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Government safety advocates socket electrical safety escort Spring Philips

    Chinese New Year approaching, electrical safety has once again become the focus of the government and the community's concern and discussion topics. It is understood that Ministry of Public security has been issued on the Chinese New Year of "Fire standardized" second five "development plan"booster cables and other important documents, including important national leaders are also made important instructions.
    At the local, Chinese New Year is also preventing accidents to an orderly, Hubei, Hunan, Xinjiang and other related official documents are issued, a national holiday electrical safety protection activities are performed quietly in China, battery clip as a major source of accidents caused by , socket, or will become the focus of prevention work.

    Electrical Safety: market pressure, the situation is not optimistic.

   tow rope Preparations for this year's Spring Festival will be exciting, safe use of electricity as an important safety issue Chinese New Year preparations is listed as the most talked about one of the 10 hot spots, almost all of the participants submitted information on fire prevention and the strengthening of security recommendations, " safe use of electricity "has become a hot topic in preparation for the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year preparations to become the key word.

    However, ratchet tie dowm with regard to electrical safety issues is not optimistic. Ministry of Public Security Information Network, according to Fire Department statistics show that in 2010, 1 to 8 months, the national total of 89,049 fires, the death of 729 people, direct property loss of 10 billion, while only 11 months, the national fire incident on 57, the death of 149, there is a daily average of 6.7 people killed by fire! In the accident investigation found that 33.3% of the fires are electrical fires, poor socket hidden huge! This also caused the government and the attention of the producers socket.

    Outlet market: quality first, actively led.

    Spring Electrical Safety as an important direction to implement and defend and areas, socket by all levels of government attention. The results show that high quality can not only reduce the power outlet safety accidents, but also can effectively extend the useful life of electrical appliances.

    Philips, an engineer responsible for technical development, told reporters, security and electrical outlet is to defend a strong barrier against fire, which is the past, we ignored the most likely to be a part of. Socket fever, loose plugs, bad, or even leakage, short circuit, overload and other defects can easily brew into electricity accident, ranging from damage to electrical appliances, while in harm to personal safety, and even caused the fire, and a good outlet, can effectively prevent the occurrence of electrical hazards. He explained that, because of the voltage control, voltage instability due to reduced damage to the appliance. He believes that the first time explicitly linked to security risks and socket, which is the safety of a Great Leap Forward in China.

    Vigorously promote the safe use of electricity this year and focus on the outlet, an industry source said it was to seize the source, but also for providing high-quality growth of the soil plug.

    He told reporters that in the past because consumers lack awareness of the importance of the outlet, the market for more low prices of products by some occupation, some excellent brands and high-performance products face competition from mature consumer market, many will turn their attention other regions, which makes the Chinese market is worse outlet, frequently planted as a serious fire hazard. The Government security in the fire and electricity is the standard of the pulse. He believes that as people safe hedge against aware of the necessity and the market gradually improving, especially Philips and other companies to join, high-performance Secure Sockets will gradually dominate in the market, in particular, under the supervision of the Government, Some poor performance of the product will gradually fade out the market in China receptacle.

    Technical Innovation: overload, Philips Secure Sockets escort Spring Festival.

    Reporter visited the headquarters of Philips outlet in China, and from the safety and quality assured project leading group that, at present they have successfully launched the series in the market with a fireproof, waterproof, anti-overload and other high-performance security outlet.

    According to reports, in response to the government policy of Chinese New Year fire and electrical safety, Philips products to further deepen the concept of electrical safety and fire prevention. Currently in China not only has a new outlet listed leakproof, puncture proof, water immersion, fire and lightning and other functions, along with overload protection.

    The leading group of staff, told reporters that the Spring Festival peak of the market, voltage fluctuations, it is likely to cause electrical damage, or even cause a fire, which is a major challenge socket performance. In response to this particular case, a greater level of electrical safety to protect consumers, they added to the Philips outlet overload performance is more superior technology. When the power load to 600%, only 0.3-2.5 seconds to cut off the power, remove the overload and then press the switch to return to normal. When the normal load does not exceed the rated load 10A socket board, the overload protection does not start, the higher the load the faster the power is switched off, and can be reused, no need to replace the fuse.

    It is noteworthy that at present the series from the beginning has already started selling in January, covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dalian, Qingdao, Shenyang, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou and dozens of cities, the product price has not early market expectations so high, the basic price within the one hundred yuan.

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