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Analysis of 2011 development trend of power generation equipment industry

   REVIEW: through 2010, many businesses have in the recovery after the financial crisis to produce a satisfactory report card, power generation equipment manufacturing industry has gone through a sustained and steady development of the year.

    If the financial crisis than the previous period, the recovery is the 2010 theme of power generation equipment industry. booster cables So, how in 2011 the development of the industry will face a situation?
   "In recent years, power generation equipment industry in terms of product yield or technological innovation, battery clip have made great progress. Next, power equipment manufacturers also need to identify their own position, speed up industrial restructuring, based on high-end, not simply the pursuit of a few kilowatts, but also to the pursuit of profit levels of the number of units of kilowatts.tow rope "energy conservation, the National Energy Board and the Technology and Equipment Department Director Wang Shujiang that equipment.

   Exports increased significantly.

   "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's equipment manufacturing industry shows strong momentum of development. ratchet tie dowm 2006 to 2010, average annual growth of industrial value added equipment, more than 25%, including power generation equipment output ranked first in the world.

   "At the end of 2010, China's installed power generation capacity reached 979 million kilowatts, is expected by 2015, the country's total installed capacity will reach 1.436 billion kilowatts, 'second five' average annual growth of 8% during the period." State Grid Corporation of Deputy Director of Smart Grid Shen Jiang said earlier that the "second Five-Year" period, the national power generation capacity will be changes in the structure, the proportion of coal fell from 70% to 64%, wind power, hydropower and nuclear power and other clean energy ratio will be very large increase.

   According to China Machinery Industry Federation, Center for power generation equipment to data released in 2010, total output of power generation equipment industry equipment, the basic flat with 2009 to reach 117 million kilowatts. One thermal power completed 82.35 million kilowatts, accounting for 70%, compared with 2009 decreased by 2%; hydropower completed 18.17 million kilowatts, accounting for 16%, compared with 2009 decreased 14%; wind power complete the 14.3 million kilowatts, accounting for production of 12%, an increase of 33%; nuclear power to achieve greater development, completion of 200 million kilowatts, an increase of 21.2%.

   Meanwhile, in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, exports of power generation equipment industry one of the highlights in the development process.

   In 2007, China's export of power generation equipment units 4.99 million kilowatts (by generating dollars, the same below); 2008 units exported 14.52 million kilowatts, up 291%; 2009 units exported 16.48 million kilowatts, an increase of 13%. Export delivery value increased year by year, power generation equipment in 2007 870 million U.S. dollars export value, export delivery value of 2008, $ 1,830,000,000, an increase of 95.2%; 2009, the export delivery value of $ 2,120,000,000, an increase of 16.4%.

   Data show that, as of the third quarter of 2010, China's export of power generation equipment accounts for about 15% of annual production. Earlier at the "power generation equipment for 2011 will be", the reporter was informed that in 2011 exports of power generating equipment is expected to be high. Export of hydropower generating units in 2011, a total of 88 thermal power units, 22.22 million kilowatts (by generating dollars), accounting for 17% of power generation equipment, including 29 hydroelectric generating units, 127 million kilowatts; thermal power units 50, 20.95 million kilowatts. At the same time, the export unit of the unit capacity and technology has improved continuously, from the stand-alone 20 million kilowatts, 30 thousands of Waya critical export-oriented units, export of 60 million kilowatts to the development of supercritical units, delivery method from the stand-alone equipment to complete the export export changes. Exporting countries have also diversified development of the Southeast Asian market gradually from the traditional to Africa, the Middle East, South America, Europe extension.

   Market situation is still grim.

   Although China's power generation equipment market during the financial crisis in 2008 has been warmer, power generation equipment market conditions in 2010 have been quietly changing.

   "In 2010, power generation equipment market, hydropower and solar PV market to pick up the more obvious signs, but the domestic market remained weak thermal power equipment, nuclear power market is basically still in the adjustment of status, of the wind power market is still developing, but competition is growing heated, power marketing service industries also face greater difficulties. "Dongfang Electric [35.44 2.37%] Group, a responsible person in the interview summed up the power generation equipment market in 2010.

   In recent years, slowing down the pace of construction of power station, power adjustment of investment structure and the pace continues to accelerate. Although thermal power still dominate the energy supply of the main position, but its energy mix proportion declining, China's energy production increased clean, new energy, the ratio of domestic new thermal power projects show a downward trend, the conventional thermal power market situation is grim .

   "Now obviously feel the reduction of domestic thermal power tender, which will affect the industry or the development of the next two years, and a marked decline in new contract price, urgent need to strengthen coordination of the industry to ease the downward price trend." Shanghai Electric [8.95 0.90%] Power Station Group sales Lu Jian, vice minister, told reporters the root.

   Meanwhile, the domestic economic environment, changing, contracts awaiting approval approval and other reasons, business execution of the contract in hand, increased uncertainty, fluctuating raw material prices, changes in exchange rates are difficult to predict, and increased risk of overseas projects, these factors also led to business business risks.

   Power generation equipment companies are now actively taking measures to mitigate these negative factors, including Shanghai Electric Power Group in the implementation of risk reduction used by the contract "risk control assessment model", so that planning schedule and user requirements more reasonable, by the industry experts unanimously affirmed.

   In addition, conventional thermal power to ease the impact of market downturn, the current of "three major power" group-based equipment manufacturing companies are to wind power, nuclear power and other clean energy equipment manufacturing, promoting industrial restructuring as an important direction.

   Learned that the "second Five-Year" period, focus on hydropower development of the Jinsha River, the Dadu River and other hydropower base; nuclear power will be rapid development in coastal areas; wind power, the next ten years will build seven million kilowatts of power base, which is equivalent 7 Three established, mainly in Xinjiang, Gansu, Inner Mongolia and Jiangsu.

   However, the face of rapid warming and clean energy equipment market, the domestic power equipment manufacturing companies are the number of looks bloated. "As long cycle nuclear power plant construction, equipment supply capacity subject to certain restrictions in the short term is difficult to rapidly increase the proportion of nuclear power. Now many of the main drag is a nuclear power plant equipment can not do this." National Energy Board Electricity Hao Weiping, deputy director of the "2011 power generation equipment ready to be "said.

   In an interview, for the equipment tardiness problem, equipment manufacturers have expressed their difficulties. "Technology diversification for increased technological and manufacturing difficulties." Harbin Electric Group, according to a person in charge of the department, just from the third generation of nuclear power, since the three generations of technology AP1000, EPR with high technical content, difficult enterprise meet the requirements of foreign technology, it is also required to meet the requirements of domestic laws and regulations, resulting in technology transfer is difficult, long life cycle.

   In addition, AP1000 upgrade too many large enterprises duplication of work, purchase of raw materials and other factors is difficult, resulting in equipment delivery company can not meet customer needs.

   "At present, China's nuclear power wide range of products related to the standards ASME, HAF, TSG, RCC-M, ISO9001 and other standards. Sometimes a nuclear power project requires several criteria simultaneously, technical standards too high level, now how to build better and implementation of the standard system equipment business has given us a headache. "in the" power generation equipment for 2011 will be "period, many equipment manufacturers called for: as soon as possible to establish China's own nuclear power standard system, and in the" five-second "stage, forgings, supporting materials, the localization of welding consumables to give more attention and support.

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