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【News Focus】


     Aircraft hit the runway as much wonder how many of these incidents?

      Recently, the United Kingdom a sudden almost vertical glider crashed into the runway, fortunately, was the pilot survived, it has given us a little less frightened.booster cables Is a commonly used means of transport aircraft, aircraft losses caused by very big crash, serious injuries, this type of incident we are very sensitive but would not but Ti's , also hope to learn from our grasp Zhong from more of the essence.

   Xi'an Instrument manufacturers seek to grasp the development of national policy.

    Equipment manufacturing industries for the national economy to provide a strategic technology and equipment industry,battery clip industry association and high, strong ability to absorb employment, capital-intensive technology is the industry, industrial upgrading and technological progress of the important security and embodies the comprehensive national strength. Equipment manufacturing industry of scientific development,tow rope to reduce overall energy consumption industries to improve economic performance, to change the way to development, ratchet tie dowm promoting the role of industrialization great. As the state and Shaanxi equipment manufacturing restructuring and revitalization of the introduction of planning policies, the rapid expansion of market demand and accelerating the international transfer of the equipment manufacturing industry, equipment manufacturing industry in Xi'an development strategy is coming for a rare opportunity. In recent years, Xi'an, manufacturing equipment, maintained a rapid growth in sales in good condition, competitive advantage is gradually revealed, to promote the city as an important force for economic growth.
   Rice harvester harvester mixed constrained market.

    Harvester market experienced last year's hurricane advance, this year entered the rational phase of growth. The domestic market increased moderately tranquil, in the first half before the low monthly trend shows the characteristics of post-high; export market development trend continued last year, continuing double-digit growth in the rapid development of the market is climbing higher and higher in recent harvester market an applause.

    Doraemon Comments: As China's rural economic system constraints, low food prices in recent years, making grain-producing areas generally lower income of farmers, affecting use and purchasing power harvester. Of rice harvesters and uneven development, subject to local economic conditions, by the underground environment, the promotion and application of harvesters is still some resistance.

   【Domestic News】

   Marine equipment will be faced with double greater good development space for private enterprises.

   September 8, the State Council executive meeting and approved in principle "the State Council on accelerating the development of new industries and development of a strategic decision" to determine the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, including seven as a strategic new industry, which means high terminal equipment manufacturing industry will be the leader of our national economy industries and pillar industries, is focused on fostering and accelerating.

    Doraemon Comments: Marine broad market prospect has attracted many companies to enter into the down cycle as the traditional shipbuilding industry, shipbuilding enterprises are expected to save through the marine engineering business in this situation. However, marine equipment, is a technology, capital-intensive industries, and marine equipment, has invested a large large number of small batches of product characteristics, if work on the sea make a difference, companies need to conduct self-studies.

     My second intercity high-speed railway will open 153 kilometers long.

    Reporter learned from the Nanchang Railway Bureau, China's second Intercity High Speed Rail - Chang Ninetowns international high-speed railway will be officially opened on September 20 operation.

    Doraemon Comments: Chang Ninetowns opening of the international high-speed railway, Nanchang and Jiujiang to achieve "one-hour inter-city circle." Despite the rapid development of railway undertakings in China still can not fully meet the faster development of the social demand, but we see the situation is gradually improving, I believe there will be more "one hour City Circles" appears, there will be The "Chinese" appear in the that day.

    【International News】

    Use of sensors developed with Japanese robot olfactory function.

    Recently, Japanese scientists use the frog cells in the development of sensors, the robot can robots do not have a traditional sense of smell functions. They developed a robot head is equipped with advanced sensor equipment

    Doraemon Comments: Japan is the industry leader in robot state, the robot is very R & D achievements, the robot industry is in a major period of development, their olfactory function developed robots for the robotics industry has established for its work.

    Thailand plans to cooperate with China building three high-speed rail lines.

    According to the plan, Thailand and China proposed three high-speed rail lines are lines from Bangkok to Nong Khai, Bangkok to Thailand, Malaysia and Bangkok to Rayong border line. In which the former two high-speed railway from China via Kunming, Vientiane, Laos, Thailand, Nong Khai, Bangkok, Malaysia, southern Thailand until the cross-border railway line components.

    Doraemon Comments: The  as for a win-win for China and Thailand, the Thai side will You Zhuyu Tuidong Guo Jia and Lin Guo and in the region between the Mao Yi, the Tui l Thailand status in the region's economies; Ling On the one hand makes our high-speed rail in the "going out" on the road to go further.

    【Company News】

    Song of the United States the world's giant fan Sa rapid expansion in China is highly competitive.

    Fortune 500 companies, wind developers, turbine manufacturers and wind field Sa Spain song America Group announced in Shanghai on the 14th, 2012, Song of Sa to the United States to invest in China 90 million euros, its total investment in China over the past more than twice Its sales in China this year is expected to double over last year.

    Doraemon Comments: wind power market in China has intensified the competitive situation, China's wind power resource is very rich, many world-class companies are bullish about China market, this piece of children eager to open up the market, and singing the United States do Sa Big fan of the world, naturally, would like a site in China as its children to do something to their rapid expansion has not diminished.

    Eaton Electrical Group: Home on the secret of newcomers.

    Eaton has been concerned about who might be noted that, in Zhongguancun, Beijing Metro Line 4 at the entrance station and the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport in the entrance, Eaton UPS eye-catching billboards. Completed Powerware, MGEPS, Hill Principal UPS brand after the acquisition and integration, Eaton UPS to a new unified brand image in the public eye.

   Doraemon Comments: Although Eaton entered the Chinese market late, but from very high. Eaton concern is to give customers what their value, and with mergers and acquisitions icing on the cake. Have a clear target, a good group of advantages, high-end products and excellent management, I believe the future of the UPS in the field, Eaton will have more breakthroughs.

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