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Saving and environmental protection: the first strategic emerging industries (with benefit shares)

    "This is the best of times, this is the worst of times," and this Dickens in "Tale of Two Cities," the famous opening words, apply the most suitable energy-saving environmental protection industry, however.
    In October 10 the State Council issued the National Development 〔2010〕 32, "the State Council on accelerating the development of new industries and development of strategic decision" (the "Decision"), booster cables the saving and environmental protection came in the seven strategic emerging industries first.

    Energy saving: saving potential.

    According to the plan, "Twelfth Five-Year" during the unit GDP energy consumption will decline by 17.3%, battery clip the proportion of coal in primary energy dropped from 70% to 62%, and "Thirteen Five" period will fall 16.6% in 2020 to achieve the unit GDP energy consumption reduced by 31% in 2010. In addition to the energy to achieve this goal of structural adjustment, the energy also has great potential.

    1, building energy conservation.

    Construction, industrial and transportation are the three major energy-intensive industries in China. Since 2000, tow rope the related policies and industry standards is even more frequent appearances.

    The application of building energy conservation from the point of view, based on the structure of the building, from inside to outside can be applied to building energy-saving technologies are mainly: partition, forms, wall, ratchet tie dowm building integrated photovoltaic and intelligent buildings.

    Building energy-saving technology, policy support and implications for listed companies, including Beijing New Building Materials, Red Polaroid, Yantai Wanhua, CSG A, the Air Sanxin, Jin Jing Technology, YPG, pillars of the new material and so on.

    2, industrial energy efficiency.

    China's industrial energy consumption is currently about 70% of total energy consumption, industrial energy conservation is of great significance. "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" proposed by the ten key energy conservation projects, including the transformation of the boiler furnace, regional hot spots and power, heat and pressure utilization, conservation and alternative oil, motor system energy conservation.

    Electrical energy: energy-saving products will benefit from low energy efficiency projects that benefit the disabled and the motor policy.

    Electrical energy is currently the main sub-sectors and many listed companies, including air-cooled power plant technology, plant secondary equipment, carbon capture and storage, drive, energy saving transformer, high efficiency motors, power electronics and components, and other sub-sectors.

    Among them, the frequency of the market prospects of concern. With research institutions that the potential market for high-voltage inverter up to 600 billion yuan. Listed companies have combined high-voltage inverter frequency Kang, Hidenobu shares, and gold from Tengen Zhiguang Electric, Kyushu Electric, the power source, Clou Electronics is a high, medium and low voltage full range of frequency.

    HRSG: iron and steel enterprises to benefit from technology promotion policy.

    In recent years the rapid development of industrial waste heat boiler. 2000 to 2008, the industry average in terms of volume growth rate of 26.1% growth in 2008 and 2009 and nearly 60%. The next 5 years the steel industry is the most important users of the waste heat boiler, which accounted for 22.9%. But using the waste heat of large steel companies technology is relatively low, only 30-50%, other industries were lower.

    Related to this are listed Dongfang Electric, Shanghai Electric, land and sea Heavy Industries, Wah Kwong shares, electrical and mechanical subjects.

    Contract Energy Management: Energy.

    Contract energy management system to save energy costs is to pay the full cost of energy-saving energy efficiency projects investment, this investment allows the user to use the energy saving benefits for the future plant and equipment upgrades to reduce the current operating costs and improve energy use efficiency.

    Related products and related listed companies, including: Energy efficient motor Hunan Electric shares, Wolong Electric, Jiang motor, ocean motor), high-voltage converter (Hidenobu shares, co-Kang frequency, power source), waste heat boiler (Wah Kwong shares the sea Heavy Lu, Chuan Yun shares), amorphous alloy strip and the transformer, Advanced Technology, confidence Electric), intelligent control equipment of real intelligence, and Altay) and so on.

    Environmental protection: a new pillar industries.

    The industry is expected to "second Five-Year" period, China will reach 3.1 trillion investment in environmental protection over the "Eleventh Five-Year" period of 1.54 trillion, up 121% the amount of investment. Driven by the policy, China's environmental protection industry in the coming period will remain 15% -20% of average annual compound growth rate is expected to "second Five-Year" during the environmental protection industry output will reach 2 trillion yuan economy by 2020 will be pillar industry.

    Three deal with environmental protection projects, including wastewater, waste gas and solid waste disposal. The following three aspects to start on.

    1, the sewage treatment.

    Including industrial waste water treatment, municipal sewage, agricultural waste and so on. It is estimated that "five-second" period of China's industrial sewage treatment plants, municipal sewage treatment plants, agriculture and other areas that more than 1 trillion yuan of investment. Related companies involved in the development of the South China Sea, Wuhan Holdings, Hongseong water industry, Zhangzhou Development, Zhongshan Public Utilities, Qianjiang Water Resources and so on.

    2, the air pollution control.

    "Twelve Five" period, the nitrogen oxides will be used as binding targets into the total control areas. Increase the current policy is denitrification research, industrial development depends largely on the denitrification enforcement of environmental standards. To the relevant listed company involved in Dragon net environmental protection, Feidahuanbao, all combined mechanical and electrical, three Fibrous Silk, trimer of environmental protection, Kaidi Electric Power, Sunyard and so on.

    3, solid waste disposal.

    Learned that the "second Five-Year" period, the central government will invest over 500 billion yuan for the solid waste treatment, solid waste disposal which 1,000 billion for 1000 billion for water treatment plant sludge, and 3,000 billion for watershed sludge treatment. "Twelve Five" during the waste disposal industry compound annual growth of 20% or more. In the equipment area, waste incineration equipment investment accounted for 50% of the total investment, construction equipment manufacturers the first to benefit, and professional operating companies will also usher in greater opportunities for development.

    Environment-related listed companies Sand, sea and land Heavy Industries, Kowloon electricity, East Lake High-tech and so on.

    On the whole, China's solid waste treatment industry in the early stage of development, from industry trends, solid waste treatment is expected to become the next "sewage treatment industry."

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