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2011, China's wire and cable industry overcapacity farewell

    2011 is made of wire and cable industry restorative important year of rapid development, sales, profits, import and export growth of major economic indicators are better than expected early next year, is expected to achieve growth of about 23%, only Anhui Sheng Cable Group January-February sales of 5 billion cable, able to achieve such a result, there are three main reasons:

    First, booster cables the national macro-economic recovery, policy continuity, stability, development of wire and cable industry, a favorable macroeconomic environment;

    Second, is the power to promote development of the rapid development of wire and cable industry, in recent years, the speed of China's electric power construction, great strides surprise the world;

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    Third, tow rope is the world's economic recovery, external demand to flourish, but also further boost the export of electric and electrical products, the recovery of growth.

    China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, recently provided a report in 2010, wire and cable industry in the low-end products, highlighting the problem of excess capacity, particularly around the cross-linked cable production capacity despite the already serious excess of the actual situation, the introduction of legislation is still a large number of tower production lines, resulting in duplication,ratchet tie dowm waste of money and idle capacity and other issues. At the same time, the Chinese appliance industries, including high voltage cable, special purpose cables are high-end products, including production capacity, resulting in most of the products or raw materials imported, on entering the 2011 wire and cable industry in restorative bid farewell to the rapid development of excess capacity, it is clear farewell is structural overcapacity, in accordance with national planning, from now until the "Twelfth Five", China will add 70 million per year ~ 80 million kilowatts installed capacity of power generation demand, power is an important barometer of economic development, the overall economic situation is better for the wire and cable development of a stable environment. Statistics show that two months of 2011, the Chinese wire and cable resumed strong growth, an increase of 23% or more, the monthly sales rate has remained above 96% good sales results.

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