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Electrical equipment manufacturers to upgrade rural power grids and then every feast

    【Introduction: Recently, the State Council decided to implement a new round of projects to upgrade rural power grids. This power equipment manufacturers, it is a lively feast. 】

    January 5, the State Council decided to implement a new round of upgrading rural power grids project. "Twelve Five" period will allow universal access to rural power grid renovation, the basic build safe, reliable, energy saving,booster cables advanced technology and management practices of the new rural grid.

   At the same time, battery clip the State Grid Corporation said, the next 5 years, the proposed construction of AC and DC transformer (converter) station is about 60, and change (change) flow capacity of 420 million kVA (kW), line more than 40,000 km. Huge investment in equipment is expected to boost the development of local electric and electrical equipment industries.

    Double positive of the power equipment manufacturers, it is a feast it?

   Engineering and technical personnel in the maintenance of power transmission equipment.

    Primary equipment market driven rural power grids.

   "Implementation of the rural power grids power equipment industry will undoubtedly bring major positive," one industry source told reporters,tow rope "targeted the rural power grids, ratchet tie dowm mainly traditional network equipment upgrades and replacement, low-end transmission and distribution equipment Manufacturing enterprises are the main beneficiaries of the rural network upgrade. "

   In the July 2010 meeting of the national conference on upgrading rural power grids, the National Energy Secretary Zhang has said a new round of 3-year investment in rural power network upgrade is expected to less than 2000 billion yuan. Huang Shou Shun securities analysts that the investment of 2000 billion rural power grids, according to 60% -65% of investment for equipment is estimated that there are 1200-1300 million will be for the purchase of power transmission equipment, including transformers, switches, wires, cables the Eiffel Tower and so on. Investment in the area of rural power grids wide, the lower voltage levels, focused on the 110kV and below, therefore, power equipment companies generally benefit from a device.

   Kai source equipment in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed interactive platform for investor relations, said the new round of upgrading rural power grids, the low-voltage electrical equipment including transformers, switches, wire and cable, and distribution automation equipment, will usher in significant market expansion, as Transformer production equipment, special equipment will welcome the Kai source of certain market opportunities.

    However, XJ Electric relevant responsible person said that the main purpose of rural power grids to solve the problem of transmission capacity, coverage, mainly in low-voltage power grids, the upgrading of such power transmission and distribution equipment requirements are not too high. The manufacturer of the equipment varies.

    Analysis of Dongguan Securities researcher Lu Xiaobing, said distribution transformer in the power system at the end of basic, widely used in rural power system, due to the seasonal load of rural power network in the majority, all the young or no load operation for a long time, the existing distribution the loss of transformer loss of about 60% of the rural power grid -70%, and the entire distribution network losses and loss of basic accounting for 70% of the whole network is the main part of the network losses, so the upgrade rural power grids, energy saving transformer is bound to be favorable.

   Drive high-end smart grid of UHV equipment.

   Datong Fu Yong Chong Securities Investment Adviser believes that the current investment in China's power gradually surfacing, "two big middle small" feature, that is, investment and 110KV high voltage power grid in rural areas under urban distribution network investments and the two "head" big. Mainly traditional rural power grids, upgrade and replacement of network equipment, the equipment industry, mainly in the low-end pull; and construction of the high voltage electrical equipment on high-end development of direct catalytic role.

   Industry is expected, "Twelve Five" during the high-end network investment will reach 750 billion yuan, is the "Eleventh Five-Year" of 2.5 times. The total investment of the national grid will reach 2.5 trillion yuan, representing the "Eleventh Five-Year" significant growth, primarily from the incremental part of UHV construction investment.

   According to analysis, power grid construction is the "second five" central theme of grid investment, but also power grid construction, and energy optimization, adjustment of energy structure with the closest large part of the theme. The next 5 years, investment in transmission links, power transmission cables, towers, insulators accounting for more than 50%.

   According to public information, have already been built UHV engineering, transformers, high voltage resistors, switches (including the grounding switch), and other equipment are competitive negotiation procurement method; other special high-voltage equipment, such as 1000 kV surge arresters, post insulators , grounding switch and control and protection equipment, the use of inviting tender.

   Allegedly, the national power grid plan, equipment procurement issues, as long as they have the production capacity of domestic enterprises, all for domestic procurement; domestic enterprises do not have the production conditions, the successful bidder by the domestic manufacturers, foreign manufacturers and domestic manufacturers as subcontractors the supply.

   To promote the technological upgrading of domestic equipment companies.

   Insiders cite a simple example, ABB production equipment performance and stability, and use the basic no fault of 10 years, while the domestic equipment may be able to stick to 5 years to the continuing need for tinkering. For the domestic equipment manufacturers, to successfully achieve successful, in order to bring the feast to share good, but also the key technology in improving foot effort from top to bottom.

   Some experts told reporters that domestic enterprises still insufficient technical reserves. To special high-voltage DC equipment, for example, although some domestic enterprises have realized the self-DC field equipment manufacturing, product stability but there is still room for improvement. More serious problem is that because the basic research, production technology and production capacity and so lack some of the equipment still has to import raw materials and components, resulting in domestic equipment cheap. For example, the special high-voltage transformer core products, core components, the use of oriented silicon steel sheet most of the needs from abroad.

   Therefore, the industry believes that domestic enterprises should strengthen the research and production, technology and the close integration of the economy, accelerate the digestion and absorption of imported technology, enhance technical reserves, accelerating technology commercialization, industrialization, so that the power equipment at or near the level of overall technology international advanced level.

   However, there is a consensus in the industry: China's power equipment manufacturing industry ushered in an unprecedented trend of rapid development, industry technical standards have improved significantly. Transformation of the domestic power equipment manufacturing high-end development path has been initially apparent. On the one hand, the special high-voltage power grid and smart grid construction for the power source, power equipment manufacturing industry will promote the adjustment and optimization of organizational structure, greatly enhance the technological level of the whole industry, so that our future from the high-pressure, high pressure to UHV Construction of the entire power system, the further away from major equipment and technology of foreign dependence, and achieved a dominant position. On the other hand, the domestic power equipment industry is also conscious to "clean" turn, strengthen energy conservation, to promote products to high-end conversion upgrade.

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