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Rail off the assembly line to break the foreign monopoly China Chip

     December 14, with the first batch of the world's most advanced level of the maximum power IGBT products in China, North Yongji Electric car off the assembly line successfully. This marks the Yongji Electric Company has become the fourth world,booster cables the domestic first voltage level to more than 6500V IGBT packaging manufacturers.
     This means that China has been in the industry with the world on the same technology platform developed independently developed IGBT chip to further accelerate the pace of industrialization.

     battery clip is the insulated gate bipolar transistor, is the second bipolar transistor (GTR) and metal oxide field-effect transistor (MOSFET) after the new generation of power semiconductor discrete devices, with a MOSFET easy to drive, simple control,tow rope switching frequency advantages, Automatic control and power conversion is a key core component is widely used in high-iron, represented by rail transportation equipment industry, electric power systems, industrial inverter, wind power, solar energy, electric cars, home appliances and other industries.

     At present,ratchet tie dowm China has become the world's largest consumer market power semiconductor devices, which rely entirely on imports of IGBT chips, key technologies, by foreign monopoly. It is understood that the first batch into packaging production lines and successfully package passed static and dynamic tests 6500V/600AIGBT products, is the world's highest voltage products, the technical parameters of the same with international standards.

     With independent intellectual property rights of these products, the advent of high-power IGBT for China to locomotives, EMU, represented by rail transportation equipment and other related industries to provide a strong "Chinese core. " This is to break the monopoly of foreign markets in the IGBT and the promotion of electrical and electronic technology to a new level of great significance.

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