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Electric China: Looking Back 2010 Top Ten electric industry, "dark horse"

    Short-term transient charging car. Jiuzhou Electric Company chairman Li Yin said the companies will integrate the next step down the supply chain, to provide total solutions to address the new energy industry and electric vehicle industry collaborative development.

    2010 is our contract energy management "policy years." April 2010, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments issued an "accelerating the implementation of energy management contract for energy services industry view", proposed to fund subsidies, tax,booster cables accounting and finance four measures to promote energy management contract to carry out .

    As the earlier Jiuzhou Electric to carry out such operations, no doubt will benefit greatly. Energy management contract in 2010 to develop and market channels, the Jiuzhou Electric energy management through the use of contracts won 16 orders for high-voltage inverter products, further expanding the influence of Jiuzhou Electric brand.

    However,battery clip the current high-voltage inverter industry, competition is more intense, industry consolidation is carried out quietly, there is the risk of intensified market competition. Meanwhile, the huge market potential and strong demand for attracting more investment into the new competitors to enter the rapid expansion of production capacity,tow rope and in order to obtain the order, more use of pricing strategies.

    Placed in the "hot" Jiuzhou Electric is not in front of a flat road, but in the interview, some industry analysts,ratchet tie dowm the current Jiuzhou Electric adopted a "multi-legged" walking strategy will effectively reduce these risks, as The state has increased the implementation of energy management contract and the introduction of relevant policies and the release of production capacity in 2011 is still expected to get its drive rapid business development.

    Southerly shares: "conspiracy" third-generation nuclear power.

    To some extent, a private company in order to truly enter the field of nuclear power in the face of the stringent requirements may be more than just technology. However, in 2010, Nam Fung shares obviously doing a very impressive in the field of nuclear power. Early southerly issued a notice of shares, the company established with China Nuclear Power Joint Venture won the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant HVAC (HVAC) system 4 billion big one, southerly of shares amounting to approximately 370 million yuan bid.

    According to the project's delivery schedule, the successful bidder will be southerly shares in 2010, 2011 and 2012 a positive impact on the performance of the year. Day, southerly limit share price. "In the eyes of many investors, we are now a nuclear power stocks." Shares Vice President Zhou Hui said southerly, southerly shares Nuclear Power Plant in the domestic market share of HVAC system equipment has more than 85% in A few years ago, the domestic enterprises in this market is still blank, the market basically foreign occupation.

    Ahead pointing the field of nuclear power, "domestic" business, the south wind into a thousand million shares and decisive field of nuclear power R & D funds for technology research. Currently, shares with southerly and south of the South Institute of fan blower testing laboratory, has strong research and development capabilities and test capabilities. Among them, three of the South fan testing laboratory is certified by the China National Accreditation Administration of the identified one laboratory.

    Contrast the operating conditions 2009, Nam Fung shares, said the contract signed in 2010 grew rapidly over 2009, of which nuclear power plant in Taishan, Yangjiang Nuclear Power Station, Guangxi Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant Contract HVAC systems and equipment items (including tax) totaled about 800 million yuan . "According to the progress of the contract of supply, supply of mainly in 2011 and 2013." Company vice chairman and general manager of Yangzi Shan said, in order to control the volatility of raw materials, southerly current share price of the order is locked, and in accordance with the approved time order delivery, purchase raw materials in batches.

    "Our core competence mainly in the ventilation and air handling system integrated design and production capabilities." Yangzi Shan said, "with foreign and domestic competitors, they just share the system with the southerly one or two products, competition, and we is able to provide complete system design, supply and commissioning of products, the ability to have the total package. "

    Southerly Shares have not been satisfied with this. December 8, 2010, Nam Fung shares issued announcements, the company will invest its own funds "EPR1000 advanced type of PWR Nuclear Power Plant Ventilation and Air Conditioning technological transformation of key equipment items." The total investment of 86 million yuan, mainly for the civil construction, equipment purchase, installation, commissioning and technical research and development, is expected to be completed in August 2012, after completion of the project annual EPR1000 Advanced PWR Nuclear Power Plant Ventilation and Air Conditioning critical Equipment 8500 (sets), the output value of 2.5 billion.

    Statistics show that as of now, the world has not yet put into commercial power generation EPR reactor type nuclear power plant, in the EPR reactor type nuclear power plant built in the French Flamanville only nuclear power plant, nuclear power plant in Finland Aoerjilu Otto and China Guangdong Taishan Nuclear Power Plant .

    Southerly shares is expected in the context of the international energy crisis, the advent of a new round of nuclear power plant construction peak, the third generation nuclear power plant because of its safety and economy better than the second generation of nuclear power plants will become dominant. "Through the project, will develop the third generation of advanced PWR nuclear islands HVAC equipment to further enhance the company's R & D and manufacturing capabilities." The company official said.

    Wuxi Blade: from apprenticeship to international strategic partners.

    November 4, 2010, no Xi Aidi Garden Hotel, Toshiba cooperation with Wuxi Turbine Blade Co., Ltd. 10th anniversary celebrations. "Today the Wuxi Blade significance. 10 years ago, Toshiba came to China to find suppliers, discerningly picked Wuxi leaves. Since then, Wuxi, embarked on a bumpy leaves accompanied with the success of the road." Looking back with Toshiba cooperation, Qi Yan, general manager of the eyes filled with passion.

    Wuxi leaves with Toshiba's first order of 16 million. Leaves all the technical indicators are refined by the Japanese test. But, finally, on to the host installation only to find the leaves around with partitions made with chamfer reversed direction. Although both sides have a responsibility, but to make a firm decision Yan Qi: "All the leaves of the loss of all pay by the Wuxi! Not only failed to recover the full product, and, in time for the contract period must be quickly qualified to produce leaves." Wuxi leaves "gallantly" move, the company has won the respect and trust. Today, Toshiba Electric Company in Wuxi has become the largest foreign customer leaves same time, Wuxi leaves also with business and products of good quality, have been repeatedly Toshiba as "the world's best suppliers." From the day with Toshiba, the Wuxi taken a leaf on the road of internationalization.

    With the technology and equipment in Wuxi Leaf leaps and bounds, and Toshiba co-operation from rough to finished product, from the initial $ 160,000 to several million orders exceeded 15 million U.S. dollars this year, and then, from the steam turbine stationary blade to the rotor blades to the current nuclear power products , when the "apprentice" has been promoted to a true strategic partner Toshiba.

    Although the international market, Wuxi Leaf products are exported to Japan, Germany, the United States and India, but "leaves international counterparts in Wuxi, only mixed with a 'Lianshu'." Yan Qi this conscious, "we the same level of world-class manufacturing process there are still large gaps. Wuxi leaves are also international cooperation through every opportunity to enhance the company's quality system, manufacturing technology and business process management level. "

    At this point, with the most stringent process management co-Siemens, will be its most crucial test. This reporter learned that, beginning in 2007, Wuxi leaves of Siemens's first stationary blade. At the same time, Siemens is following the Toshiba, the Wuxi signed a strategic partnership leaves the second overseas merchants. However, after the mass production, cooperation is not smooth. Yan Qicheng recognized, the biggest reason, is not that what the technical differences, but the process management problems. The run-in with Siemens, companies are constantly improving the process of the highest international companies with the idea of integration on the awareness and management.

    And because of the continuous improvement of understanding of process management in recent years, Wuxi leaves the cooperation with the United States, GE Way to go more smoothly.

    April 2009, Wuxi leaves GE Aviation by the United States S1000 and S400 system certification; July 2009, air quality management system through the AS9100B certification, enter the aviation industry successfully obtained a ticket to the international market; November 2009, the production line fluorescence detection passed the GE audit, and obtain certification, marking the Wuxi NDT technique to a leaf, a new level; December 2009, aircraft engines OGV blade batch production export GE, achieved the first foreign airline business over millions of dollars. "I believe, Wuxi leaves millions of dollars over the next overseas customers must be U.S. GE." Wuxi Leaf Marketing Director Tang Peixian assertion.

    In addition, the Indian electricity market the enormous gap between supply and demand is also excited to Wuxi leaves. According to the representative of India BEHL business, the next 20 years, the Indian market need to the total amount of 800 million kilowatts, but its annual production capacity is only 3 kilowatts. At present, BEHL leaves company has also formed a strategic partnership and Wuxi, Wuxi, therefore leaves the implementation of the "global blade supplier" strategy, India will be another sparkling "bright."

    Yan Qi analysis: "As the traditional thermal power subject to policy control, the new unit was significantly reduced, the order is expected to decline, the next two years, the domestic power market problems will be over this year. The localization of nuclear power plant orders will gradually rise, although the domestic energy equipment new development opportunities still exist, but even greater potential in overseas markets, no doubt. "Thus, to become the world's leading international supplier of blades, not just a target strategy, but also leaves no two Wuxi choice.

    Reporter was informed that the financial crisis in 2009, the year of the overseas business of Wuxi leaves still grew by 67% year on year, and for the first time more than 3000 million. Relocation of this building faces the dual task of production and operation, Wuxi still leaves the foreign trade maintained a stable development.

    Zhejiang Fu Shares: usher in the market will recover, "first light."

    With the new open market, the domestic water, and the related equipment manufacturers will also bid farewell to the dismal year for sales in the doldrums. More competitive Zhejiang Fuchun River Hydropower Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhe Fu Shares") ushered in the market will recover, "first light."

    Recently, Guotai Junan Securities report pointed out that the hydropower industry recovery has been confirmed, the next 5 years will usher in the golden age of development of the industry. According to the news of the National Energy Board recently, in 2020 China's installed hydropower capacity could reach 380 million kilowatts, of which 330 million kilowatts conventional hydropower, pumped storage 50 million kilowatts. 2010 to 2015 the average annual project tender more than 20 million kilowatts. Meanwhile, the National Development and Reform Commission more than a year to restart suspended approvals of large hydropower projects.

    Xie Jun, researcher GF Securities, said in an interview, according to Zhejiang rich semi-annual report shows shares previously disclosed, the company has more than 2010 orders for the first half of the year 2009, but considering the lag of the delivery cycle, company performance in the lowest point of the first half of 2010 began to reverse out, and more is presented in "U"-type reversal.

    Zhejiang Fu is China's largest shares of private large-scale hydropower equipment manufacturer, has improved the overall quality management system, the company invested heavily in the introduction of "high, fine, sharp" CNC machining equipment, more than 100 sets of annual production capacity of 800 million dollars. With the third phase of completion and operation of high-tech production line, capable of producing larger, more powerful, higher level of hydro-generating unit and the components.

    According to the responsible person in the second half of 2010, business orders increased significantly, due to hydropower development cycle 5, 2020, 2015 installed capacity target must be tender. Expected end of 2010, Zhejiang rich stock of orders in hand will reach 1.8 billion.

    Reporter was informed that currently the company has set up an international engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment for the overseas market in the total package, including transformers. Target market is the 10 ASEAN countries, Turkey, Korea, Central Asia, 5 countries, but also to the South American market development.

    Golden State Securities industry analyst Han Ruobing analysis, along with wind power, nuclear power and other clean energy sources to speed up the construction of grid access and security control, higher capacity requirements, the construction of pumped storage power station will show a trend of accelerated development in 2020 of 50 million kilowatts of pumped storage plan remained conservative.

    In this regard, Zhe Fu shares began to actively seek pumped storage "tickets." "2011, all the open tender market in the country to encourage domestic manufacture of large equipment, the direction, Zhejiang rich technical strength and resume water qualification barriers no longer exist in 2011, the company is expected to achieve new breakthroughs." The official said.

    Wolong Electric: offerings, mergers and acquisitions to optimize the industrial resources.

    May 2010, the Wolong Electric Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wolong Electric"), announced on: Company 17.74 yuan / share public offering price of not more than 104 million shares, raising the total amount not more than 970 million yuan, investment and construction high pressure, high pressure transformer project, energy efficient small and medium AC motor transformation projects and the implementation of large-capacity lithium-ion battery project.

    Despite the additional make Wolong Electric in 2010 as the first case of "underwriting the door," the protagonist, was standing on the cusp, but the industry said, raise investment from the gold items, the three projects around the transformer, motor and battery to start the main industry , will help increase the performance of the company.

    It is understood that Wolong Electric high-pressure, high pressure transformer project plans in Zhejiang Shangyu Hangzhou Bay Industrial Park in implementation; total investment of 5.2 billion yuan, including construction investment of 400 million yuan project, initial working capital 120 million yuan.

    SW vigorous industry analysts believe the move will enable the company transformer distribution more reasonable. Wolong Electric Company and Huatai Yinchuan transformer transformer companies were in northwest and north, because of transport problems, the south is not easy to radiation. Shangyu regional distribution in the plant will make more reasonable, but can take advantage of the Hangzhou Bay to the sea, to open up overseas markets. Investment to build ultra-high pressure project will also make changes in Yinchuan limited production capacity and lack of factory conditions.

    The industry said that the current project has great potential Wolong Electric transformers. Continued to increase domestic investment in the railway company orders full traction transformer, capacity is very tight, working overtime is currently in production status; the next two years will be the delivery of high-speed railway equipment, the peak of high-speed railway to the company's revenues will increasingly contribute to the greater the performance of the company is expected to bring-than-expected performance.

    Meanwhile, the Wolong Electric energy efficient small and medium AC motors projects will also be implemented in Shangyu Economic Development Zone; total investment of 300 million yuan, of which 243 million yuan project investment, working capital 57 million yuan. The construction period is 2 years, 3 years of production, when completed, will form a new annual 400 million kilowatts of energy efficient production capacity of small and medium AC motors.

    Vigorous said that at present, the country's policy has been included in the financial subsidies of energy-saving motor areas, but also a clear emphasis on the promotion of high efficiency motors. China will use the next IE1 international standards, when required to meet the standard before being put into the market IE1. Wolong Electric high efficiency motor current development phase has been completed and has passed the test of all typical specifications meet efficiency requirements.

    This raised the company public investment in gold, another project - a large-capacity lithium-ion battery project by the company leased the lighthouse Power Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Wolong implementation of the new plant; total investment of 1.5 billion, of which 120 million yuan investment in fixed assets, working capital 30 million yuan; project will achieve an annual output of 20 million large-capacity lithium-ion battery kVAH production capacity.

    It is reported that the project will rely on the company's experience in lead-acid battery electrochemistry, and the Harbin Institute of Technology co-operation, the construction of large capacity lithium iron phosphate, lithium vanadium phosphate production line, and that industry prospects in the future be considered after the investment cathode material.

    TX Investment Consulting Corporation Electrical Equipment Group noted that the lithium battery of the investment project is the layout of the new energy industry Wolong Electric important future initiatives. Produced by the company short term is mainly used for communication base station equipment lithium batteries, long-term development of lithium batteries will power. The company co-operation with the Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology is expected to take full advantage of the technological advantages, relying on the investment project will be raised as soon as the industrialization of lithium battery products. With the support of national industrial policy, lithium-ion battery is the future direction of some alternative to lead-acid batteries, high-capacity lithium-ion battery lithium battery industry, the project will help the company take advantage of the potential of the company's future growth.

    Recently, the Wolong Electric also has a new message. December 13, 2010, Wolong Electric's announcement that the company in December 10, 2010 China Yantai network transformer limited liability company, Yantai City, China electric network switching equipment limited liability company, Eastern Electric Power Group Co., Ltd., Yantai, Shandong Co., Ltd. and Yantai Hengyuan Power Transformer Co., Ltd. Eastern signed a "framework agreement", the company intends to transferee Eastern transformer contains 70% stake.

    In this regard, analysts believe the company through the Wolong Yinchuan and Beijing, covering the northwest and north China and Thailand markets respectively, in the company Shangyu plant is completed, will cover the Southern markets, the acquisition of Eastern transformers, will cover the Northeast market, the company is more reasonable industrial layout , while the company will make full use of Yantai and the Hangzhou Bay to the superior position, vigorously explore the overseas market.

    Dongfang Electronics: fought in energy service industry.

    In that case get the hubbub of the curtain, the Orient Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Oriental Electronics"), the return of an industry hot spot. Into 2010, the R & D power automation system, information management and electricity metering, electronic equipment and systems integration companies, is opening up new space for development.

    Dongfang Electronics are the three main grid, things and energy saving. Dongfang Electronics is the first of its RFID technology to market applications of the enterprise.

    According to the company responsible person, RFID or radio frequency identification technology, is a non-contact automatic identification technology, equipment and target objects in between the use of electromagnetic induction, radio waves or microwave energy for non-Jiechu two-way communication, to achieve data exchange, so as to achieve the purpose of identification. Recently, Yantai Changyu Group production line for the first time in its use of RFID product tracking east electronic systems, applications, RFID chip, 4,000,000, and this is the first time RFID product tracking system applied in the domestic wine industry.

    Moreover, with the national efforts to increase energy conservation policy, with many equipment companies like Dongfang Electronics army soon joined the energy services industry.

    June 2010, East e-independent development of the DF5000 series of high-voltage converter to obtain Ministry of Science, Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province "science and technology achievement appraisal certificate." August 2010, the company announced plans to Beijing invested 32.5 million yuan and registered common faith Tianhong Technology Co, Ltd was established Eastern Fangtian Hong energy saving, energy-saving products for the business technology development and product sales, as well as energy saving investment management. The DF5000 series of high-voltage inverter developed a one-time electronic control equipment through a national testing center for testing, to EMC4 class standards, and the first in China to solve the one with two Speed Start, screw compressor frequency control and other technical problems in high frequency .

    Currently, the East DF5000 series of electronic self-developed high-voltage inverter has been applied to various large enterprises in Yantai City, Yantai Wanhua Group, such as, Yantai Spandex Co., Ltd., Yantai Water Company, Penglai cement plant.

    Industry insiders estimate that high-voltage converter market will grow at a rapid stage of the domestic market capacity in 2010 will exceed 50 billion yuan. And a huge market opportunity will also attract more capital and enterprises to enter, to bring more intense competition.

    "The Dongfang Electronics, the fast break high-end products, such as ultra-high-power inverter market more than 7000kW, and used in rolling mills, mine hoist, electric locomotive traction, wind power and high-end access systems in the military field and other fields, only is an important goal of future Dongfang Electronics. "Dongfang Electronics Leader said in an interview, the next step will also actively introduce contract energy management," based on energy-saving high-voltage inverter system operating funds will be leveraged leveraging the energy market , and the energy service industry businesses from manufacturing to energy-saving products energy-saving projects, it will help eliminate the bottleneck of high frequency development of the industry. "

    Billion Wei Li: lithium battery of multi-channel change

    Along with the implementation of new strategic industry planning, new energy, smart grid, electric vehicles and other emerging industries the rise of the storage battery and power battery for the development of a new historical opportunity, energy conversion and storage as a key component of , the battery in the development of new industries to occupy an increasingly important role and becomes an important factor in the development of the whole industry.

    As China's largest and world's fifth of the lithium battery suppliers, Huizhou billion Wei Li Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "billion Wei Li") is also very productive this year. According to 2010 after the company released third-quarter report, as of the third quarter, the company achieved operating income of 75,623,300 yuan, up 16.52% over the previous year; net profit of 1,400.90 yuan, up 43.64% over last year.

    The industry believes that the long term, Wei Li billion smart grid construction in China's major equipment supply chain, single-phase and three-phase smart meters will bring great alternative to lithium and lithium manganese battery potential demand, but also to the company unprecedented opportunities for development. In addition, the company through the development of new products, accelerated the pace of penetration of other applications.

    Media reports, the current billion Wei Li's main product is high-energy lithium battery, the downstream products are used in smart grid, RFID, automotive electronics and security industries, is not a vehicle power lithium-ion battery.

    "Currently, our main business is the lithium battery and lithium manganese batteries, although this is not really the vehicle battery power lithium-ion battery category, but can also be regarded as a new energy battery, such as our lithium batteries in the car tire pressure and brake system is also used widely. "million securities Wei Li Feng Tao said.

    Feng Tao said that the current corporate vehicle power lithium-ion battery project has not yet produced the actual production capacity, is still in commissioning phase. "We set up a project department to promote energy storage battery the implementation of the project. At present, the project has been put in place the first phase of equipment, installation and commissioning in progress."

    For the company car to use lithium-ion batteries power the actual competition, Wei Li billion reported in the "lithium-ion battery project after full argument, if the company can not product quality, performance and other areas to meet customer needs quickly, you may need to pay in the market to open up more waiting time. "

    Even so, industry analysts remain generally optimistic about the subsequent development of the enterprise. With the advance of smart grid construction plan, full coverage, full-power data acquisition system collected the implementation of the project, and the meter is running in the network upgrading in the next few years, automated management of the terminal and smart electricity meter market will continue to growth and development of the industry will remain strong on the high demand for lithium products. "

    In electrical hair: both inside and outside the "subtraction"

    "High Voltage, EHV is the future direction of development of electrical industry, in order to capture this area, made in Shanghai Electric Group (hereinafter referred to as" Fat Electric ") to take integration strategy, the international electrical business advantages of combining the advantages and localization, both inside and outside the do 'addition', the resource requirements of integration, to do 'subtraction', and ultimately for our own use. "Chendeng Hua, chairman of the Electrical Development, said an interview in 2010, and gradually reduce the pressure in the business of electrical hair , focusing on the layout of EHV and UHV, the combination of switches, transformers, electric power automation control system product structure.

    In the high pressure side, in the development of electric hair apparently identical with the above statement. As with Japan AE Luciano, co-established by Hitachi High-tech Co., Ltd., the only industry-wide by the Chinese Capital Holdings, a Sino-Japanese joint venture - made by Pascal in EHV Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the fat by Pa") International high-voltage switch followed by the new technology, new achievements, and gradually realize synchronized with Japan AE Luciano high voltage switch technology and products.

    Interview, the reporter learned that, at present in the hair by professional in the 126 ~ 550kV Pa sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers (GCB), sulfur hexafluoride complex appliances (H-GIS), gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (GIS) and other high voltage apparatus the design, manufacture and sales.

    Moreover, in the management, the enterprise to the management of Hitachi, combined with the reality of China and the Chinese side, Chinese and Japanese experts to establish a set of perfect modern management system. Experts led by the Japanese technology and comprehensive quality management system, a fundamental guarantee for the enterprises in strict accordance with the "AE Luciano technology" manufacturing advanced products, thus ensuring product leadership, produced a series of high pressure products passed the international authority laboratory type testing.

    Through the introduction, digestion, absorption and integration of innovation, the fat produced by Pascal different levels of 110 ~ 550kV transmission and distribution equipment, including Inner Mongolia to Beijing Olympic venues for special high-voltage equipment, including line 550kVGIS. Today, the land has been completed substation on the hippocampus, a large field of substation, substation Qingpu, Beibei substation, Wu narrow substation, south Xu substation, West Hill power plant 252kVGIS, Huadian Power Company Limited, Hubei Xisaishan polysilicon project substation, Pine River Substation net and other countries, many provincial network substation projects.

    In addition to internal and external integration, and optimize enterprise technology, management, the electrical in the hair also want to further optimize the use of capital, to integrate the resources, present in the fat group has decided to set up investment management company. It is reported that the investment management company in 2011 is expected to make private equity investments and short-term operation of investment projects for the completion of five investment projects, funds raised by investment management companies themselves; acquisition cost 1 ~ 2 shell resources listed companies can injection or direct acquisition of asset holding manner, giving priority consideration to suspend trading of listed companies; the case of funds to carry out large holdings of company stock market trading business and investment management company to increase profit point; investment management company actively cooperate with the Tongling Zhongfa industrial park in the building, and through banks, trust and the way of issuing bonds to raise funds, 3 to 5 years before taking the appropriate manner of asset securitization.

    Clou Electronics: transition to an integrated energy service provider.

    Recently, the Shenzhen Clou Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Bureau Lu E") announced that its subsidiary under the holding Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch Land converter has been signed with the GreenResourecesGroupLimited amount of $ 15,826,000 (approximately 105 million yuan) in grid-connected photovoltaic inverter sales contract.

    It is reported that, GreenResourecesGroupLimited is a commitment to provide solar photovoltaic products and systems integration solutions to the Australian public company. Clou electronics, said the signing of the contract, marking the company and grid-connected photovoltaic products with strong competitiveness in the international market, this new energy into the photovoltaic industry, after pioneering the construction of meaning.

    Clou Electronics started from the standard instrumentation, measurement and communication in the field of meter has a competitive advantage, in April 2010 launched the "CL1000AT meter single-phase intelligent automatic test system," fully demonstrated the strength. With the development of the company, Section land extended to the power quality e-business management, drive, power supply and follow-up automation, the company's non-public offering financing options have also been received by the Commission's conditions, to raise funds in place and new projects construction will further enhance the company's long-term profitability.

    Clearly, the Division is preparing a new electronic land transformation. August 9, 2010, the company announced its own funds invested 50 million yuan to set up a wholly owned subsidiary, Land Energy Services Ltd., the main provider of energy services, energy monitoring, energy management, equipment maintenance services and energy management services contract EMC .

    November 10, 2010, Bureau Lu Electronics announced that the company developed the electric vehicle charging equipment has been successfully developed series of test products can be marketed. The products are used in electric vehicle charging station, charging pile test, charging station and charge can pile energy metering, fees, account management, communication, reading and writing cards and many other features and indicators of test, charging stations for electric vehicles , the charge of law enforcement measures to provide identification equipment pile.

    Clou Electronics Leader said in an interview, the direction of future development of enterprises from the traditional one equipment manufacturer, to a second device-based integrated energy service provider. The future, in addition to traditional business intelligence projects to expand production capacity outside the meter, but also increased the frequency of the expansion energy saving high intensity, especially the newly opened secondary equipment Intelligent Substation Automation System project.

    In this regard, the company chairman and managing director of the Division Raolu Hua Lu E-road set the tone for future development, "Our goal is stronger, do great. To ensure that each category of products into the domestic industry with the top three. In doing a good basis, expand the product line, looking for companies with complementary products. "

    Large high valves: the consolidation of a monopoly market segments.

    In 2010, domestic demand has remained strong valve growth. 4 months ago, the Chinese consumer price index rose valve about 30%. April, the China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) industry index, fabricated metal products, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, general equipment manufacturing industry index 3 over 60%, reflecting the overall demand for the valve industry rise.

    Interview, the industry said that the current field of nuclear power in the valve business in their respective market segments are in a dominant position, the overlap between the products less competitive, while the national industrial policy to guide the future will be in their respective fields related businesses continue to stay ahead.

    Having obtained the 2008 and 2009, the nuclear island of China's nuclear power project tender butterfly valve, ball valve all the orders for the nuclear island and become the only successful enterprises, high-Valve Co., Ltd. Dalian in 2010, nuclear power butterfly valve, ball fields remained relatively long monopoly. Person in charge of the company, said in an interview, to benefit from investment in high-growth domestic nuclear power, nuclear power valve orders currently adequate, as the project proceeds gradually up to production, the future of nuclear power valve on the performance of the company contributions will increase further, as the main driver of earnings growth.

    Currently the company is actively into other product areas of nuclear power, development of new energy saving valve, constant technological innovation to protect the company's future competitiveness in the market.

    Company were expected in the future needs of the industry will maintain steady growth, the current low industry concentration, market competition in the low-end, high-end markets such as nuclear power valve market, since the majority of domestic business R & D level is not high, only a few enterprises engaged in this business, at present the relevant market is in a gradual process of import substitution.

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