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Industrial applications as 3G operators in style all their own blue ocean to seek differentiation

    Today, industrial applications have become the blue ocean 3G market, focus on industrial applications has also become the operator of the general consensus.
    On the one hand, industrial applications can effectively enhance the structure of 3G high-end customers; the other hand, 3G high data transmission products can also be effective in promoting the development of industrial applications.booster cables This article will compare the analysis of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom 3G industry application of the overall competitive situation, product development, and strategic plan in 2011 and specific industry applications 3G marketing initiatives.

    battery clip 3G industry application of the overall competitive situation.

    Throughout the 3G industry application market, China Unicom to implement a proactive offensive warfare, and seek to promote the 3G-scale industrial application development, implementation and thorough list system plus a model demonstration project strategic model. In contrast, China Mobile and China Telecom is the implementation of the value of the relative sound tough fight, in industrial applications to ensure mobile positioning in the high-end users, tow rope the implementation of the existing 2G Battle of application-oriented, the implementation of the existing enterprises in telecommunications customer base The 3G expansion battle, and to promote the development of 3G subscribers.

    Figure A: 3G industry application competition.

    China Mobile: the implementation of crucial value of the conservative war.

    China Mobile's 2G mature industry applications and products,ratchet tie dowm has formed a competitive advantage. Current mobile products have been fully penetrated into industrial applications, but due to immaturity of TD networks with broadband development needs of the time window, therefore, 3G and broadband lack of class industrial applications, the development of lack of stamina. Currently, China Mobile, 2G superior products mainly cut into industrial applications, while selectively try to 3G products and applications.

    1, the development model: the layout of the value of tackling major industries.

    China Mobile positioning the education, government, electricity, medicine, rural market, industry and other major markets and small and medium enterprises in key industries, implementation of the industry value of poverty, to fight for big clients, big projects, cutting the current development of fruitful. Guangdong market, for example, target customers signing rate of 70%.

    2, the product model: 2G-oriented applications, 3G for the add.

    China Mobile's emphasis on integration + binding mode to 2G edge products + personalized solutions cut into industrial applications, the current cornet trunk network, group ringtones, Build your home school and so the development of better products and applications.

    Move the current main application bundle + 2G integration package, as the starting point to cornet cluster network, binding E-mail, the group ring tones and other value-added products and the power pack of 100 small and medium business information services package. In addition, try to move a selected number of 3G industry applications, the introduction of fusion group, family and individual voice tariff incentives to promote wireless to it; with the new terminal and to promote the launch of BlackBerry business; the same time as the development of voice line network coverage + Internet line and so on.

    Figure II: applications in the mobile industry, the layout of 3G.

    3,2011 strategic initiatives.

   In 2011, China Mobile concern that the financial industry, transport and logistics, education, IT, government, wholesale and retail, manufacturing, real estate, energy, health care and other industries, to develop MAS, MMS, green, blackberry, and the School Paper and other products IDC, ICT, SME product applications package applications.

   China Telecom: the implementation of existing customers to expand battle.

   Corporate customers the advantages of resources, China Telecom, China Telecom made the user is upgrading power industry structure and quality of 3G customers an important guarantee for the same time, the existing industry application market, the electricity and broadband fixed-type applications mature, the development of good advantage, but compared to other mobile service operators, a late start, solid fusion product is not mature enough move. The opportunities and challenges for the CLP's proposed radiation effects by corporate customers to consolidate application advantages of fixed-line broadband types of trades, tied fusion 3G products.

   Figure III: applications in the telecommunications industry, the layout of 3G.

   1, and consolidate application advantages of fixed-line broadband types of trades: 4 +3 class industry application key product categories.

   Among them, 4 types of industrial applications, including enterprise information (government and regulatory enforcement), logistics information technology (Vehicle Monitoring and Dispatching), Campus Information (home-school interaction, card), M2M (global eye monitoring); 3 key product categories, including switchboard services, broadband, commercial pilot.

   2, the integration of bundled 3G products: integration package, integrated cluster network snatch government and enterprise markets mobile users.

   Among them, the Business Navigator E package information in the commercial pilot based on the Canadian version of the installation of a 30 yuan fixed or a mobile phone; In addition, business aviation cluster + switchboard services, "full-service evergreen" Mixed switchboard service net benefits, the mobile Internet to make free landline.

   China Unicom: Implementation of offensive war.

   China Unicom WCDMA mature technology has advantages and integration capabilities, relatively mobile and telecommunications, with a full-service product reserves and the operation of infrastructure, but its industry solutions support the ability of individual deficiencies. China Unicom's competitive advantage by virtue of 3G to launch 3G assault industrial applications, integration of fixed, 3G integrated product, fast to build a model project to promote 3G applications development.

   1, the development model: the list system + model works.

   China Unicom selected government and media institutions, large manufacturing enterprises, financial services, logistics and other target markets, the implementation of the system to expand the list, provincial, municipal and district levels of high-value joint enclosure, the key target market segment specialization operation and the current enclosure with remarkable results.

   At the same time, China Unicom establish the 3G industry, demonstration model, in order to point to promote. Case Study of Guangdong, Guangdong Unicom has now formed a two base (logistics development base in mobile information, mobile video surveillance parking and development base) +2 demonstration sites (the media industry, mobile information, mobile fire law enforcement information), based benchmark.

   2, the product model: 5 +2 + N.

   First, the 5 core application of the scale of development, namely, mobile OA, mobile law enforcement, mobile stock trading, intelligent vehicles, video surveillance; Secondly, the two competing applications rapid development of the mobile payments, marketing assistant; In addition, N key reserves be used to point, and the main including the area online, digital police, data acquisition, handheld travel, teaching satellite communication, business and other portable line.

   Figure Four: China Unicom, the layout of 3G industry applications.

   3,2011 strategic initiatives.

   2011, China Unicom will focus on 14 key target customer segments to expand the depth of industries, including government, utilities, public security and fire, media, publishing, education, medical, automotive, transportation, logistics, retail, tobacco, banking, insurance, securities, etc. . In terms of products, in the 5 +2 Unicom further promote the development of products, while the hot spots with the industry in application of special events and other marketing activities.

   In short, the future prospects of the development of 3G industry wide applications, "2010 China IT two" 3G Mobile Internet sub forum, said the Ministry of Industry, 2011, total investment for the domestic 3G 4,000 billion yuan, 3G base stations will be more than 40 million a, 3G users will reach 150 million. It can be said to further focus on industry applications, will be China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom 3G choice for future development.

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