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Fujian Motor Electric Industrial output value of hundreds of billions of cluster

    Six industries in Fujian Province in the mechanical industry, electrical appliances industry, the highest output. As for the development adhere to the theme of innovation, Fujian Motor Electric Industrial leaps and bounds.
    2009, the impact of the financial crisis, GDP is still above-scale enterprises reached 70.04 billion yuan, accoubooster cables nting province's machinery industry output value of enterprises above 25%. Electrical appliances industry in 2010 appeared in restorative growth, the annual output value reached 1,000 billion yuan.

    Fujian Motor Electric Industrial after years of development, resulting in a number of high technology, competitive ability of brand-name products, such as Fujian Motor, Xiamen medium voltage switchgear, wire and cable Nanping,battery clip Fuzhou Chase enameled wire. Electrical appliances industry, "Small and medium motor, transmission and distribution equipment, wire and cable, new energy battery," the four major industries formed a certain scale of industrial clusters, namely,tow rope electrical appliances industry cluster Fu, transmission and distribution equipment industry cluster Xiamen, Nanping wire and cable industry clusters, and Fu, Nam is the formation of a new type of battery industry clusters, and effectively support the industry's sustained development.

    First, the motor manufacturing industry, accounting for about one-third of the export business. Fujian Motor Manufacturing of 50 years starting from the 20th century, covering the manufacture of generators and generator sets, ratchet tie dowm motor manufacturing, pump manufacturing, 2009 More than 200 above-scale enterprises, total output value reached 17.28 billion yuan and export value amounted to 8.75 billion yuan , 2010, total output value reached 250 billion yuan, growth rate of 5%. Motor companies are mainly located in the province Fu, Fuzhou and Nanping, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Putian. Fu, especially the production of small and medium motor output accounts for one third of the country, accounting for 80% of province's export volume accounts for one third of the country.

    Second, transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing industry, cum control, better product quality living in the domestic level. The industries involved in transformer, rectifier, inductor manufacturing, and distribution switching control equipment manufacturing. 2009, more than 110 above-scale enterprises, total output value 15.55 billion yuan, 1.8 billion export value in 2010, output value of 200 billion yuan, ranking the level of product quality in the upper reaches of China. In recent years, Fuzhou Tianyu Group to develop the production of 110 kV and 110 kV transformers sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers, began to enter the field of high pressure and high pressure, Xiamen electrical industry has approved a National Science characteristic industry base.

    Third, wire and cable and fiber optic cable manufacturing industry, total output value reached 9.0 billion in 2010. Fujian wire and cable and fiber optic cable manufacturing industry, there are currently more than 40 enterprises, involved in manufacture of wire and cable and fiber optic cable, 6.77 billion yuan output value and export value amounted to 394 million in 2010, output value reached 90 billion yuan. Among them, Fuzhou, China's First City Chase has developed into one of the leading magnet wire industry. Nanping cable industry after 40 years of development, has become a pillar industry of Nanping City.

    Fourth, battery industry, increasing production rate of 60%. 2009, output value reached 11.45 billion yuan in the province (including batteries, photovoltaic cells, etc.), export delivery value of 2.88 billion, compared with 2008 growth of 2.5%. 2010, mainly due to new energy cars, photovoltaic power generation, electric bicycles, and other growing market demand, increase rate of 60%, the product mainly in Fuan, Nam and other places. Among them, the emerging photovoltaic industry Nam cluster.

    Formation of associations to strengthen management.

    In order to promote the development of Fujian, across the electrical appliances industry, Fuzhou Tianyu Electric Co., Ltd., Capgemini Lee Enterprises Group Co., Ltd., 9 September last year to promote the establishment of the Fujian Provincial Electric Appliance Industry Association.

    Electrical appliances industry in Fujian Province, according to Chen Zhiqiang, chairman of the Association of Fujian Province Electric Appliance Group companies do not take the road, leading enterprises and leading product is not prominent, and technological innovation system, human service system development, marketing services, systems and business counseling service system not yet formed, there is strong competition strength is not enough, not enough development potential, unreasonable industrial structure and other issues.

    In his view, such as Fujian wire and cable products, there are gaps in the field of supporting the current from Zhejiang and other provinces every year billions of dollars over the procurement of enameled wire, some of product quality and production can not meet the requirements. According to July 2010 the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee, "General Secretary Hu Jintao on further implementing the important speech study in Fujian, Fujian Province to promote the development across a number of opinions", and the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission of the arrangements, Fujian Electrical Appliance Industry Association, will be " accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development, and further enhance the growth of total quality "as the goal to accelerate the motor electrical industry members Fujian enterprises to improve competitiveness, speed up transformation and upgrading, enhancing independent innovation capability.

    Eight measures to promote development.

    Fujian Electrical Appliance Industry Association, Executive Vice President & Secretary General Chen Enpei told reporters in the eight areas of Fujian Province to promote the electrical appliance industry efforts to achieve leapfrog development.

    The establishment of policy information platform, in-depth implementation of the projects to lead. Timely follow the national, provincial electrical appliances industry policy and the relevant supporting policies to enterprises to help enterprises plan, in time to enjoy the relevant policies. At the same time, highlighting the report project to project growth of the total economy, upgrade the industry, increased development potential. Pay close attention to build and promote a number of planning meet requirements of scientific development, relations between the major long-term development projects for a number of major projects included in the state, "second Five-Year" plan. Focus on the development of high voltage power, irradiation cross-linked cables, special cables and other products.

    Implementation of technological innovation projects, to create industrial province. Persist in innovation combined with the industrial revitalization, tracking the direction of product development at home and abroad, aimed at promoting industrial technology focus spans, enhance the "6.18", etc. Combination platform, the implementation of technical innovation project. Focus on promoting high-end products industry backbone enterprises of industry transformation, the rapid formation of a new generation of high-end products of mass production industries and complete service capabilities. Meanwhile, the new product, new technologies, new processes, new materials, new equipment, provide technical support for matchmaking, and providing technical services. Fuan City to build the "China Electric Capital" regional brand, build quality inspection watchdog to strengthen supervision on product quality; the same time set the motor Institute, improve the regional technological innovation system.
    Adjust the industrial structure, adhere to the characteristics of production, specializing in the production, to avoid duplication of product production and vicious competition. Full use of existing stock, together with the national policy guidance, technological supports, according to the principles of economic laws to promote resource optimization and adjustment of electrical appliances two industry to promote the construction of industrial clusters and "specialized, sophisticated, special" enterprise development.

    Increase financial support to address bottlenecks in the development of enterprises. To help SMEs expand financing channels to become one of the main associations. First, increase credit support. Second is to improve the financial security system. It is reported that China Merchants Bank SME Loan Center and Fujian Fujian Straits bank has to electrical appliances industry association 60 billion the total amount of credit, financing channels for enterprises to set up.

    Establishing international cooperation mechanism docking electrical appliances industry. Use of the existing China Taiwan, Japan, electrical appliances industry, network resources, seize opportunities, and actively introduce electric motor technology and technical experts, senior technicians, management experts, make full use of the State Council on the construction of a pilot Hercynian favorable conditions, to build international of the cooperation platform, from features, the key parts to the machine, all-round cooperation in the industrial chain to enhance the depth of butt joint establishment of research and development base, technical service base, training base and marketing network.

    Establishment of human resource services platform. Advisory Committee of experts to establish the pool of electrical appliances, the use of Fujian Province, returned overseas students and students Alumni workstations human resources for enterprises to introduce R & D personnel and engineering and technical personnel, and industry experts for the enterprise to do the planning, production line design, business site selection, equipment selection and other services.

    Establishment of enterprise rights platform. Fujian Electrical Appliance Industry Association by lawyers and legal advisers resources, the foreign rights to do anti-dumping, anti-unfair competition on the domestic human rights activists do a good job, good self-discipline.

    Establishment of electrical, electronics, power generation equipment industry alliance, the introduction of the elite capital and venture capital firms, find valuable business, cultivate 2 to 3 Leading enterprises are listed.

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