedom of trade is also true of the United States, the United States early last year as a priority by the terms of purchase of Buy American, let alone the developing countries. Therefore, it is an international practice, the same situation, no country will priority to use their own things. "Bai Ming believes that wind power in China's support this emerging industry, will benefit all mankind.

    Infant industry protection.

    Infant industry protection is an industry in the early stage of development, infrastructure and competitiveness of the weak, but with potential comparative advantage, and if appropriate conservation policies support national economic development will play an important role in the industry, this, countries need to take Transitional protection policy.

    Expert analysis.

    Friction or more new industries.

    Will support the U.S. wind power industry policy of resorting to WTO, will the white out that the current trade frictions facing our country forward development of new industries, "high value-added industries are facing a future trade friction will increase, domestic enterprises should make the appropriate mental prepared. "

    White out that in the past trade protection cases "double reverse" form more strategic emerging industries involving cases of less trade subsidies. Therefore, the market there, "the more high-end industries, face more trade friction will be less" point of view. However, Bai Ming pointed out that export more products to go uphill, trade friction may also be more serious. "China's major export markets are Europe and America developed in the past exports of low-end products and the local complementarity. And export high-tech products and high value-added products, there may be more intense competition in Europe and the United States."

    Therefore, the high-tech industries, new industries should be fully prepared, "Do not just hard at raising the technological level, but also look at the road rise to see the obstacles that may arise. Meanwhile, before entering the market, spend more time and cost of investigating the local market, so that the difficulty of entering the market smaller. "

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