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Global Biotechnology equipment will reach 5.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2015

    Introduction: global industry analyst firm (GlobalIndustryAnalystsInc., GIA) recently released a comprehensive global biotechnology instrumentation market report. Report, the global biotechnology instrumentation market in 2015 is expected to reach 5.8 billion.

    At present,booster cables new treatments for humans and the growing demand for new drugs, which makes the world in the field of drug discovery research activities are very active, and pushed the global biotechnology equipment market to grow rapidly; other factors driving the market, including DNA sequencing, proteomics, combinatorial chemistry and other new technologies continue to break, as well as food, environment, life science, materials and chemicals industry equipment such as significant increase in demand.

    In addition, bio-technology equipment from the healthy development of the industry in the pharmaceutical industry,battery clip forensic departments, environmental monitoring department of agriculture and livestock expansion in the field of biological research.tow rope In recent years, proteomics, genomics, functional genomics and the development of combinatorial chemistry in the production of drugs more quickly and the economy, also contributed to the rapid development of biological instrumentation. Now the application of bio-instruments become more and more simple and convenient, such as PCR primers, automated analysis equipment, automated synthesis equipment, and other ready-made tools to complete the forensic department of the conventional biological and food testing laboratories.

    Institutions of higher learning,ratchet tie dowm especially in medical school, is currently the largest biotech equipment end-user group. Enhance product features, such as more automation, better reproducibility, etc., can greatly promote the purchase of equipment needs of pharmaceutical companies. In the field of drug discovery, such as genomics, proteomics, gene chips, combinatorial chemistry, high throughput screening led to new industries such as life sciences, biological equipment needs. Biotechnology and medical research needs of the rapid development of complex analysis and purification methods, which makes high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and other analytical techniques applied in these areas have seen an unprecedented increase significantly.

    Meanwhile, the report also pointed out that the United States is the world's largest biotechnology instrumentation market demand; European markets followed. However, as China and India's economic expansion drive, Asia-Pacific biotechnology instrumentation market, the fastest growth in demand. In addition, biotechnology, specialty chemicals, electronic products, pharmaceutical and other industries gradually shift to the high-tech, high performance liquid chromatography equipment and supplies have become the largest segment of the market demand for products. In addition, researchers are now increasingly understood the instrument and system of rapid and, consequently, mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography procedures for the automation of (simplified the operation of chromatographic processes), will be the next few years where the market demand . Electrophoresis equipment and supplies has become the fastest growing segments of the market products; DNA sequencing products ranked second, its demand is expected to grow by 3.5%.

    Areas mentioned in the report of the major companies, including U.S. company Affymetrix, Agilent Technologies, Beckman Coulter, USA Bio-Rad company, Diane, General Electric Healthcare, LifeTechnologies company, Shimadzu, Thermo Fisher Fisher Scientific, Waters Corporation.

    Biotechnology products on the part of the instrument, the report analyzed the DNA synthesis, protein, peptide synthesis, DNA sequencing, protein, peptide sequencing, HPLC equipment and replacement equipment, and electrophoresis equipment and replacement equipment. The report also reviews the latest industry trends, technology, new achievements, and major market participants in the market for different product introduction.

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