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Guangdong billion to support LED, the new energy automotive industry

    Eight main targets: a large-scale industrial added value increased by 12%; total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 16%, industrial domestic sales growth of 18%; software revenue growth of 20% Internet penetration rate reached 60%; unit GDP energy consumption fell 3.53%.
    Investment in technological upgrading of industrial growth of 18% or more, the proportion of total industrial investment in more than 20%; and medium-sized industrial enterprises in R & D expenditure increased by 20%;booster cables the production of total value added services to the services sector accounted for more than 60%; strategic emerging industries and advanced manufacturing industry accounts for significantly improved the proportion of the province's industry.

    Southern Xinhua News Letter yesterday by the British correspondent Guangdong, the Guangdong Provincial battery clip Economic and Information Technology Commission held a "second five" work meeting. Vice Governor Tong Xing pointed out that the work should be concentrated by the letter of the province to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, efforts to enhance the capability of independent innovation, from manufacturing to Guangdong,tow rope the Guangdong creation, innovation, Guangdong, Guangdong services, Guangdong brand change, to establish internationally competitive system.

    No hard to find R & D funds.

    This year is the "second Five Year Plan" the first year, it was announced eight major target. Southern reporter learned from the meeting, "five-second" period the provincial government will allocate 2 billion yuan a year, a total of 100 billion provincial financial funds to support the strategic developmratchet tie dowm ent of new industries.

    Last year, the province's rapid development of strategic new industries. New high-end electronic information across the province, LED, new energy vehicles and other emerging industries of strategic XI total output of 1.1115 trillion yuan, an increase of 19.5%, the added value of 283.8 billion yuan, an increase of 19.7%, representing the province's industry 14.6%. At present, Huadu District, Guangzhou Automobile Industry Base, and other four units were rated as "national new-type industrialization industrialization demonstration base", TCL Group and other 50 enterprises as "strategic provincial representative of the backbone enterprises in emerging industries."

    "Twelve Five," beginning in the first year, will continue to focus on adjusting and optimizing industrial structure, accelerate the development and implementation of action plans construction of modern industrial system, foster the development of strategic new industries. Recent breakthroughs in high-end new electronic information, LED, three major industries of new energy vehicles.

    Work in this year's target by the letter, add a "medium-sized industrial enterprises R & D expenditure increased by 20%." Provincial Commission by letter, director Andrew Yang, the current 60% of the province's R & D institutions and medium-sized companies do not. The main objective is to guide the industry to upgrade assessment and structural adjustment and optimization needs. "In the future, for there is no R & D enterprise, the provincial finance its capital not and will not tilt."

    Learned that the "second Five-Year" period, the cities of Guangdong Province will jointly promote the development of large and medium enterprises and investment in R & D than the column rapidly. Build national, provincial and municipal technical center three echelon level enterprise technical centers strive to add 3 more fields to achieve national-level technical center building breakthrough.

    Behind the industrial transfer park phased out.

    This year, Guangdong will implement the "provincial industrial park lift system." On access to good communications and other times of the park for recognition, and increase the land use indicators, special funds, investment channels, publicity and promotion, policy and resource support; on the assessment of the park position after the implementation of the three yellow card and may even be downgraded, canceled Industrial Transfer Park status.

    2010, Guangzhou, Foshan in the Pearl River Delta tied for first examination in industrial transfer, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Qingyuan rear. As of the end of November last year, the province's 34 provinces Industrial Transfer Park admission number of items (including interest) 2364, agreement with a total investment of 423.6 billion yuan, the employment of labor transfer and absorb more than 170 million people. The output value of 168.7 billion yuan from January to November, the tax 9.09 billion yuan, an increase of 108.4%, respectively, 120.4%.

    Implementation of the "double shift", the differences in regional development in our province for the past five years, the lowest coefficient, the plight of the structural imbalance of regional development be effectively improved. "Twelve Five" period, in the transfer of the existing 34 provincial industrial park in the park and then screened for 10 key support. Promote the park industry cluster development, give prominence to the leading investment projects and the industry chain, to run "one thousand private enterprises in Guangdong into" large-scale investment activities.

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