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Insulation epoxy coating Analysis and Research

    Li Zhiqiang, Zeng Fanhua.

    (CASIC Meiling Chemical Plant, Guizhou Zunyi 563003)

    Abstract: The insulation of epoxy enamel analysis and testing, and evaluation of the volume resistivity to explain the insulating properties of epoxy coatings,booster cables compared with the test of common epoxy coatings epoxy coatings and insulation in the insulation performance differences exist . Common epoxy coating insulation sometimes is not fully satisfied, and under certain conditions will have a "live",battery clip the use should be based on insulation requirements and environments to choose.

    Key words: epoxy coating; insulation properties; tow rope volume resistivity.

    CLC number: TQ633 Document code: A Article ID :1007 -9548 (2010) 02-0001-02

    1 Introduction.

    Since thermosetting epoxy resin is insulated, so the average user will think that epoxy coatings are insulated, and some common electrical components used for insulating protective layer of epoxy coating, especially on the request or with the acid in hot and humid environment products, such as some chemical power coated insulating layer,ratchet tie dowm but also doubles as a selection of insulating coating of epoxy paint, both acid and alkali resistance and heat insulation. Indeed, the epoxy coating is the epoxy resin and pigments and fillers, such as the main body from the preparation of the coating, the main non-conductive resin, epoxy coating should be insulated, but in practice or in "a certain environment "conditions, the common epoxy paint coating but may be non-insulated, as the insulating protective layer of epoxy coating is often" live ", which both acid and insulated protective coating on the insulation performance is not completely convincing satisfactory. What is the reason? By analysis and test, the epoxy insulating coating insulation products to fully meet the requirements, the need to use a specific product or insulation levels to select.

    2 Analysis of the insulation epoxy coating.

    Insulation and electrical conductivity is relative, usually a voltage difference between material flow and no electron was identified as insulation, but absolutely no flow of electrons does not exist, this is a measure of the problem and not. Insulating properties of the coatings used to measure the breakdown voltage and volume resistivity, breakdown voltage measure the thickness of the coating can withstand a certain voltage value, it is difficult to measure out the exact extent of the insulation coating. The volume resistivity (Ω · cm) to describe it more convenient to analyze the insulation, the insulation performance can be "staged" treatment. Coated with a different description of the different volume resistivity of the conductive properties, can accurately measure the extent of the conductive coating: When the volume resistivity of greater than 1012Ω · cm when insulation; volume resistivity at 106 ~ 1012Ω · cm between the semiconductor; volume resistivity less than 106Ω · cm is a conductor, when the volume resistivity of less than 1Ω · cm was a good conductor. Here's an insulator, semiconductor and conductor are not the full sense of the physical concept, borrowed the concept of language is poor insulator, said conductive objects, the conductor was good conductive objects, conductive and semiconductors for the poor conductive objects. In order to measure the insulation on the analysis of epoxy coating.

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