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Transformation of rural power distribution network of electrical equipment company launched the most benefit

    2011 as a "second Five Year Plan" the first year, the five-year development of China's future plans are in full swing in the layout,booster cables January 5, Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to implement the new round of rural network upgrading project.

    A source revealed that the three years 2010 to-2012 investment in rural power will reach 3000 billion or so.

    January 6, CRE Securities analyst Zhang Tao accept the "Securities Daily" reporters, said, assuming the establishment of the 3,000 billion investment, then the traditional project-based power grids in terms of investment, battery clip total investment in civil works about 1 / 3, electrical equipment modification would be greater than the proportion of investment in civil works, so look, electrical equipment, listed companies will benefit, and that among the listed companies Youyi the main distribution network.

    Distribution of listed companies the most benefit.

    According to public information, smart grid plate of about 33 listed companies can be divided into three categories, tow rope is that high pressure / high voltage equipment listed companies, such as: TBEA (19.15,0.00,0.00%), the high level Electric (13.63,0.00,0.00%), Tianwei change (23.17,0.00,0.00%), Hidenobu shares (45.50,0.00,0.00%), etc.; second is the power automation / intelligent listed companies, such as: Dongfang Electronics (5.39,0.00,0.00%) Clou Electronics (30.16,0.00,0.00%), the Great Wall Development (11.91,0.00,0.00%), State Power South (27.73,0.00,0.00%), ratchet tie dowm etc.; III listed companies in the power grid equipment, such as the Eastern Electric (19.85,0.00,0.00%), Pou Sheng Shares (21.56,0.00,0.00%), XJ Electric (35.00,0.00,0.00%), Long Park Group (23.19, 0.00,0.00%) and so on.

    "The State clearly the implementation of rural power grids, is the second Development and Reform Commission September 30, 2010 release" to carry out the upgrading of rural power project planning the request of the notice ", the State Council executive meeting clearly stated in the implementation of rural power grids project, means 'second five' during the transformation of rural power grid will become a focus of investment, also in line with the national grid in the 'second five' during the 'high voltage power grid and speed up the distribution network of urban and rural construction' goal of building the smart grid . "Tao Zhang told reporters.

    Electrical equipment for the distribution network to benefit aspects of corporate Zhang Tao said: "The rural power grids mainly in the traditional network equipment upgrades and replacement, so the whole of rural power grids in about 2 / 3 of the investment is in the low-side power transmission equipment, distribution network on more than 200 billion yuan investment in the next three years, for the relevant listed companies will bring good news. including the upgrading of the distribution network will focus on new energy sources and network access, transformation of distribution network automation, rural electricity consumption information collection and so on, relative to the relevant listed companies such as: Confidence Electric (17.26,0.00,0.00%) (600,517), Huayi Electric (15.90,0.00,0.00%) (600,290), Beijing, Career (25.08,0.00,0.00%) (002,350), etc.. "

    Confidence Electrical:

    Amorphous alloy transformer enterprises.

    Other machinery manufacturing industry analyst, told reporters, rural power grids, there is no doubt involve the upgrading of transmission and distribution network in the distribution segment, our present, larger losses in the power grid, the loss is mainly due to transformer area loss, accounting for 40%.

    The main products are electrical Confidence amorphous alloy transformer, this transformer to replace the traditional one of the main transmission and distribution transformer parts, from this perspective, the loss of the entire distribution network point of view, the overall power consumption of amorphous alloy transformer is very small, greatly enhance the efficiency of distribution.

    "If the upgrading of rural power grids, no doubt is also a top priority in the distribution areas, especially in the selection of the transformer, it is possible to choose more energy-efficient or environmentally friendly, efficient amorphous alloy transformer, so from this perspective, confidence Electric will benefit. "the analyst the case said.
    Deputy General Manager Peng Yongfeng Electric confidence to the "Securities Daily" reporters, said the upgrading of rural power grids, follow-up details available yet, but from the general direction of the company is a good thing.

    Huayi Electrical:

    Already entered the market layout.

    Huayi Electric Securities on behalf of Luo Kemei to the "Securities Daily" told reporters: "The company's products, projects for rural power grids, the number of specific benefit to wait until after the implementation of the order to know, however, is certain is that the rural power grids If the project can be implemented, China and other electrical apparatus electrical enterprises producing counterparts will benefit. "

    Yesterday, Huayi Electric affected by the good news, rising 10% after opening, followed by shock down stock closed at 15.90 yuan / share.

    According to public information, the company is committed to the national transmission and distribution equipment and wind power equipment manufacturing. Main products include outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker series products, the indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker products, complete sets of low voltage switch cabinet, power distribution automation products and wind power equipment, and other five series.

    Some analysts have told reporters that the Huayi Electric in July 2010 began a round of private placement in mid to issue 9,000 million shares of 1.145 billion yuan fund-raising. Of these, about 10% of the fund-raising plan into switching equipment production line technological transformation project, the project-type column switch production of outdoor lighting products can be used in the rural power grids.

    After the expansion project, whether the new capacity to meet demand, we still need to determine the capacity based on specific market.

    Beijing Career:

    Electrical equipment distribution network will benefit from the countryside.

    Some market participants speculated that the long-term commitment to the distribution system, Career Beijing can help the rural power grids project of the east, have benefited. Yesterday, the Beijing price immediately after the opening bell, Career blocked the board in the limit, until the close, the stock price to close at 25.08 yuan.

    Liu Zhuo Ni Securities on behalf of the company told reporters that the rural power grid renovation project of Beijing, Career, will to some extent on the concept of the vibration effects, but the specific content, planning and other matters relating to the follow-up, and not published, so can not say whether the level of benefit how.

    The market said: "Beijing's main business Career 12KV power distribution and control equipment for the development, production and sales. There are two main business directions, one distribution network troubleshooting, the main products include fault indicators, smart ring net cabinet, and weight and control; second modular substation, the main products include box-type substation, permanent magnetic actuator of vacuum switching equipment. and rural power grids, the required transformer equipment, electrical equipment can be achieved if rural areas not only Beijing, Career, and other similar listed companies will also benefit. "

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