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Machine Tool Technology Innovation Alliance have begun operations

    Machine tool industry in national economic development at an important position, it is a strategic industry for national defense and security relations as well as equipment manufacturing machine tools in China.
    With the rapid development of China's economic construction, advanced technology, unprecedented national equipment manufacturing industry in the industrial upgrading, the requirements for high-end CNC machine tools has been quite urgent.booster cables Especially in aerospace, defense industry, nuclear power, wind power, automotive, high-speed intercity rail transportation equipment, special materials field, slim and shaped surface parts are made of high-speed, high precision, multi-axis complex machining requirements, market Heavy demand for high-end CNC machine tools has increased annually. Therefore, battery clip China's heavy-duty machine tool industry and to improve technological innovation capability and core competitiveness, accelerate the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, has become the top priority. The machine tool industry to create technological innovation made the strategic alliance is in line to improve the overall technological level of China's heavy-duty machine to play the business advantages and developing country research projects of heavy CNC machine tools,tow rope rapid increase in the level of heavy-duty machine tool technology trends.

    Strategic alliance will combine their respective strengths and advantages of enterprise technology, organization, or a number of joint application of several special issues of major national commitment to the national major projects and create tasks, joint bidding major projects and complete sets of product development,ratchet tie dowm the formation of national technical standards on behalf of the industry has a model of professional heavy-duty machine tool product development team. Countries to undertake major projects as a platform to take advantage of innovative technology platform to strengthen exchanges and communication, play to their technological advantage, play industry technical elite force, set up special research, focusing on the critical technical bottleneck for the development of user industries and key technologies of Technology difficult to carry out technical cooperation, development of cutting-edge innovation and technology to enhance the industrial technological innovation.

    CNC machine tools industry of Jiangsu Province Technology Innovation Alliance.

    Aug. 28, Jiangsu Province, CNC machine tools industry, the inaugural meeting of technical innovation and strategic alliances and access licensing official ceremony was held in Nantong Technology Group, with over 150 industry professionals attended the ceremony. Six ministries to implement the national "Building on the promotion of industry guidance Innovation Alliance," led by Federation of Machinery Industry in Jiangsu Province to promote the "CNC machine tools industry of Jiangsu Province Technology Innovation Alliance," the preparatory work. Union by the first chairman of the Jiangsu Yangli Group Lin Guofu as chairman, vice chairman of the Suzhou Institute of Electrical Machines Co., Ltd., general manager of Ye, Nantong Science and Technology Investment Group Co., Ltd. Chan Cheow Tong, Chairman, Institute of Jinan Liu Jiaxu Casting Forging Machine three as the director of the Alliance Secretariat is located in Jiangsu Machinery Industry Federation.

    Shenyang CNC Machine Tool Industry Technology Innovation Alliance.

    June 30, Special Purpose CNC Machine Tool Shenyang Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance was established. The coalition of special tools by the Shenyang Federation of 54 member units with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Northeastern University, Shenyang University of Technology co-sponsored the formation of other units. Union, through special dedicated machine tool design, CNC machine testing, machine mold design and processing and digital design services, promotion of enterprises, universities and research institutes of technology integration, to create Special Purpose CNC machine tools of public R & D platform for the sharing of resources and effective use. Coalition-building will help to accelerate the achievement of Shenyang into CNC machine tool industry, optimize the industrial chain, to enhance the industry's technological competitiveness and market share.

    High precision CNC machine tool industry in Yunnan Province Technology Innovation officially launched strategic cooperation.

    Recently, Shen Group Kunming Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Yunnan Machinery Industry Association, Kunming University of Technology, Provincial Machinery Research and Design Institute and other governing units of 16 signed a cooperation agreement, set up the formation of Yunnan high precision CNC machine tool technology innovation and strategic alliances (hereinafter referred to as the Union), officially launched the high precision CNC machine tool industry in Yunnan Province in key areas of strategic cooperation in technological innovation.

    Union Shen Group Kunming Machine Tool Co., Ltd. as the first chairman of the units to the province on industry leading enterprises, universities, institutes and industry associations as the core, through the strategic cooperation agreement clearly the responsibility of the member units, rights and benefits, the establishment of Council, the Expert Committee and the Secretariat and other daily agencies, the establishment of the corresponding service and management system, the formation of a technical innovation cooperation organization. In future, the alliance will also need to absorb new members under the unit, continue to grow and develop. Will be under the guidance of government policy to build national demand and market oriented, leading enterprises as the mainstay of CNC machine tools, production and research platform combines innovative, integrated technology resources across the province of CNC machine tool industry, industry, technology research and development facility, the organization bottleneck technological innovation research, sharing of research results and transformation speed up, optimize the industrial chain of CNC machine tools, CNC machine tool industry as a whole to promote the upgrade and improve the international competitiveness of Yunnan Province, CNC machine tools.

    Gansu first CNC machine tool technology innovation strategic alliance was born.

    November 19, from Gansu Tianshui Spark Machine Tool Co. initiated the establishment of Gansu Province, CNC machine tool industry technology innovation strategic alliance launched the General Assembly solemnly held in Lanzhou. This means that the first identified in Gansu Province Technology Innovation Alliance was born.

    The Alliance is Tianshui Spark Machine Tool Co., Ltd. launched the initiative, the United Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, Lanzhou University, Gansu Provincial Machinery Research Institute, Tianshui Forging Machine Co., Ltd., Institute of Electric Transmission Limited Liability Company, two hundred and thirteen Electric Co. , Lanzhou Machine Co., Ltd., Tianshui Hongshan test machine Co., Ltd., Spark Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., more than ten well-known universities, research institutes and enterprises, with enterprises as the main body jointly set up, market-oriented, production and research a combination of CNC machine tool industry technology innovation and strategic alliances designed to focus on improving the NC machine tool industry, the level of technological innovation, technology and equipment and related products, research, development, production and manufacturing capacity.

    Machine tool industry is steadily developing in the Innovation Alliance, has also continued to accelerate throughout the development of machine tool industry Innovation Alliance hopes to exercise its functions well, the industry flourish.

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