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Volvo to show the world the first electric car safety new results

    Volvo electric car in the field of security for its groundbreaking research, once again demonstrated the company's 80 years of glorious history of innovation and strong research capabilities.

    In the 2011 North American International Auto Show, Volvo (Volvo) Motor Company unveiled a speed of 64 km to the C30 positive electric cars after the collision, in a unique way unusual car industry made to the safety of electric vehicles important issue. Volvo electric car in the field of security for its groundbreaking research,booster cables once again demonstrated the company's 80 years of glorious history of innovation and strong research capabilities.

    President and CEO of Volvo Car Corporation, Stephen? Jacob (StefanJacoby) said: "Our results show that, battery clip to make electric cars as safe as conventional vehicles, battery electric vehicles to avoid collision deformation zones is essential. Volvo was the first to show the world a truly safe in high-speed electric cars car manufacturers after the collision situation. "

    Battery and cables intact.

    Show car is a Volvo C30 electric vehicles. tow rope Carried out in the collision crash test laboratory with a fully charged battery when. Frontal offset collision of the collision, the speed at 64 km, the car hit 40% of the positive part of a barrier on. Test results with exactly the same as expected, C30 electric vehicles and internal combustion type C30 with the same high level of security. Automotive positive as expected distortion,ratchet tie dowm the collision energy spread. After the impact, the battery cables and electrical systems in good condition.

    Large battery and small motor.

    The structure and electric vehicles are very different from conventional cars, new parts to bring many new security challenges. Volvo C30 to make the electric car mileage of 150 km, need to adopt weighing about 300 kg of batteries, the space is much greater than the traditional tank. Engine compartment, engine is more compact, lighter motor replaced. Moreover, the car also features a 400-volt high-voltage electrical system.

    Volvo's in-depth study revealed the lithium-ion battery to avoid the car crash deformation zones and the importance of the cabin, the traditional vehicle used in the fuel tank is the same approach. Collision deformation zones to strengthen the front is another challenge, smaller motor, in this small space occupied than before.

    Batteries are well protected.

    Volvo C30 in electric vehicles, batteries installed in the traditional location of the tank and the vehicles within the central channel region. Batteries were reinforced package, batteries and car frame around the steel beams and other components strengthened. All cables are provided with a jacket for maximum protection.

    Car crash sensors control circuit insurance, will also signal the airbag to deploy in 50 milliseconds after the collision off the power. System with multiple insurance, ground fault is found, such as cable damage in contact with the body frame directly off the insurance.

    In the traditional car, the engine can help spread the incoming collision. Electric vehicles in the C30, this task commitment by the strengthening of the front structure, the structure also helps to absorb the increase in vehicle weight, the additional impact energy.

    Integrated comprehensive security testing.

    Crash test car is a rigorous testing process part of the test program also includes multiple virtual collision. The separate components and systems testing. In addition to full-scale frontal crash test outside, C30 electric car also suffered other collision scenarios, such as side impact and rear collisions. Testing procedures also include front and side crash rigid column test, the purpose is to ensure that vehicle traffic in reality the most common accident scenarios provide the best possible protection for the crew.

    "DRIVe" zero emissions of environmental protection strategies.

    Volvo C30 Volvo electric car company is just an integral part of the electrification strategy, showing Volvo's "DRIVe" zero-emission environmental strategy. This strategy describes the future of Volvo cars in China the development of innovative products and technology direction. According to this strategy, Volvo Cars in the future China will introduce more innovative powertrain is equipped with technology, both driving pleasure and environmental protection and efficient models. As a leader in science and technology, social responsibility, rich luxury car brand, Volvo Cars "DRIVe Green Driving Strategy" to prove the commitment of the Chinese market: to introduce more innovation and technology, the practice of good corporate social responsibility community.
    "DRIVe Green Driving strategy" is the Volvo driving pleasure in terms of environmental protection and ongoing commitment to technological innovation. "DRIVe" containing two layers of meaning. DRIV means that driving pleasure and a strong performance; "e" means that the efficiency, economy and excellent ergonomics, on behalf of the Volvo cars on the environment and human care. Volvo DRIVe Green Driving innovation and technology strategy with the guarantor, the car, the environment coexist in harmony, while ensuring that provide users with outstanding driving pleasure, highlighting the passion, innovative spirit, a humanistic quality of the brand image.

    Green Driving DRIVe strategy in three phases, the first stage is to improve the traditional engine models, at present, Volvo already has a variety of ultra-low emissions vehicles, including diesel ultra low emission vehicles, equipped with GTDi + Powershift technology gasoline vehicles, as well as leading technology with the traditional turbo Volvo engine technology; the second stage is the plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles, Volvo will introduce in 2012 a batch-type production The plug-in hybrids. Pure on battery power can meet 75% of European drivers daily transport needs. For longer distances, efficient hybrid diesel engine will automatically take over, the total mileage of about 1,200 km; Volvo C30 pure electric car mass production in 2013, if the use of renewable energy charge, the driving the actual carbon dioxide emissions to zero. Battery recharge a battery of endurance mileage of up to 150 km. The third stage of the strategy DRIVe Green Driving goal: By 2020, all Volvo models, the average carbon dioxide emissions to 90-100 grams per kilometer, until the last to achieve zero emissions. So that we will be in the field of environmental protection market leadership, but also in achieving environmental goals to ensure the outstanding driving pleasure and safety standards.

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