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Ushered in the four core factors driving the golden age of automation

   Industrial control equipment industry in China has been restricting the bottleneck as well as product upgrades, only the sophisticated industrial control possible to achieve high-end equipment. The sophisticated, high-end, control,booster cables power electronics has always been China's weakness. IPC is the "power equipment" to "power equipment", "manufacturing center" to "design center" the only way.

   "Social progress is inseparable from the development of automation technology. Without automation, battery clip five' plan is not successfully implemented." Phoenix Electric Company, Dr. Du Pinsheng that the golden age of automation has come.

   In the "second Five-Year" period, China will continue to energy saving and emission reduction as the core, focused on solving the energy efficiency, development of renewable energy, improve environmental quality; tow rope in strategic emerging industries, energy saving capture the lead, focusing on the development of efficient energy-saving technologies and equipment and products and achieve breakthroughs in key technology focus areas, promote the improvement of the overall level of energy efficiency. These all require strong support automation technology!

   With the continuous development of industrial production, production and demand for industrial control has moved from simple stand-alone automation, system automation, factory automation into all enterprise information. With GDP per capita 4,000 U.S.ratchet tie dowm dollars into the mark, into the crossroads of development, industrial upgrading as a key task of this period, but also the inevitable choice. To the industrial development of the industry that offers great opportunities.

   CRE securities research shows that the development of equipment, industrial upgrading, artificial substitution, import substitution, industrial control constitute the core driving force industry and investment logic.

   First, the development of high-end equipment, industrial control is its prerequisite. 2010, China first proposed the concept of high-end equipment manufacturing. The industrial equipment manufacturing industry is the foundation, there is no automatic control and precision production, so what end?

   Industrial equipment manufacturing support forces on a continuous production process embodied in the refining, chemical, steel, power generation, biochemical, building materials, paper, pharmaceutical, energy management and environmental protection fields. Also involved in discrete production of machine tools, textile machinery, elevators, rubber machinery, lifting machinery, engineering machinery, electronic equipment manufacturing, wind power equipment manufacturing sector.

   In China, most of the field of high-end equipment, the field yet to master the key technologies, foreign dependence remains high. Therefore, the "second Five-Year" plan in the development of new industries has been very clear, and strengthen capacity of infrastructure facilities, and actively develop digital, flexible, and system integration technology as the core of the intelligent manufacturing equipment. This is the first.

   Second, the industrial upgrading: the need to support the industrial sector. Mainly for industrial upgrading, economic restructuring, the industry focus on upgrading of product structure, product quality upgrades, which are inseparable from the development of industrial automation. CRE securities that the equipment manufacturing industry to promote industrial upgrading systems development, technology upgrades and energy-saving trend for industrial production.

   Industrial products will be strong support for the upgrading of play equipment manufacturing, improve equipment performance and achieve high-end. At the same time in the integration of industrial chain, corporate restructuring, process transformation and energy saving, etc. The value of the enterprise and industry management.

   Third, labor costs rise, make the "machine" instead of "artificial." National industrialization, urbanization is the inevitable product of labor costs is an inevitable trend to mechanization and automation to reduce the cost of labor per unit of product, labor costs make up the impact of China after upgrading. Either from the current spread of the "labor shortage", or from related research, the advantages of cheap labor in China is quietly away from us.

   Japanese trade data released by the White Paper, Asian countries and regions, the average labor cost percentage in the product is 4%, while China's was 3.5%, advantage is no longer evident. . Research analyst at Nomura Securities in Tokyo WenjieGe said: "China's level of factory automation to enhance the rate higher than 80 years in Japan. Rising labor costs will not only help China to move toward automation, but also will enhance the employee's personal income, which in turn will Mechanical industry needs boost. "

   Fourth, import substitution, accelerate the development of China's industrial sector. CRE Securities pointed out that industrial import substitution is close to breaking point. Long-term industrial area occupied by foreign and domestic consolidated share of 20% (excellent flash point of import substitution).

   Today, the "localization" often appears in the party and state leadership in oral, it is often related industries in the government plan. Some industries are going through the process of import substitution.

   Currently domestic brands in technology, brand, product range and other aspects of foreign brands are still gaps, which is the market share of domestic suppliers, the main reason is not high. However, domestic brands in terms of cost, price, distribution channels, market segments, development and personalized service and so still has some advantages. Factors to consider import substitution, growth of domestic industry, some products up to 30% or more.

   In summary, the development needs of the world economy automation technology. In 2010, fully automated driving the global economy revival. In 2011, automation will be to explore new areas and new pioneers of the market!

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