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Jiaxing campus fires investigations fire regulation rule 10 patients 65

    To deepen the "big investigation, big improvement" work to strengthen schools, kindergarten fire safety management, to create a good environment for the campus fire safety, March 9, Jiaxing Economic Development Zone, booster cables the organization of specialized police fire brigade, more than 10 of the area primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, fire hazards were a major investigation focused on a large renovation.

    From the Feb.battery clip 28 opening of each school after another, the development zone to carry out special operations brigade up, remediation to eliminate schools, kindergartens, fire hazards 65.

   tow rope Battalion profound lessons occurred nationwide in 2010 primary schools and kindergartens on the basis of lessons learned all kinds of accidents, combined with practical, conduct a new semester on campus fire hazard remediation big big special investigation and action, in strict accordance with fire laws and regulations, ratchet tie dowm on the school classroom building, laboratory building, library building, apartment buildings and student restaurant to conduct a comprehensive investigation. In a large investigation in large campaigns, the group law enforcement officers in schools, the kindergarten principal responsibility the implementation of fire safety, fire safety organizations to establish and improve the situation, the students fire safety education situations daily, fire-fighting equipment configuration in good condition, electric line laying installation and emergency evacuation drills to develop a detailed examination of the situation, etc., and the campus Internet cafes and other places around the supervision and spot checks.

    Found in the inspection of fire hazards, the group of law enforcement officers on the fire safety management of the school made it clear that the harm caused by fire hazards, and guidance to schools to take effective measures to eliminate hazards at the same time, require managers to seriously implement the fire safety system and responsibility, driving each to staff and students to participate in fire safety work to effectively improve student awareness of fire safety, fire safety and create a favorable environment. It is reported that the special investigation work is still in full swing.

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