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Siemens expects first-quarter profit and revenue growth in both

    Beijing January 11 morning news, Europe's largest engineering group Siemens announced on Monday, thanks to strong demand for the factory, the company's first-quarter profit and sales increase will appear.
    Siemens said in the release as of December 31 of the first quarter results, the company reported growth in new orders may be "booster cables very strong", but specific figures may not be able to reach the fourth quarter of 235 million euros (about 304.3 billion).

    Siemens CFO Joe Kaiser (Joe Kaeser) investor conference in New York, said: "We had a good start, fully expected to achieve the target."

   The business scope of Siemens trains high speed trains, turbines, hearing aids and light bulbs and other products.battery clip The company expects significant growth due to new orders, combined with the original sales return to a moderate level of growth, ending September 30, 2011 fiscal year, profit from continuing operations to grow 25% to 35%.

    Siemens Industry Automation and Drive Technologies department of the first quarter revenue and profit growth has played a role in promoting the department's main customers are manufacturing plants.

    Turning to the core industrial business, Kaiser said, tow rope industrial automation and drive technology, and other short-cycle business, half of the fiscal year is expected to maintain strong growth, but the second half of the fiscal year will slow down. Kaiser also said that the first quarter will be short-cycle business orders a double-digit growth year on year, while the increase in international business from 15% to 20%.

   Kaiser said on Monday its first-quarter profit from continuing operations is expected to surpass the fourth quarter of fiscal 2010,ratchet tie dowm but revenues are substantially less than the fourth quarter of 212 million euros.

   In 2010, the German reunification of the country for 20 years to achieve the fastest economic growth. While cost pressures increase, the latest data show that the increase in the German manufacturing sector jobs. But two of Germany's leading economic institutions has said that Germany's economic growth can not be maintained, and will lose momentum in the next two years.

   As with its U.S. rival General Electric, Siemens, with strong growth in emerging markets. Siemens sales in emerging markets, the proportion has grown from 19% in 2005 rose to 30%.

   Siemens announced in September last year, will IT solutions and services business (IT Solutions and Services, SIS) sold to the French IT services company Atos Origin. Kaiser said that apart from 200 million to 300 million euros in the stripping costs, Siemens also will be expected to occur 5-1000000000 euros one-time costs, including impairment of assets. The cost will be included in the main to the first and second quarter.

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