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Shanghai Cable Association: to promote energy-saving technological transformation

    Recently, Shanghai Electric Wire & Cable Industry Association organized the "extruder to promote energy-saving on-site exchange will" to promote the use of the latest energy saving technology, and gradually transform the units in the cross-linking experiments to further promote energy saving wire and cable industry.

    According to reports, the association promoting the wire and cable extrusion machine heating technology transformation,booster cables performance is very significant, with huge social and economic benefits.

    Shanghai Association for wire and cable industry will be from October 2008, "Energy Saving Plastic Machine" project included in the Association's priorities. Through more than a year of exploration, testing,battery clip wire and cable plastic extrusion machine is currently part of the energy-saving heating and electric control module tests the adjustment and reform, has yielded good results. The site acceptance test, the heating part of the energy saving of up to 30% to 60%, tow rope the whole is greater than 17% energy saving, heating by the modified part of the surface temperature down to 180 ℃ in front of about 65 ℃, energy-saving effect is very obvious, and its temperature control fully meet the technological requirements, has reached the practical requirements.

    Meeting by the Vice President and Secretary General presided over Yuan root method, Vice Secretary General of the Association and to share Zhonghua Zhang Secretariat "to carry out energy-saving work of the extruder through and experience." According to him, wire and cable in the production process generally requires heating,ratchet tie dowm and resistance wire heating is the most common way, the thermal efficiency is very low, high energy consumption in production of a large part of heat dissipation in the air. How effective means to take effective measures to improve energy efficiency, is placed in front of important industry-wide issue.

    The last two years, the association secretariat industry, academia, research method of combining, in the use of wire and cable industry extensively electromagnetic energy-saving heating, in order to meet energy conservation, reduce costs and improve competitiveness needs. At work, take thorough investigations, publicity and promotion, establish the typical (JJ group activities carried out), the standard analysis, study and training, implementation testing, application, recognition and other advanced methods.

    According to statistics, a total of enterprises in Shanghai extrusion machine 339 sets, 38 sets of cross-line, rubber extrusion machines 56, 36 injection molding machines, total 469 units. Power consumption by an average of 15 kilowatts each, saving 50%, 300 days a year, working 8 hours a day, saving 18,000 kilowatts per year, according to electricity 0.8 yuan / kW total annual electricity savings of 14,400 yuan. 469 u

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