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China Road Lighting Forum 2011 held in Chongqing

    "2011 (seventh) China Road Lighting Forum" on March 10 to 12 at the grand opening of Chongqing. This event by the China Association of Lighting, Illuminating Engineering Society of China Committee of outdoor lighting, street lighting China Municipal Engineering Association of Professional Committee of the tripartite co-sponsored booster cables . Support for optical media and consumer China Daily China lighting.

    The city municipal management, urban road lighting management office / by, Power Supply Bureau, Party Leader; city road lighting research centers / by the Centre of experts and scholars; Urban Institute and the total units of electrical engineering, deputy chief engineer, consultant Chief Engineer, Electrical major road project leader; city road lighting project general manager, chief engineer, designer; city road battery clip lighting products and equipment manufacturers, general manager, chief engineer, electrical engineer, and other related staff of about 600 people attended the forum.

    Chairman of China Association of Lighting Chen Yansheng, Chongqing Municipal Administration Commission Deputy Director Zheng Rubin, chairman Wong Kam Sui China Illuminating Engineering Society of China Municipal Engineering Association special committee, Deputy Secretary-General of road lighting Zhang, Huizhou NVC Yin, tow rope vice president of Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Health to the meeting and delivered speeches. Deputy Secretary General of China Association of Lighting Doulin Ping, the Chinese Institute of Outdoor Lighting Lighting Professional Committee,ratchet tie dowm China Academy of Building Research Building Zhao Jianping, deputy director of Institute of Physics, Shanghai Hai Cong Illuminating Engineering Society chapter president, chairman of Beijing Wang Meng Illuminating Engineering Society, Tianjin Lighting Society, chairman of Wang Lixiong, China Illuminating Engineering Society Committee Director Chen Chao main lighting industry leaders and experts medium also attended the forum.

    This forum invited the national road lighting experts, municipal management to do a wonderful report, discussion, design and implementation of road experience in energy efficient lighting, new street lighting on current domestic and international energy-saving concept in engineering design and engineering cases. Illuminating Engineering Society Chapter Chairman of Shanghai Hai Cong describes the design of LED road lamp light color problem; China Academy of Building Research Building, Research Professor Li Tienan introduced the lighting design and lighting needs; National Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Shanghai) Director Chen Chao in detail describes the LED lamps: Focus on the drafting of the revised IEC safety standards and performance specifications development; Environmental Management Center in Shenzhen City Light, director of planning and design Wu Chunhai from the energy point of view about the LED lights; State Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Quality Supervision, Inspection lighting lighting Department of Wang Shuxiao described detection and evaluation of road lighting system; International Commission on Illumination (CIE) China Light and Radiation Measurement Division Technical Committee PAN Jian root to do the "middle road lighting visual assessment will enter the era," the report; Chongqing University Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning Professor Yan Yonghong of the mountain city planning and implementation of lighting elements; CIE International Commission on Illumination Division IV Vice President, Lighting Research Institute of Fudan University, Associate Professor Dr. Lin Yandan CIE introduced a new intermediate visual photometry system and its on road lighting The practical significance; Tianjin Lighting Association chairman Wang Lixiong analysis of new standards of international and domestic LED; Ministry of Transport and Road Research Institute of Engineering professor Korean highway tunnel lighting element describes the requirements and standardization. Huizhou NVC Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu SFT Lighting Co., Ltd., Henan Province, cutting-edge intelligent control Technology Co., Ltd., OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Asia Ltd., PhilipsLumileds, the Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd., General Electric Lighting Co., Ltd., Hong Kong really bright Group, Future Electronics, Ningbo Andy Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Thailand and China Telecom Co., Ltd. Shandong, Shanghai Career Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Wuxi South Safety Facilities Co., Ltd, Zhongshan Ruby Electric Co., Ltd. and other enterprises also went to the Council and make the product display.

    The forum reviewed the summary of the past few years the development of road lighting, road lighting design of shared experience, at home and abroad by introducing the latest case of road lighting works successful inspiration of national urban road lighting design and product testing of standards, technology requirements, to improve urban road lighting products, lighting applications and design level, to further promote the western region of Chongqing as well as the development of road lighting, and promote China's road lighting, lamps, ballasts, and design of intelligent control applications raise the level of clearly the direction of technology development and application, has played a positive role.

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