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Beijing Xicheng thorough investigation of the 14 rental safety rectification fires

    To further improve the ground floor rental area, Xicheng District Baizhifang fire safety work, to detect and eliminate fire hazards, prevention and containment of major fire accidents.
    February 21,booster cables the second detachment led by the West Side, neighborhood organizations Baizhifang Comprehensive Management Office, Safety Office, the territorial police station, urban management unit on the ground floor rental area to conduct joint fire safety inspection blitz.

    February 21, Xicheng district offices Baizhifang competent security Gu Fengtong personally led the Working Committee on Migrant Workers Baizhifang living area density of meritorious deeds, North and South Jiangong underground and underground hotels for rental housing " carpet-style "fire safety inspection.battery clip Focus on the fire ground rental licensing procedures are complete, whether the implementation of fire safety responsibility system and the system is sound, the existence of the private drawing random access electrical lines, using upper and lower beds, illegal use of high-power electrical equipment and the use of fire for cooking issues, security, evacuation routes and safe exit settings to maintain compliance with fire codes and smooth, fire-fighting equipment configuration is complete,tow rope easy to use fire and other facilities are kept intact a comprehensive fire safety inspections at some random spot checks whether the lessee proper use of fire extinguishers, escape to master the correct method, the correct call "119" emergency telephone and other basic fire safety knowledge.

    Through this inspection, the Joint Inspection Unit were found in 17 cases of various types of fire hazards,ratchet tie dowm make corrections by the 14, issued a "correction notice shall be ordered to" 3, the proposed shut down a play.

    After the inspection, Gu Fengtong deputy secretary of the rental charge in the ground and the two communities and the public security officer, secretary of the forum, stressed that: With the return to Beijing of migrant workers, underground rented a corresponding increase in fire danger, hope Joint inspection of the underground rental issues identified fire brigade must be hard to rectify the requirements of the unit refuse to rectification, are eliminated; streets to launch in time units, communities and migrant workers do a good job of property fire safety publicity and education and training, so that a grasp of basic fire safety knowledge; fire brigade to the organization of continuous functions on the ground floor area rented the joint fire safety inspections, strengthen law enforcement and high-pressure situation, to detect and eliminate fire risks for the development of regional stability Baizhifang escort.

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