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The new Fluke thermal imager launched its i3

    Fluke (FLIR) company launched its new "magic price" i3 Infrared - Infrared completely subvert the minds of consumers deeply rooted in the concept of high prices.

    FLIR always leading the technical innovation-i3 product to pass down this tradition. With the growing popularity of its technology, gradually moving to the mass commercial market will bear the psychological level, FLIR infrared camera series in recent years has dropped to the lowest price.

    Following the FLIR i5 and i7 best-selling model after the launch of two products FLIRi3, is among the most affordable, booster cables cost-effective and full-featured infrared camera can be used in building popularity and electrical inspection.

    FLIRi3 through new design, designed to allow new users through the simple menu navigation interface can be operated thermal imager to JPEG format (FLIR proprietary) will be commonly used in image storage to SD card,battery clip making internal colleagues to share the test results a breeze .

    "tow rope Our pursuit is to make infrared camera everywhere," FLIR Asia-Pacific vice president of sales and marketing LarsLidman said, "is an industrial fire, electrical failure is often the fuse. With i3 thermal imager to launch super-affordable prices market, we can not wait to look forward to sharing with all electrical maintenance personnel of this good news. Obviously, for them, and immediately have this tool to help reduce the number of preventable industrial fire. "

    FLIR said, ratchet tie dowm i3 contains advanced and has a "business function" of the infrared technology, and its price positioning is designed to meet the cost of the general budget of the end user, such as electrical technicians, maintenance personnel, HVAC and many other industry personnel.

    FLIR company also said that in electrical applications, i3 is a non-contact infrared camera, one hundred percent safety of protection engineers to perform testing in the mission to avoid the potential arc flash injury.

    FLIRi3 main technical specifications.

    ★ weighing only 340g

    ★ Up to 5 hours of battery operating time.

    ★ temperature range -20 ℃ ~ +250 ℃

    ★ infrared image resolution 60x60 pixels.

    ★ 12.5 ° field of view (FOV)

    ★ heat sensitivity (thermal sensitivity of <0.15 ℃)

    ★ 2.8 inch high-resolution color LCD display.

    ★ ergonomic design.

    ★ accuracy of ± 2 ℃

    ★ Mini SD card, save more than 5000 images.

    FLIRi3 can produce instantaneous "aim - shoot" JPEG infrared imaging. Thermal image of each piece of LFIRi3 equivalent amount of information contained in a single point of reading the results of Wenyi 3600 times, and can be internal or external storage, transmission and analysis. JPEG image format is FLIR's exclusive patent, help the operator to download and view images, and share images with colleagues or clients. The JPEG format up to 5000 images can be saved to the internal radiation All Mini SD card. Computer software can be built QuickReportTM analysis of these images.

    FLIRi3 maximum temperature up to +250 ℃, detecting temperature differences as small as 0.15 ℃, and through the thermal imager 2.8-inch color LCD screen to display.

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