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Eaton Agent Conference 2011 opened a new journey in China

     Eaton Agent Conference 2011 held in Taipei, opened a new campaign year, a prelude to the Chinese market
     From 1911 the workshop a production of seven axles, developed into a 2011 annual sales of 13.7 billion U.S. dollars in global diversified power management company Eaton across the centuries, this is both a remarkable milestone,booster cables but also a new journey of the next start.

    In the Chinese market, this established business in 1993 to enter and set up first joint venture in Shandong Jining began,battery clip through mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and wholly owned subsidiaries in the form of rapid development, and in recent years trying to become the leader in China's UPS market.

    To achieve this goal were not as difficult, there is relevant data, Eaton in the UPS market share has reached 23.6%,tow rope ranked first in the Chinese market. Eaton in 2010 revenue in China reached 10 billion U.S. dollars, nearly 10% of its global revenue, become one of the fastest growing markets.

    Of course, this achievement is inextricably linked with hundreds of agents, more than Eaton Bacheng UPS products are sold through the channel, agents in Eaton go forward and play an important irreplaceable role.

    Beginning of the year 2011, Eaton will select its 2011 Dealer Conference in Taipei, from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and Vietnam, ratchet tie dowm Japan, 200 Eaton agent as the protagonist of the General Assembly, Eaton for excellent agents to give the reward, hoping to give back to those fighting alongside the channel.

   "Greater China is the world's fastest growing Eaton market in the past few years, showing a strong growth momentum, we hope that in the new year, this rapid growth to continue and be strengthened." Iranian Dayton Electric Group Company Ruan Wei Xin, president Asia Pacific (Revathi Advaithi) in the channel of the General Assembly, said in his speech.

   Eaton Power Quality business group president, North Asia, said Cai Jiaming, the Chinese market has great potential, there is ample room for expansion, which means that Eaton co-operate with the majority of the channels will be more close and frequent, the future will continue to Eaton strengthen partnerships with dealers to promote the business to Eaton in 2011 to a new level.


   Recalling 2010, to achieve superior results, from Eaton in recent years, the strategic layout of the nineties of last century, the Eaton's electrical business through acquisitions to expand significantly speed up the pace, has acquired Westinghouse in 1994, 2004 acquisition of Powerware, MGE Office Protection 2007 acquisition of the system, with the 2008 acquisition of Taiwan Phoenixtec groups, with the first-line in the Chinese UPS market, the brand Hills, Eaton's global product and sales area layout basically completed, which for the rapid growth of the Chinese market in the future to lay a solid foundation.

   UPS market has experienced a fast integration process, UPS market is large machines and small machines from different areas of the competition stage, begin the transition to UPS manufacturers entire product line, comprehensive ability of the Competition, Eaton is also a response to the market structure of this kinds of adjustments.

   After several mergers and acquisitions, the Eaton realized the power from small power to the UPS section of the full range of products covered. In 2010, after two years of integration, Eaton in the Chinese market for its channel sales system for planning and re-combed, the product line in accordance with the power to carry out the re-division of power by product sales team will be divided into three Part: IT channel responsible ≤ 20KVA products, will be the main face of SMB; SI is responsible for 20KVA ~ 100KVA products; LSG (Large Systems Group) is responsible for ≥ 100KVA products. Eaton products and channels sales teams the power structure will be divided into three parts, but also to the original Eaton and the Hills were divided channels. At the same time, IT channels and regional division in accordance with SI teams, divided into seven major areas, LSG in accordance with industry sectors.

   By this adjustment and design Eaton to meet the different needs of customers, making a different product lines are targeted sales strategy and support, and promote the rational allocation of corporate resources to enhance the sales, which is at 2010 Eaton steady growth of the main reasons.


   "In 2011, we will be great for the sales system for the adjustment, the main idea is to change, will change the regional sales management, into industry sales model." Power quality business, said Cai Jiaming, president of North Asia.

   Cai Jiaming said that with the rising volume of business Eaton, less than the original sales model is highlighted, so a more efficient sales organization and business architecture, to become one of the important tasks in 2011.

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