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Fan manufacturing industry in China is entering a new stage

    Running race, the first lap out in front of the players, not necessarily win the championship, or even not able to run the entire distance.

    If the global wind turbine manufacturing industry as a running race, China's Sinovel, Goldwind, Dongfang Electric and other companies already ran into the first camp, the number of established foreign enterprises, booster cable such as Siemens, India's Suzlon and other behind them. From 2009, new wind power installed capacity point of view, the three Chinese companies were ranked third in the world has, fifth, seventh.

    Capital markets to further enlarge the momentum of the leading enterprises in China, ahead of schedule their championship goals. January 7, forthcoming in A shares listed on the stock Sinovel to determine the issue prglue gun ice of 90 yuan / share, this calculation, the total market value of its listing more than 90 billion yuan, more than gold and Danish Vestas Wind Technology, became the world's largest wind turbine manufacturer market. The Sinovel founded from 2006 to the present, less than five years.

    However, battery clip these indicators seem beautiful, mainly reflecting the pace of development and to quantify the size of the market during a period, largely external, not solid. A business can go further, depending on product quality, service levels, technical strength, internal factors such as innovation, quality and efficient after all is the ability to meet customer glue gun If you examine the "quality" indicators, turbine manufacturers in China are still in a backward state.

    Since last year, domestic fans frequent quality problems, including the collapse of whole leaves, broken spindles, motor ignition, gear boxes and other damage to the domestic top-ranking manufacturers have more or less fan some quality problems, though not a vicious the quality of the accident, but mainly due to alleged design and manufacturing is not part of fans, but fans of core technology companies less than the existing management in place, the competition for market price war and so hard to say that the quality does not affect the fans.

    Since 2005, China's wind power industry into explosive growth phase, doubling of wind power installed capacity for four consecutive years. Support the market demand and government policies support, mainly to buy technology from abroad started to rely on local turbine manufacturers to obtain extraordinary development, market size quickly than foreign rivals. At the same time, Chinese fans of technology companies has not been an effective short board meeting long. Many companies eager to seize the initiative and launch products, expand in order to expand the scale of price competition, not enough time and money to fully digest and absorb, it is difficult to further innovation.

    Despite some domestic enterprises in the follow-up research and development and innovation, but a large number of core technology still lies in the hands of foreign enterprises. This is similar to some of China's household electrical appliance enterprises.

    And home life, household electrical appliances used in different wind turbine design life-expectancy of 20-25 years, the operating environment is often harsh conditions of the wilderness. Once a quality problem, regardless of the wind farm developers, turbine manufacturers or network operators, will suffer. If offshore wind power, the loss will be greater.

    Foreign turbine manufacturers had a large area due to the outbreak of the quality issue, and ultimately go bankrupt. At present, most of the fans and put into operation for only two or three years, just had the warranty period, a number of quality problems that may exist has not been fully exposed. Not because there has been a serious accident is not to be taken lightly.

    In the early stages of development of the industry, companies are keen on the speed and scale are often better than the pursuit of technology and quality, but the development of the industry from the rapid growth to stable or even decline, the technology and the importance of quality truly revealed. Cover high-speed enterprise development issues, most of the decline in growth after the fatal injuries on their formation, but now companies are often no longer the power of healing.

    This year, subject to high-quality wind resources "enclosure" exhausted and grid bottlenecks, the Chinese wind power industry will bid farewell to more than 100% growth for four consecutive years of "barbaric growth" stage, enter the average annual increase of 30% stable period of development, excess capacity, industry reshuffle will be the general trend. However, lack of internal strength that the scale of the enterprise front, the face of fierce competition and more discerning customers, living space will become smaller and smaller.

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