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U.S. development of new contact lens wearers can be monitored blood glucose levels

    According to the British "New Scientist" recently reported that U.S. scientists will be eye-friendly transparent material combined with microelectronics, have developed a new contact lenses, booster cables the glasses can be worn with diabetes who monitor blood glucose levels.
    Before the researchers also developed that can monitor the wearer suffering from glaucoma if there are signs of intelligent glasses. Smart contact lenses health has become an "guardian angel."

    Smart contact lenses can monitor glucose levels.

In 2008, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Washington Babakepa Chavez to create a model of a contact lens, battery clip the lens includes a red light-emitting diode (LED). Now, he uses the same technology that can monitor the body to produce glucose contact lenses.

    Pa Weizi said he designed the electrode glucose sensor using micro-current tears flee to liquid, and by measuring the current to detect the concentration of glucose in tears, but tears can directly reflect the concentration of glucose in the blood glucose concentration. Therefore, the new sensor can monitor the wearer's glucose levels,tow rope and diabetes-related information to portable devices worn, doctors can more accurately to the patient's diet and medication management situation.

    These electrodes include a radio with a computer chip with FM antenna is built on a slab made of polyester synthetic substrate, Pa Weizi then all of these substances into a mold the shape of contact lenses.

    Basic test shows that even very low concentrations of glucose, this new sensor can accurately detect. Pa Weizi plans to Cancun,ratchet tie dowm Mexico this month at the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Conference 2011, published its latest findings.

   Contact lenses to improve the treatment of glaucoma.

    Coincidentally, last September, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology affiliated Sensimed company released the world's first intelligent contact lens business, the spectacle aimed at improving the treatment of glaucoma.

    Glaucoma is the eye disease can lead to blindness, although not completely cured, but the patient's intraocular pressure through regular inspection and if the way the correct diagnosis and timely treatment, can control disease progression. The existing test methods can not fully detect IOP changes, often to a considerable degree of eye damage after being found before being diagnosed, a treatment of the blind spot.

    Sensimed CEO Jane -  said, the company launched the Triggerfish contact lenses with embedded micro-pressure sensors, can record a period of time (usually 24 hours) in patients with corneal pressure due to changes in the eye when the hydraulic curvature of the eye condition, and periodically transmit this information to patients and neck wireless mini receiver. Receivers of information can be transmitted via Bluetooth technology to the computer. Obtained through this contact lens accuracy of the information detected by conventional ophthalmic instruments can not match, the doctors based on patient status early diagnosis and to formulate the best treatment. This product has been designated first medical center in Europe sales and large-scale trial into the United States in 2011, the medical market.

    Smart contact lenses or augmented reality can be realized.

    In addition, the Pa Weizi These contact lenses also developed the image displayed directly in the line of sight, the ultimate experience for the wearer of augmented reality (also known as mixed reality, refers to computer technology through the application of the virtual to the real world of information so the real environment and virtual objects in real time superimposed on the same screen or space exist) and created a head-up display.

    Contains a small light-emitting diode (LED) array, contact lenses also make all kinds of digital information directly to the wearer through the optical display. At present, mobile phones have achieved this reality, many software applications heavily upon layer of digital information will be placed in the display picture of environmental information around us, so that the physical world and the cyber world to effectively blend together. However, in order to achieve this in the contact lens is not easy, but the basic sensor Pa Weizi done.

    Pawei Zi said: "We also need more testing." Now, the lab has made progress display contact lenses, they have developed a tiny red and blue LED, only a thin green to complete the ; have brought out the glasses with a three-dimensional optical devices, and its shape is similar to goggles used to view three-dimensional movies. Pa Weizi LED intends to combine optical devices and contact lenses in the same, he said, LED will be formed into a grid pattern, when the screen turned off, it will not interfere with normal vision.

    Such glasses are needed to solve a problem - people wearing such glasses may look like the movie "Terminator" robot. Pawei Zi said, might be able to leave the pupil to solve this problem.

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