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Kunming Pharmaceutical Factory explosion detonated by electrical sparks ethanol

    At 9:51 on December 30, 2009, Kunming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The new bio-explosion and fire incidents, resulting in 5 deaths and 8 burns. 18, the accident investigation team sent by communications trouble, and the main reason.

    20 officers to work in the incident.

    According to reports,booster cables the explosion took place in Kunming, limited liability company new biopharmaceutical production plant granulating the fourth floor of a room, time of the incident is producing compound Danshen tablets. According to deputy director of accident investigation,battery clip Safety Production Supervision Bureau, Kunming, Liu Kun, deputy director of an introduction to the workshop during the clean area after the renovation, in June 2004 and put into use, but the fourth floor of the factory floor and Extension No acceptance by the fire department.

    On the morning of the incident, the factory floor tablet clean section of the workshop shift 300,000 employees (granulating a group) according to process requirements led into Salvia extract powder, Panax powder,tow rope Ling methyl starch sodium, magnesium stearate, etc. solid raw materials and alcohol (95%) 5 plastic bucket (about 200kg) and other raw materials, according to process requirements for a room in the granulation mixture, made of soft material, granulation and drying. There were 20 staff members operating within the floor.

    Electrical spark set off ethanol gas.

    9:30 or so, air-conditioning maintenance personnel to replace the early effect of the filter and power,ratchet tie dowm air conditioning stopped working, can not be purified air into the clean area, at the same time there during the operation side of granulation, the dry side, although circulating hot air inside the oven so that aggregates in the water and ethanol evaporation, but even humidity and time on the open mouth of the oven, ethanol vapor did not drain away from the humidity and the mouth, the oven has reached explosive limit thus accumulation (3,3 % ~ 19,0% (vol)) of ethanol gas.

    At the same time, air-conditioning stopped working after the formation of granulation in a room the same could be burning a lot of ethanol gas. Coupled with the supporting clean areas using electrical equipment is not oven proof, the operator switches in the oven during baking oven or in axial blower fan running electrical spark generated in the process, accumulate in the oven to detonate explosive limit for explosive gas mixture of ethanol , blow up the oven, the resulting shock wave will be the fourth floor of the Regional Workshop of the wall, ceiling partitions, ventilation, windows, production facilities, and all destroyed. Explosion instant radiant heat generated by ignition of other combustible materials throughout the clean zone, the burning fire area throughout the four floors.

    9:51, granulation in a room oven exploded, sparking the fire, the accident occurred, the VAR have begun to escape. According to the briefing, because there is only one safe passage, so after an explosion and fire personnel and the injured part of the Site can not be escaped, killing five people were killed and 8 injured.

    Relevant regulations, pharmaceutical industry clean production of each layer or the safety of each clean zone exports should not be less than two. Fire protection in building design is also the relevant provisions of that fire district for each plant, each floor of a fire district, the number of exits shall be not less than two.

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