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Department of Housing and Urban installment of "multi-line air-conditioning system engineering point of order"

    Multi-line air-conditioning system to regulate the construction, approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban September 1, 2010 from the implementation of "multi-line air-conditioning system engineering point of order" JGJ174-2010.
    Procedures organized by the China Academy of Building Research, China Beijing Architecture Design Institute, Shanghai Institute of Architectural Design Co., Ltd., China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association,booster cables Daikin (China) Investment Co., Ltd., battery clip Shanghai Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning on the Limited, Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., GD Midea Commercial Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd., 15 research institutes and enterprises to participate in tertiary institutions, the main technical content, including: multi-line air-conditioning system engineering design,tow rope materials, construction, testing,ratchet tie dowm commissioning and acceptance and so on technical requirements. Among them, the first for the mandatory provisions of Article 5.4.6,5.5.3, requirements must be strictly enforced.

    Multi-line air conditioning system in China developed rapidly in recent years, the output value is close to traditional central air conditioning system of a cold source device output, multi-connected air conditioning (heat pump) products used in construction, architectural features to be combined with air-conditioning, anti-handling smoke and fresh air, electrical and other system design, in accordance with the requirements of the construction drawings, after commissioning, and acceptance to the safe use, the implementation of the standards are standardized areas of engineering construction standards.

    Central air conditioning system with conventional chiller concentrated in the engine room, cold water pipe and wind pipe into the room through different VRF air conditioning engineering low toxicity into the use of refrigerant piping room, as it involves personal health and safety, the United States, Japan and other developed The state indoor concentration allows the refrigerant, there are strict requirements, In addition, VRF air conditioning pipeline projects throughout the cooler air-conditioned building area, pipe length, refrigerant filling a large amount of maintenance is not a recall, the atmosphere ozone depletion and greenhouse gas emissions have a significant impact, and because the refrigerant pipe length, air-conditioning energy efficiency features as the building size difference, there will be major changes, building environmental control systems will affect the overall energy efficiency.

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