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Elevator and fire Fire ordinary Comparison of the lift function

    Fire the elevator when a fire in the building for the use of fire for fire fighting and rescue capabilities and has a lift. Thus, fire has a higher fire safety requirements of the elevator, the fire design is very important.

    General Elevator fire features are not available, the occurrence of fire to stop people take elevators. Because when the impact of high temperature, or power outage, or the fire burning, will bring disaster to take the elevator, booster cables or even take away their lives. Fire elevators usually have a perfect fire features: it should be a dual power supply, that is, the work of the elevator in case of power failure the building when the fire elevator automatically appeals to the very power and can continue to run; it should have an emergency control function,battery clip that is, when When a fire upstairs, which can receive instructions, timely return to the first floor, rather than continue to accept passengers, only available for firefighters to use; it should be reserved in the car at the top of an emergency evacuation exit,tow rope bodies in case of failure of the elevator door , they can be evacuated to escape here.

    For the main part of Tall Buildings, floor area of not more than 1500 square meters, should set a fire lift; over 1500 square meters, less than 4,500 square meters should be set two fire lift; each floor area of more than 4500 square meters when the , should be set to fire three elevators. Kennedy Fire elevator shaft should be set separately,ratchet tie dowm not any other electrical pipes, water pipes, pipe or ventilation pipes pass. Fire lift shall be fitted with front room, front room should be equipped with fire doors, fire and smoke to make it function. Fire elevator load of not less than 800 kg, the plane size of the car should not be less than 1 m × 1.5 m, its role is to carry the larger fire appliances and placing rescue stretcher and so on. Fire elevator decoration materials, building materials must be non-burning. Fire power and control cables lift waterproof measures should be taken to fire the elevator door should have a diffuse slope waterproofing. Fire elevator car should have a dedicated phone in the first floor also has a dedicated control button. If these functions can be achieved and then the building in case of fire, fire elevator can be used for fire rescue. If you do not have these conditions, ordinary elevator is available for fire rescue, fire elevator will have life-threatening.

    Ordinary vertical lift can not escape:

    General fire safety elevator does not have the conditions, fire can not be used as a tool for vertical evacuation, their main reasons are:

    1. Power without protection. Because of fire, firefighters work to cut off all power to enable the emergency power supply.

    2. Have the chimney effect. Operation because the elevator, elevator shaft smoke lost the role to become smoke drawing fire drawing vertical channel, both contributing to the spread of smoke, but also threaten human lives.

    3. Evacuation capacity is limited. Fire, the elevator can only carry a dozen people, and the remaining people are still waiting, this will delay the evacuation time.

    4. If the elevator electrical and mechanical failure (or power), evacuees will be trapped in the elevator car within the box can not be out of danger.

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