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Can China's high-end sheet-fed printing presses imported from out of

    January 5, 2011, Shanghai Guanghua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. officially launched Akiyama AKIYAMA SUPERTECH 40 series offset.
    For China's printing industry, the introduction of the series of epoch-making significance, because this is the first made by a printing speed of Chinese enterprises reached 16,500 / hour of high-speed sheet-fed offset press, booster cables is also the first Chinese Seal machine to participate in high-end design and development of multi-color sheet-fed offset press.

    Printer for the Chinese people, has been a high-end multi-color offset press down on the pain. Thirty years of reform and opening up, China printing industry with the "Flying speed" to describe will not be excessive. battery clip From 1979 to 2009, output value of China's printing industry surged from 4.8 billion yuan to 515 billion yuan, the growth rate of more than thirty years a hundred times, and now China has surpassed Japan's industrial output value of printing, ranking second in the world China has become the undisputed world's second largest printing market. tow rope Meanwhile, the Chinese printing machinery manufacturing industry is also developing, but both the speed and scale, are associated with the development of China's printing industry is not commensurate. Over the years, the most popular printing Offset industrial applications, especially high-end multi-color offset press market, has been dominated by foreign brands, a period of time, the total price of all imports of printing equipment even more than the domestic output value of printing machinery, and high-grade the production of multi-color sheet-fed offset press, ratchet tie dowm but the Chinese printing machinery manufacturing field blank.

    So, what kind of offset printing press can be called a high-grade it? High-end printing machine is a vague concept, different stages of development called for high-end equipment can also have different interpretations. The primary indicators of high-end printing presses reflected in the speed. At this stage, high-end multi-color sheet-fed offset press, entry speed is 16,500 / hour, at present, China imports the 减免税规定 sheetfed offset, this speed is also a major reference. In addition to speed indicators, print quality, automation, equipment durability, stability is also important to define the reference standard for high-end offset press. High-end multi-color sheet-fed offset press is a very complex equipment, there are industry people jokingly, "the printing press and the aircraft can match the sophistication, complexity of manufacture of printing presses, never worse than the manufacture of aircraft."

    Objectively speaking, China offset press manufacturers started much later than foreign manufacturers, related technologies and experience with foreign advanced enterprises far, and the lack of domestic infrastructure industry, but also to some extent, affected the level of manufacturing in China offset press improved. In order to meet the domestic high-end multi-color offset printing business needs, but also to promote the rapid development of China's printing industry, our parties have to take tax breaks to support the introduction of the printing equipment business and technical transformation.

    Akiyama AKIYAMA SUPERTECH 40 series with the offset press is introduced, this situation is expected to finally become history, and China really have to create their own, create their own high-end multi-color sheet-fed offset press.

    Akiyama AKIYAMA SUPERTECH 40 series offset printing charter of Shanghai Electric Group to give full play Akiyama of Japan and the U.S. acquisition of Goss International brought the technology, from Japan, the United States and China for joint development of technical staff. According to general manager of Shanghai Guanghua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. Dong Zhengping introduction, and before the production of Akiyama Shanghai Guanghua different brand of printer, this printer is a new development, it has reached the technical level, even more than the technological level of Japan Akiyama This is also true Akiyama brands Lower Dir on a high-end multi-color sheet-fed offset press.

    Advanced design is only the basis for manufacturing high-end printing machine, printing press to want to meet the design requirements, and truly become a truly high-end printing machine, both in material selection, machining, assembly, or the supporting, we need a new upgrade. It is understood that full use of Shanghai Shanghai Guanghua Electric Akiyama of Japan and the acquisition of Goss International's international supply system, through global sourcing, select the first-class raw materials and ancillary products; At the same time, through years of efforts, Shanghai Guanghua has introduced in Japan , Germany, the United States and other developed countries, the basis of production processing equipment, 85% of the production equipment to achieve digital control, thus ensuring precision parts; through internal coordination of the organization team of Japanese experts, to participate fully in enterprise based in Shanghai Guanghua technology, on-site and quality management to ensure the accuracy and stability of the printing press assembly ... ... these, it is the Chinese printing machinery industry, lack of before, and it is necessary to manufacture high-end printing presses guarantee.

   Introduction, general manager of Shanghai Guanghua Dong Zhengping, Akiyama AKIYAMA SUPERTECH 40 series offset has three characteristics, he called the "three high", that "high quality, high efficiency, high added value." Among these, the high efficiency goes without saying, 16,500 / hour production rate, is made of high efficient best comments; in overlay precision, SUPERTECH 40 also reached a world-class level, while a specially designed input paper machine and paper path system, ensuring SUPERTECH 40 at time of printing paper and thick paper as well, the achievements of these characteristics of high-quality SUPERTECH 40; SUPERTECH 40 in order to ensure a truly high-end printing presses get recognized, China, Japan, Three U.S. scientists also developed a series of this product's optional parts, so that the degree of automation, in providing value-added services, increased to a new height, to a good interpretation of the high value-added features.
    In SUPERTECH 40 development and production process, the Shanghai Guanghua international common practice to take that do first small series production, produced by the printing press factory in the partner the actual production run, which is commonly used for international "β test", in the process to address the equipment appear in the early design and manufacturing process issues not well-considered, in determining the equipment has been resolved after all the potential problems, and then put into a formal mass production. The SUPERTECH 40 series offset press unveiled, marking the press has been able to carry out such production, and formally put on the market.

    According to the author observed, in the "2011 Shanghai Electric innovative solutions for development and promotion of packaging and printing presentations," the debut Akiyama AKIYAMA SUPERTECH 440 offset press (4 color), with the same products from Akiyama is also a 40-inch format of the BESTECH 40 phase ratio, a much larger size, this heavy-duty structure closer to the idea of manufacturing printing presses in Europe and America, not Japan's habit; in appearance design, SUPERTECH 440 offset the appearance of the clean lines, smooth, the atmosphere, this same concept of traditional Japanese design differ. May be considered for leveraging the brand, this new printing presses are still used Akiyama (AKIYAMA) brand, but it does go beyond the previous Akiyama offset, with the reborn like to change.

    SUPERTECH 40 series offset turned out, and it's high profile came the end of the Chinese printing machinery industry can not manufacture high-end multi-color sheet-fed offset press of history, but just such a surprise is not enough, we hope to see to is that the Chinese printing industry to reverse the high-end sheet-fed offset press from dependence on imports. This change can come, we will wait and see, and we look forward to.

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