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China's leading chain of smart grid 40 trillion industry has improved steadily

    September 2010, Jiangsu Province, established the Smart Grid industry Union (Chi Network Alliance). Chi Web Consortium by the State Power NARI, prosperous Group, co-sponsored by 16 units, more than 50 companies to join virtually every smart electricity grid, Jiangsu Province, downstream industry chain, all the elite.

    Prior to this,booster cables dozens of companies in Zhongguancun, Beijing has set up intellectual network alliance.

   battery clip "Smart Network Alliance", the country's power equipment manufacturing companies are in the Smart Grid industry opportunities Sabre-rattling.

    In China's coastal areas,tow rope smart grid in the ascendant. The town is located in Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province has announced that 127,000 to replace all electricity customers will end smart meters, sea salt become the first "quasi-smart grid city"; Tianjin has begun to residents of the city's 4.17 million facelift smart meters free of charge ... ...

    May 2009, the State Grid Corporation (National Grid) China announced that China would build a "special high-voltage power grid as the backbone, the coordinated development of power at all levels with information technology,ratchet tie dowm automation, interactive features," the "strong and smart grid. "

    At the beginning of the government work report, Premier Wen Jiabao referred to 8 times the electricity problem, made it clear that "To strengthen the building of smart grid," which was widely interpreted as the industry has been promoted to national strategy of smart grid.

    Planning by the national grid, "strong and smart grid" across the 12-year construction period; to 2015, direct supply the national grid electricity straight business information collection coverage area will reach 100%; State Grid Company insiders said the total investment " Initial estimated 3.45 trillion yuan. " 2009 to the end of 2010, is planning the pilot phase of the project.

    As a matter of national economy and critical infrastructure, power grid, "strong" is the proper meaning; but the power both "strong" and "smart", the degree of difficulty is self-evident.

    Currently, people can estimate that the "strong and smart grid", once completed, will affect all aspects of China - a real smart grid, will be a huge technical, industrial, political and economic complex, include the use of electricity from power generation to All electrical links, may bring new materials, high-end equipment, research and development, clean energy, energy conservation and other development of the industry, while the energy distribution as well as national energy security.

    False start "wisdom network."

    With the smart grid project bidding and construction work in progress, local governments and enterprises step by step up the investment enthusiasm of one; smart grid is on the upstream and downstream industries driving the formation of large "intellectual network chain" more than 3 trillion.

    In an exclusive interview, the National Grid responsible person clear: the next 10 years, smart grid investment is expected to average about 3,000 yuan. In the industry experts, the national grid will pull ten times the invested funds as well as follow-up times.

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