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Air-conditioning problems lie enterprises make up a conclusion has not been punished

    Recently, an "issued in 2009 to promote energy efficient air conditioning notice of the briefing" appears in the National Development and Reform Commission's official website. I see that this notice as early as November 25, 2010 by the National Development and Reform Commission will be the General Office of the General Office and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued until the New Year 2011 was officially announced. Indeed,booster cables it has to involve "problem companies" stay enough time to deal with punishment and operation of space.

    As early as January 2011, with air conditioning business people Bianxiang "China Enterprise News" reporters said, "Rabbit, Sanyo, Glanz" Benefiting the three companies to promote energy-saving eligibility has been suspended, mainly in the promotion of three companies there are a lot of false information during the operation is not standardized and so on.

    However, battery clip in the face Liang Buwei communications, "Glanz, Sanyo, rabbits and other enterprises on energy efficient air conditioning in the promotion of the three types of problems exist," newspaper dispatch before the deadline, three companies were not any positive response. Liang Wei, general manager of Wenzhou Rabbit Air conditioning with "no time"tow rope I repeatedly refused interview requests, Shenyang Sanyo Air Conditioning Planning Section related personnel by the "head out in the Peng-fei long-term business, unable to contact" on the grounds rejected a reporter's interview requests, Lu Ji Galanz Group spokesman did not respond strongly if the interview has been the problem.

    Energy-saving air-conditioning: fool make a conclusion.

    ratchet tie dowm Since 2010, has been heard from time to time the market will "promote the existence of energy-saving air-conditioning make cheating behavior, a large number of industry leaders caught cheating fill door" message. Even a media disclosed Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places to promote energy-saving air-conditioning checks case information, accusing many enterprises in the energy-saving air-conditioning sales air conditioning there is "a lot of false information to defraud state to provide financial subsidies" behavior, many air conditioning companies for a time much accusations.

    The same period, "Chinese enterprises" has an exclusive disclosure of a company called "Shanghai Electric Co., Ltd. Zhe in" business, in the never produced an air conditioner, not even the case of air-conditioning production line, but by means of false declarations , fast access to the 90 successful energy-saving air-conditioning to promote a variety of products eligible for subsidies. Because of excessive competition in the market finally take the initiative to withdraw from the air conditioner market.

    This time, Liang Buwei around the energy-saving air-conditioning in the promotion of the test results summary, the problems are more prominent on Glanz, Sanyo, three air companies on rabbit openly criticize the country. Also directly after market rumors, "there lie a number of air-conditioning leader up" regarding the positive response.

    In this regard, visiting professor at Zhejiang Wanli University Feng Hongjiang analysis pointed out, "Liang Buwei notice that promote the lie to make regarding energy-saving air-conditioning does exist, but the reasons behind the very complex, the key is to pursue business interests of the dealer under the maximum The maximum size of enterprises in order to get the final damage is the national interest. from the current situation, make a serious behavior lie mainly in a number of small and medium enterprises, on the contrary a lot of non-compliance costs are too high because of large enterprises, but will be more cautious and strict control. "

    Issue Enterprise: punishment were not disclosed.

    At present, promotion of energy-saving air-conditioning problem has already been recognized, but "China Enterprise News" reporter in the interview that did not put forward for Liang Buwei Glanz, Sanyo, rabbits and other enterprises on penalties. Does this mean that these three issues by the public criticism of companies, they can safe and continue to enjoy the state subsidy funds to promote projects that benefit? Meanwhile, the existing operations and other enterprises Galanz not standardized, does not meet the higher rate of promotion and so on, in the end how serious, which would cause undesirable social impact of financial loss or financial problems?

    With this issue, the reporter repeatedly to contact the Secretary for Environmental and Resources National Development and Reform Commission to understand the situation, relevant staff, said the announcement. However, journalists in the previous Ministry of Finance and National Development and Reform Commission jointly formulated the "energy efficient products and extension of financial subsidies for Interim Measures" to see, to promote enterprise exists "to provide false information to defraud the grant funds," and "did not seek use of the logo, or forgery, fraudulent use of identity, the use of identification to do false propaganda to mislead the consumer, "or" number of years to promote energy efficient products, the scale does not meet the requirements of the "other circumstances, Liang Buwei will depend on the circumstances to give notice of criticism , reduced subsidies and other penalties.

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