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2011 new energy vehicles play begins: see "infrastructure"

    Field of the "players" are aware of new energy vehicles has become an inevitable trend, but this does not mean that now we must attack, shot.

    2010 World Cup staged in South Africa, everyone knows, China's new energy vehicle market is staged another game.booster cables Here is not only forward, center, guard, and goalkeeper and cheerleaders, the court was running, it was shot, it was a show, there are people diving, brilliant as much as the World Cup.

    Mysterious "start."

    Further away in the economic crisis of 2009, "the automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan" introduced. Among them, the planning for new energy vehicles target this emerging industry,battery clip laid the strategic direction of new energy vehicles in China put on the agenda.

    Who should advance a new energy vehicles, who have occupied the high ground of the possible; Similarly, the first to advance, will come to face the embarrassment of eating crab Seya.

    March 2010, tow rope as many achievements in the battery field and make other plans ahead of the "forward" BYD take the lead in advancing new energy vehicles, its first dual-mode plug-in electric vehicle market F3DM off the assembly line and declared it all to People think of the new energy era is too fast.

    From appearance to the market, if the market seems to be no new energy vehicles, people's eyes became worried by the praise. Before the BYD, a mature field of hybrid technology 4 years ago in China, Toyota Prius hybrid sales, ratchet tie dowm but also its total 3700 sales, sold only 271 vehicles in 2009. F3DM the first to enter the market in Shenzhen, BYD, the first three months, except for government procurement and public transportation use of new energy vehicles, few private users. The industry of new energy vehicles sit on the sidelines of the auto company CEOs also jokingly Road: "F3DM Where cities have to sell? If so, I would like to buy it!"

    Chang is the sound on the court, "center", showing a low profile. In fact, before the release of BYD electric vehicle mode, Chang has been quietly practicing their hybrid map. June 2009, China's first self-developed multi-functional hybrid cars Jie Xun HEV began to test the market and into the Chongqing and Shanghai, 4S store sales.

    April 2010 Beijing auto show, China's new energy vehicles for the first time after the concentration of the stock market debut. At the time, "China Economic Weekly" visited various joint ventures and independent brands, but discovered that the car chiefs for the attitude of new energy vehicles are divided into two camps: the first is actively implemented, second is prudent to wait. In the first camp, BYD, Chang and other enterprises in actively promoting new energy vehicles in the market, the Great Wall, Chery and FAW-Volkswagen joint venture brands are still waiting to see. But they all understand that the future of new energy vehicles has become an inevitable trend, but this does not mean that now we must attack, shot out.

    2011, see "infrastructure" of the show.

    New energy vehicles is a systematic project, in addition to costs, infrastructure, core technologies, business models are all have problems. Start a new energy plan as the first Changan Automobile (000625), its first hybrid Jie Xun HEV's defeat not only the flaw of the new energy map, but also a reflection of the dim dawn of new energy markets.

    December 2010, in a radio program, Jie Xun HEV sales were zero in 2010 and broke the news of shutdown, which throws into the market in China has been the issue of new energy vehicles sales. Public sales data show that 10 months of 2010, BYD dual-mode electric vehicle sales F3DM only 290, BYD's E6 electric car sales in only 54; another hybrid Chi Chang Xiang HEV in the country, only 300 or so sales.

    And, after a press survey, BYD, and Changan car most of the new energy into the government procurement system and taxis, private consumption markets are not open.

    2009 introduction of the "automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan" was put forward new energy vehicle sales in 2011 accounted for 5% of passenger car sales target, now seems long way to go.

    In the October 23, 2010 at the eighth China-EU Automotive Industry Forum, a reporter mentioned that the new energy vehicles for the actual sales, president of Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. Zhang Baolin tight-lipped, he said: "The greatest difficulty is China's overall environmental issues, such as electric vehicles, the convenience of users, charging and so on. "Recently, BMW, Christoph Stark, president and CEO of Greater China at about the status of electric vehicles, also bluntly:" If there is no corresponding infrastructure, we can not advance any plan. "

    In 2010, at the national and local subsidy policies have been introduced, the new car hit the price of energy, "stumbling block" began to be surrendered; 2011, the infrastructure is put in the new energy vehicles on the road ahead Another urgent problem.

    In 2010, National Grid plans to build the public charging stations, changing station 75, the charging post 6209, now is the completion target is unknown. According to report, in Beijing, the original plan in the space bridge, MA home building, small business, to build four benefits such as electric car charging stations, Today, only electric vehicle charging station south of Yanqing completed for the electric taxi services, The support for private infrastructure for electric cars is still under construction.

    Shenzhen is the first large-scale start charging station and charge pile-building the city. According to the Shenzhen Municipal Government plans promote the use of new energy vehicles, before the end of 2012, Shenzhen will be the new 89 Charger Station, the new 47,500 charging pile, invest about 1.27 billion; in 2015, the new Charger Station 150, 227,500 charging pile, a total investment of some 43.6 billion yuan. Today, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has put into operation a large movement, harmony, and Fukuda, airports and other four charging stations and 180 charge pile.

    Deputy general manager of Chery Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. Zheng Zhaorui admitted to reporters, "Although Chery very early in the development of new energy vehicles, but still keep up the national match-related facilities, otherwise, we charge no place to sell or if there some problems, so that the development of new energy will be negative. "

    Similarly, faced with a short length of battery life, charging time is too long and other issues to be solved. "In fact, the conditions for new energy vehicles, not very mature, slow progress." Zheng Zhaorui said.

    No charging stations, electric car off the road; very low car ownership in the electric case, the input charging station will become a risk. Then, the "first building charging stations, or the first sale of electric vehicles," as if "first, the chicken or the egg" problem as controversial.

    Wait and see, or the market?

    More enterprises selected for the electric car is introduced without hair, they are doing is the scene on the table determined to make a yell, in fact, waiting time.

    December 20, 2010, the Guangzhou Auto Show, car manufacturers for the actions of new energy vehicles are strikingly similar, showing a vast majority of car prices have been off the assembly line of new energy vehicles, even without the intervention plan, the concept car will also be onto the stand, but has a clear marketing and sales programs are few.

    At Toyota, BYD, Changan, the Chery, Guangzhou Automobile considered "midfielder." Although the second half of 2010, Chery unveiled a package of new energy vehicles, Ruiqi M1, QQ3 A5ISG hybrid electric cars and so on, but from that year and held off the assembly line in April QQ3 user PDI ceremony, until now QQ3 into not yet reached the city late news.

    Similarly, in 2010, Guangzhou Auto Show, in September off the assembly line of Guangzhou Automobile's first own-brand vehicles listed Qi Chuan and Chi Chuan launched an electric version. However, Zeng Qinghong, general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group, told the "China Economic Weekly," Chuan Qi electric version of the current market has not yet a timetable.

    Because the delay did not knock the door open consumers, BYD electric cars in the second half of 2010 has begun to shift main public transport system. November 2010, BYD, Wang Jun, deputy general manager told reporters that sales of BYD electric cars began working solution for urban transit, e6 electric car as a taxi in Shenzhen, the first model run, and electric buses wants K9 fuel can replace regular buses.

    Beginning in 2009, the state in order to promote energy conservation and new energy automotive industry, in 13 pilot cities, the public service of energy saving and new energy vehicle demonstration, according to the required standard allocation of grant funds, has now expanded to 20 cities . According to Ministry data, as of now, before the first batch of 13 pilot cities have been accumulated to promote the use of new energy vehicles 12,000. The use of public services, is visible in the transcripts of new energy vehicles.

    Recently, the "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan" (2011-2020) the exposure draft, which mentioned that the next 10 years, the central government will invest heavily in energy conservation and new energy vehicles to support the core technology research and development and promotion, the amount of support thousands of yuan. Of which 50 million yuan in special funds to support pilot cities infrastructure.

    , The "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry plan" released draft proposed new energy vehicles in China in 2020 total sales amounted to 5,000,000 in 2020 to form 1 two fostering new energy scale of more than 1 million vehicles and sales of auto groups, 3 to 5 scale production and marketing of new energy vehicles more than 500,000 cars enterprise groups. This is tantamount to a new energy vehicles hit another shot in the arm.

    If, in the private car market in 2010, is one of several "vanguard" of the enterprise are greatly suppressed in the year, then, with the core technology innovation and infrastructure to follow up, 2011, new energy vehicles Can the mass consumer market open? Let us wait and see the second half of the game now!

    Stocks gain rankings.

    600 458 Times New Materials (600 458) +159.14%.

    600 111 Baotou Steel Rare Earth (600111) +134.20%.

    600549 Xiamen Tungsten (600549) +129.82%.

    000 559 universal money flows (000559) +72.45%.

    000,762 Tibetan Mining (000762) +54.74%.

    600366 Ningbo Yunsheng (600366) +53.91%.

    002091 Jiangsu Guotai (002,091) +47.44%.

    600,884 Shanshangufen (600,884) +36.41%.

    600459 your research Platinum (600459) +33.18%.

    Wolong Electric 600580 (600580) +14.03%.

    Q & A.

    Q: "China Economic Weekly."

    A: Daniel, CEO of General Motors, Exxon (DanielAkerson).

    Daimler CEO Zetsche (DieterZetsche).

    Fiat Group (China) CEO Mengfei Xuan (FrancoAmadei).

    nbsp; 2011, the Company's development of new energy vehicles what are your expectations on each hybrid and pure electric vehicles plans?
    Daniel Exxon: At present, Shanghai GM in the sale of new energy products are the Buick LaCrosse Eco-Hybrid gas-electric hybrid vehicles, and Cadillac Escalade Hybrid hybrid of two products. August 2010, GM Chevrolet Volt released in China, it can completely rely on the reserve car battery power to drive the vehicle, when the battery consumption to a minimum threshold limit, the car generator will start automatically and its continued provide electricity. The car will be marketed in China in late 2011.

    There is no doubt that the new car is a long-term strategy for energy development trend is the trend of technological development. We hope that the Volt was already in the introduction of a mature mode of operation, we will advance testing of the model for the Chinese market reaction.

    For new energy vehicles, we see the potential of China has two aspects: First, integration in the global technology to advance electric vehicles, one is the promotion of low-cost vehicles. And we believe in the Chinese market can focus on to promote a relatively low-cost means of transport.

    Zetsche: 10 years, I think the vast majority of cars still rely on internal combustion engine driven. Therefore, it should be said to rely mainly on carbon dioxide emissions to improve the internal combustion engine, we also invested heavily in this area of strength. We would like to be the evolution of electric vehicles, the process has already begun the process of this evolution will be slower. So in 2020, when it also depends on governments for their support, electric cars will account for 1% to 5%. 10% is very optimistic estimate.

    In electric car, we need the technology itself large investments, to know that we have in the next 5 years will not be any return, but we in fact is to lay a good foundation to meet the competition the next 10 years, so can we become a winner after 10 years.

    Meng Feixuan: In the next few years, of course, still have to hurry development of the first internal combustion engine technology, and is a hybrid. Hybrid now has started, we have to do better.

    Pure electric vehicles, we think it is the future trend, but the future still some distance away from us, but we worked hard.

    Then for fuel cell vehicles, fuel cell, when it comes, do not forget the fuel cell is not an engine, even with fuel cells, electric cars are still. Fuel cell technology is now quite far away from the market, if the first power system well, there will be more hope.

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