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Sanmen Bay Electric: new round of development to create the first brand of terminal

    Trademark and brand is a reflection of the competitiveness of a business, trademarks, brand is a city, a region of the "gold card."

    Since the "Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property" Eleventh Five-Year "development plan" was unveiled, and brand building has become the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, booster cables the Government's important work. Focused in Jiangsu Province during the trademarks of planning ideas and economic development, social development plan, focusing on the implementation of the trade mark and select a group of planning good momentum of development, battery clip has a certain influence on the business as a brand.

    With the acceleration of economic globalization, increasing competition terminal region, resource shortages, energy shortages and other factors become increasingly apparent constraints, Nanjing Sanmen Bay terminals of electronic components and the whole terminal, as the Nanjing vanguard of economic development, tow rope how to ensure local economic success, "climbing gear, fuel," how the greatest possible efficiency of enterprises and enhance the local value-added products, the implementation of trademark and brand strategy is in line with current economic development is undoubtedly one good way.

    Over the years, Sanmen Bay Electric Co., Ltd. Nanjing, brand building has been the transformation of economic growth as a way of recycling initiatives Sanmen Bay brand task, ratchet tie dowm a lot of work among the nation's electronic components industry, the third terminal, the city first. Sanmen Bay Electric Co., Ltd. Nanjing mark the full implementation of brand strategy, has achieved preliminary results, three Gulf Electric to participate in organized HC electrical network of "red moving green industry in China" as the theme of "2010 China Top Ten selection of the electrical trade" activities The poll has a electric industry "Oscars" of the industry said it would once again become the focus of attention, but this is only a good start.

    Nanjing Sanmen Bay Terminals electronic components are labor-intensive, raw material-intensive industries. Economic development of resources, energy and capital investment are highly dependent, implementation of the trademark brand strategy, enhance the Sanmen Bay Nanjing terminals of electronic components is to achieve product quality electronic components, Nanjing Sanmen Bay terminal from the "big amount" to "big gold" into an important way, the same time, the implementation of trademarks and brand names are mentioned brand Sanmen Bay Nanjing effective means of economic competitiveness.

    Market competition is the brand competition, Nanjing Sanmen Bay terminals of electronic components to enhance core competitiveness, we must have a large number of independent brands, especially famous trademarks.

    From the current situation, Nanjing Sanmen Bay Electric Co., Ltd. to create the basic conditions are ripe for the brand, the product is also changing from low to high-end. Brand has become the Bay of Nanjing three terminal electronic components MeSH new round of development.

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