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Jiangsu Heng force the company to lead the new trend of Modular Machine Tool

    Machine tool manufacturing with 50 years history of Jiangsu Heng Power Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (Yancheng Machine Tool Plant red) in the middle autumn, led by chairman of the board, in accordance with the "create fine machine, into a hundred aircraft carrier" of the enterprise development strategies, positive transformation and upgrading,booster cables training hard internal strength, to speed up innovation, a development company out of the main line, with innovative new ways for the soul to lead new trend of modular machine tool.
    April 2010, at the sixth China CNC Machine Tool Show, constant force the company double horizontal boring and milling machine on display, nuclear flashlight section bore heavy CNC boring and milling machine,battery clip to become a big highlight of the show attracted a large number of pre- to visit an important client.

    Heavy hole section of nuclear torch CNC boring and milling machine, is designed to solve nuclear power equipment manufacturing enterprise design of large-scale non-standard machine tools,tow rope it applies to nuclear power section with a tube, head tube section of parts within the circle cutting. Beam length of 13 meters of the machine, pillow slip movement in the beam travel 8 meters. The machine tool show in CCMT2010, Tokyo Electric Power, East gas, Deyang, double, Siemens Shanghai Companyratchet tie dowm Shanghai Electric and other customers have to negotiate. Exhibitors horizontal boring and milling machine for double-sided construction machinery, gear, mining machinery, coal, machine, etc., can be completed by a clamping structure and large box-type, boom, frame and other structural parts of Milling, Boring hole, drilling, tapping and other machining processes more effectively reduce the labor intensity and improve efficiency. Special performance of the machine, attracted Sany, Linyi construction machinery manufacturers have ordered.

    In recent years, a combination of constant force the market, customer needs, has been committed to the design and manufacture of special machine tools, mainly developed for different industry-specific production equipment. Constant Force's Special Machine cover engineering machinery, automobile engines, automotive components, wind power manufacturing and railway sectors. BMC has developed a CNC gantry milling machine, TK6216 floor boring machine, particularly suitable for wind power, hydropower, nuclear power and other industries large part machining CNC machine tools, has been China Machine Tool Industry Association specialist. Honorary chairman of the Special Adviser on into Ting said the hope that constant force continue to follow the special path of development different machine, the machine further efforts on the quality and grade, key parts for car engines to provide high-quality flexible production line.

    Constant to grab market opportunities, mainly due to corporate restructuring early grasp reality, grasped initiative.

    The first company to actively adapt to modern economic decision-making intelligent, low-carbon technology, service trend, with a strong sense of responsibility and urgency to speed up the establishment of high-end manufacturing industries to support the innovative system to make constant force level of development in the new round of economic restructuring, there is a big upgrade for the "five-second" and even greater development in the future to win the initiative, gain the initiative.

    Second, independent innovation and building upgrade platform. Existing platform level enterprise technology center, in the first half to declare a provincial enterprise technology center to create, organize forces to create the second half of the provincial engineering technology research center. To attract domestic and foreign high-level talents for our use, in the first half to create a provincial post-doctoral research station in Jiangsu province, in the introduction based on the master, but also the introduction of Tianjin University, Dr. pit, and will attract more doctoral stop, Jiangsu Heng force to promote the establishment of the largest companies in Jiangsu combination of machine tool production base, while carrying out open services for the province, the country's combination of machine tool industries providing technical support, and promote products to our portfolio of flexible machine tools, high speed, intelligent direction .

    Third, greater vitality, and tuning the investment structure. 2010, the company to increase the technological efforts, and take the path of intensional expand production, new projects total 80 million yuan, of which 20 million yuan investment in new energy projects, CNC investment 50 million yuan, 10 million yuan investment in upgrading old products . New provincial-level R & D center building, the introduction of Japan's five-sided machining technology, purchase moving column gantry CNC Floor Boring and Milling Machine, etc. equipment renovation in anticipation of the arrival of a new round of economic upsurge and lay a solid foundation.

    Fourth, stronger combination of machine tool industries, and expansion. An external lead to Synnex, forming a "joint fleet." Constant group will cooperate with the listed companies produce high-performance Qinchuan CNC machining centers, using constant force in the market, technology and resources Qinchuan powerful combination to form the size of annual sales of 300 million yuan. To welcome the arrival of low-carbon economy, joint development and production of clean energy, wind power special machine parts, for supporting efforts of local wind power industry. Second, inline bigger, to promote industrial clusters, rapid rise. Constant for the center with a combination of machine tool companies and hundreds of home support services company, through the integration of high-quality resources to achieve Baotuan development, regional competitiveness, the Jiangsu Da caused widespread special combined machine tool production base.

    Fifth, hard skills, to create digital factory. Jiangsu Heng force by the province, the Department of CAD applications as model base. In recent years, enterprises through the full implementation of the ERP, optimization of logistics, capital flow, information flow, not only improves the business market adaptability, they make design, technology, production, procurement, human resources Bumen form close systems, greatly improving production and management of scientific and ordering. @ Task will be implemented in the second half of the reporting tools, a more reasonable schedule tasks, coordinate resources, tracking progress on the unfinished task, update or report on workload, guarantee the smooth progress of the project, through information technology, to shorten product development cycles 80% manufacturing cost reduction over 20% of major products 100% NC.

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