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Sanmen Bay terminal industry electrical Writing the history of China

    "From out the Sanmen Bay terminal electrical quality assurance decade", is a very simple promise, not only sent to customers reliable products, but also to the dealer sent a security product that is your mind at ease is my responsibility.
    And this commitment has been upgraded to a service marketing concept, the competition increased to the interests of all from the consumer, the human dimension of marketing. Nanjing, the recent launch of Sanmen Bay electrical appliances away from the three Gulf terminals to ensure years of quality initiatives,booster cables the China Quality Institute, China Electric Association, China Electric Association, the National Power South, State Power NARI,battery clip Jiangsu CLP Group , Eastern Group, and other senior leaders gave a high evaluation.

    The reason to make such a commitment, there is some electrical Sanmen Bay deeper considerations.

    January Sanmen Bay Electric has just completed a satisfaction survey the market for including Beijing, Shanghai,tow rope Shenzhen, Suzhou, Wuxi, Hubei, Sichuan, Henan, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanxi, Anhui and other places to visit in depth market and field research. The original intention of this survey is to research the habits of customers, product quality and product price, and found the local terminal enterprises and disorderly competition, unreasonable price, do not pay attention to the development of terminals and brand development for the culture and the influx of foreign brands have so that our enterprises are facing terminal crisis.

   ratchet tie dowm "Customer base" concerns about after-sales service is our anticipated. If the Sanmen Bay to meet the others can not meet the electrical requirements of the Sanmen Bay Electric is not an opportunity? Ze-chairman of Nanjing Electric Sanmen Bay Bridge Bay have seen the three appliances in the future market, "stand out" opportunities.

    As the international copper prices rose late last year, a direct impact on copper, month by month since September last year, rose, gold foil Habitat Development (8358) said, February is still continued hikes 8-10 percent, or half a year crown, high-grade copper is still the historical district, do not rule out in March and then raise the prices. The domestic brands and imported brands terminal terminal competition, large, medium and small enterprises on the same platform can compete in price war. The index of the electronic components industry may be rushed to a new peak in 2011, in the second half with the improved profitability of the industry, the industry estimates will be downward correction, return to the historical mean. Therefore, the electronic components industry in 2011's investment rating from "hold" to "buy."

    The current terminal manufacturing efficiency has continued to rise, so the electronic components industry in the terminal manufacturers of credit even more carefully. Sanmen Bay Electric suggestions: electrical, power to strengthen the screening of terminal manufacturers, select industry leaders, long-term growth of enterprises, enterprises with good profit model, attention terminals manufacturing industry, concerned about the upstream and downstream terminal manufacturing enterprises, optimize the structure of customers, for the terminal industry needs to develop new products.

    Ze-chairman of Sanmen Bay Bridge in electrical February 2, 2011 through the major news media, magazines, published the "Nanjing Sanmen Bay, electrical products liability guarantee", as follows:

    "Nanjing Sanmen Bay electrical products liability guarantee"


    Although electrical Sanmen Bay has made remarkable achievements, we still do not think its how good, how perfect. On the contrary, hard work, the feeling of walking on thin ice that we have now have the ability to walk, and, as always, with enthusiasm to do better the product.

    Sanmen Bay electrical services people are prepared to give more and better products and technologies. We start today, deeply understand that customer support, the team's own unity, cost control and understanding of peers the importance for a small team.

    All of our appliances Sanmen Bay engraved in mind these people are, and better products and services, customers return the love and support.

    At the same time, we hope, with the ideals and aspirations of the peer groups to form a supportive and understanding of the collaboration. We are more entrepreneurs willing to share the value created before we help them achieve faster growth.

    We are adhering to the "connection 无限, unobstructed" concept, I believe one thing, a product, a service can be made more professional, better, we have resolved to adopt three Bay Dianqi their own brand, it is our face, our corporate life. We will go hard and sweat to pour hard to care for and cherish. Please people remember Sanmen Bay Electric: We are in Sanmen Bay Electric doing business to do business, not just for the money temporarily. Long-term vision is essential for our quality team.


    One. Market advantage.

    (1) three Bay terminal as a brand of excellent electrical manufacturer, but also to a group of elite marketing team to build a terminal in China's market.

    (2) manufacturing capacity, the hardware conditions.

    Accumulated several decades of production experience in supporting companies that grew up, and some things and culture sediment accumulation takes time.

    (3) show a very good brand market.

    Exposure to the international market and improve product development, manufacturing, operation, management process, the technical content. Global economic integration in the domestic and overseas to seek a broader geographical further reduce product cost.

    Second, improve product quality even behind the high-end price.

    Quality is the core of continuous improvement, constant innovation. To customers are thinking, anxious customers are worried, from the details to start with, in the production process, pay attention to every detail, so that products factory to achieve "zero defect", so that customers with the confidence. And in the course, time to listen to customer feedback in a timely manner to improve the product.

    "Relative domestic counterparts in terms of higher prices," up from the interpretation of the production process, the domestic part of the business is out until the product quality standards and then come back, and Sanmen Bay is done according to standard products, both products do idea is different, fundamentally different form, different positioning of their products. Brought about by the product quality differences, so there is no comparable price.

    Third, the hero of domineering shaping Chinese brands.

    The "cooperation instead of competition, to share the light to pass." "Create a good brand for good products, so the brand to improve product quality, brand products, so to speak," the decision. Over the years, been vigorously to create the three Bay Electric (NJSMW) brand has been recognized by consumers. Sanmen Bay brand awareness and reputation greatly increased, making the company more and more customers and sales outlets throughout the country, the products supporting exports to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Sanmen Bay rooted in China's three electrical appliances are being further deployed Bay 2011 brand strategy, striving for the world's leading enterprise terminals brand development goals, with excellent wisdom for the benefit of mankind. Expected in the next 5 years, three Bay Electric will follow the national "second Five Year Plan" the pace of implementing the scientific concept of development in depth, as a practical actions and adhere to the interests of customers around the world to share Chinese national enterprises.

    The future is always standing on top of those business full force of social change and has a clear resolution of the people.

    A business can not grasp of advanced technology to bear the future development of their core competence will always be low.

    Nanjing Electric Sanmen Bay in action, Nanjing Sanmen Bay Electric's footsteps will never stop in the existing stage, their eyes heavy volume to the forefront of the world!

    I hope to Sanmen Bay Electric "Connect Unlimited, unobstructed" concept, continue to explore and advance to the rigorous scientific attitude and their own efforts, to contribute to the world of connection technology!

    Hope in the new century, China, Sanmen Bay electrical terminals can rewrite the history of fate, rewritten terminal industries and enterprises in China brand will continue to establish a good reputation, and friends from various circles at home and abroad hand in hand! To see the future development of China's future times!

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