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Optional air conditioning in winter "high health" of the three standards

    According to statistics, the proportion of high-quality air-conditioning sales exceeded 40%, has gradually become the mainstream consumer market. Therefore, each air conditioning manufacturers have introduced high-end boutique, booster cables an effort to build by Panasonic called "respect is still" high-end air-conditioning, the market price of up to 13,000 yuan, but by the blitz. At the same time, Samsung, LG, also launched a million high-end value of air conditioning.

    What kind of high-end air-conditioning is consistent with "high health" air quality? Experts point out that the three criteria should determine: energy efficiency, battery clip ventilation function and panel manufacturing materials.

    First, the high energy efficiency.

    According to national standards, energy efficiency ratio of 2.6 (ie five) below the air ban on the market. Therefore,tow rope in the high-end cabinet air conditioners on the market in the true sense can be called healthy energy models are not many. Oxygen Bar Haier efficient sterilization light, for example, energy efficiency ratio of 3.15 and meet the national energy efficiency. Panasonic Air Conditioning respect to 3.29 EER yet meet the national energy efficiency requirements.

    Second, the ventilation function.

    Air conditioning ventilation function is also of concern in focus. Experts point out that the current popular use of air conditioners on the market there are two types of ventilators. One is the type of air purification catalyst ventilation types, including photocatalyst, such as cold catalyst, catalyst technology of bacteria,ratchet tie dowm smell decomposing ability can be used repeatedly, the cutting-edge technology from Japanese manufacturers such as Panasonic, Daikin control, are present an ideal purification air-conditioning ventilation products.

    The other is a common market type of ion purification, release negative ions by negative ion generator, kill bacteria and viruses, and dust in the electrostatic to fall, to purify indoor air purposes.

    Third, the panel material.

    Experts also pointed out that, in addition to energy saving, ventilation, air conditioning, air-conditioning of raw materials of health but also health factors can not be ignored. It is reported that General Electric of the raw materials contain trace amounts of harmful substances, for the protection of human health, the EU RoHS directive first issued, the provisions of the July 1, 2006, all electrical and electronic equipment are not allowed to lead, cadmium, mercury , hexavalent chromium and brominated flame retardants PBB and PBDE and other harmful substances.

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