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Range Hood China market: to start a new round of innovation and competition

    "Compared with the cooking and sterilizing cabinet, over the years, range hood industry pattern of either product or market position, have undergone relatively large change." Guangdong Electric Co., Ltd.booster cables million and the new director of domestic marketing center Xu Weiguo same point of view, many hood manufacturers who are held responsible for such a view.
    Suction hood near the meteoric rise, companies have introduced high-end products, the real estate market suffered the most severe in the history of regulation, are placid, so that the original hood industry for many years in the Charge after a new round of innovation and competition .

    battery clip Product structure has changed.

    "Europe rose in the fall" has been steady progress in recent years, the range hood industry trend. tow rope Electric official said the boss, Range hood with variable appearance, has become mainstream, the 2010 European and Chinese products, the boss ratio is about 7:1.5. Similar to the situation with the boss, brand range hoods almost all enterprises in expanding the product line Range hood, even the originally high-cost products for the consumer well-known Chinese brands also have a great effort to strengthen the European-style products. "In recent years, along with changes in market demand, million and constantly changing product layout, from the situation in 2010, million and European sales accounted for range hood has reached 50%, 70% contribution to sales . ratchet tie dowm "Xu Weiguo said.

    Although the Chinese style range hood is declining, but this product is still at the low end has a larger market share. "The market demand is diverse, not all consumers can afford a few thousand dollars Range Hood, Chinese products still have a market potential." Shuaikang Liu Chunhua Group Brand Director of the "electrical" the reporter said, "At present, SHUAIKANG European and Chinese products, the ratio is about 7:3, but several high cost of Chinese products are still SHUAIKANG star product. "According to him, under normal circumstances, the average price of Chinese-style range hood products than the European by 30% to 40%, the price is still very advantageous, while the characteristics of the product itself from the point of view, Chinese products more in line with the Chinese family cooking habits, product performance.

    In such a background, near the emergence of suction hood, so that steady progress in the pattern of changes in product trends, "Hengshengzhijie." The PRC, the data show that 1 in November 2010, nearly hood suction volume of retail sales market share has reached 16.4%. In 2008, this figure is only slightly higher than 2%. Xu Weiguo expected, due to the PRC, the statistical data comes from a secondary market for home appliances and more retail stores, coupled with the third and fourth level if the market is not included in the sales statistics, nearly suction retailing accounts for 20% more than should have been. "Three or four markets close suction range hood for the degree of recognition to be higher than a secondary market, three or four markets consumers are very willing to accept this appearance of new products, about five percent of the market for the range hood near suction products. "Hangzhou known kitchen appliances, said sales director Zhu Zhongmin. This means that in just three years, nearly suction hood market share of retail volume increased 10 times.

    Recalling the recent rise of suction hood in 2008, many companies have such reservations about new products, brands only side too, Germany, Italy and introduced nearly suction products. Today, the company's attitude has undergone a 180 degree turn, not only the boss, the United States, the million and other domestic brands have joined the fray in recent priming products, and even international brands like Siemens, are also optimistic about the near-priming product development. BSH Home Appliances (China) Co., Ltd. Tang Jianrong, vice president of the "electrical" told reporters: "Over the last suction hood is quickly growing in recent years a new category, Siemens is very optimistic about this product, Siemens 2011 Near-priming products will also be listed. "It is understood that in 2010, the United States suction hood near the sales ratio has been as high as 44%.

    In addition, the "electrical" journalists to participate in Shunde Expo 2010 found that almost all the participating companies shows the kitchen near electric suction hood, and even some small brands of booths full of this product.

    High-end trend emerged.

    "In recent years, high-end range hoods rapid market growth.

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