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Spread the concept of smart grid series of high power unit

     Five with Yang, yesterday received the green the market weakness, stocks subject to the policy has continued to help strengthen, James "smart grid" concept stocks more innovative high.

    Industry sources said that in the context of structural adjustment, power industries as a basis for the reorganization of assets throughout the year to become the subject of the concept of investment opportunities,booster cables star power yesterday, Experian electrical and other high points on the probe after another, yesterday's intraday record Wenshan Electric Power a new high, too, with five out of the sun.
    Smart grid officially entered the construction period.

    Today is so smart grid is booming, thanks to policy planning is giving real.

    battery clip In accordance with the State Grid Corporation of the previously set display three-step strategy: from 2009 to 2010 for planning the pilot phase; 2011-2015 for the overall construction phase; the 2016-2020 period to lead the upgrade, tow rope full completion of the unified a strong intelligence network, technology and equipment fully reach the international advanced level.

    Express reporter observed that the pilot phase of the planning over the past two years, listed companies have benefited significantly from NARI and other State Power, after the recovery from the right trend, the April 2008 its share price is only 15.38 yuan,ratchet tie dowm but on December 1 last year has been the summit 164.37 yuan.

    Now entered the construction phase, many organizations that benefited significantly from TBEA listed companies, high level of electrical, Tianwei change, State Power NARI, Siyuan Electric, etc., but this separation of major power grid or to make substantial progress, while , five power generation groups have also accelerated the pace of transition towards integrated energy group, so these companies should be concerned about the power grid, such as Wenshan Electric Power and star power and so on.

    Electricity investment will reach 750 billion.

    In the current round of smart grid as a new investment hot spot in the background, the regions have to follow up projects. It is understood, Harbin is vigorously building smart grid, Liaoning Provincial Power Company is also accelerating the pace of building a strong intelligence network, while the Shanxi power grid more clearly "the second Five-Year" will invest 66.7 billion during the construction of smart grid.

    Industry sources, the implementation of smart grid has become the energy development strategy, the global industrial restructuring to grasp the opportunity to seize the commanding heights of the new round of development of important industries. 2011, the smart grid will officially enter the construction phase. CEC released the "2010-2011 National Electricity supply and demand situation analysis and economic forecasts," said the construction of the country's electricity in 2011 amounted to 750 billion yuan investment in the completion, of which power supply, power grid construction projects were completed and 4,000 billion yuan 350 billion yuan.

    Leading stocks emerged.

    Deputy Director of China Merchants Securities, said Peng Quangang, there a quick rebound in the broader market after the holiday, while the power unit perpetuate the "slow up slow down" trend, underperforming the market by 2.6%. However, the market will continue, the next oscillation pattern, the power sector will also be a good defensive show.

    Disk show Wenshan Electric Power and star power in the continued strength of the high platform after a breakthrough. Right after the recovery trend from the point of view, the former in late February from a breakthrough last year in October to build the platform, as of yesterday has been rising continuously sixth day, or over 20%; which is also the end of February break since last November to build a large platform, Shares rose step by step, intraday record 16.98 yuan yesterday, has been low of 11.55 yuan higher than in January rose almost half.

    Last year's Ushimata Baili Electric, in 2319 points to 3186 points the stock market, the trend from the right after the re-run, pulled directly from 20 yuan to nearly 48. Now their successors to be 800 million yuan investment, after the smart grid, also coded 50 million yuan, a big trend has also attracted private equity and brokerage set of financial products of all ages, last year, quarterly show, with three fund companies, agencies involved in have been deeper.

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