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Deputy director of Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission: There is no timetable for water and electricity prices

    "Restriction order" the city will not adversely affect long-term economic development, water and electricity prices under the pressure of high prices at this stage, no price schedule, total length will reach 660 km kilometers of rail means within the City of Victoria will be able to find the subway ... ...

    Yesterday, booster cables the City Development and Reform Commission deputy director Lu Yingchuan guest urban management service broadcasting "dialogue number one" part, to the public outlining the blueprint the next five years.

    A variety of water and electricity price adjustment scheme.

    For natural gas prices late last year after the delay in the implementation of the hearing, deputy direc   battery clip tor Lu Yingchuan Municipal Development and Reform Commission said prices of public resources such water, electric current "difficult to give a precise timetable."

    He said that every time the price adjustment to go through a long period of pre-feasibility studies, tow rope analysis, investigation process, integrated throughout the price trend, the market environment, resource availability, impact on residents living expenses of a combination of factors, they can even consider the long-term future generations impact. He said the program has done a variety of reserves, timing, appropriate, and then make a final selection, the specific price adjustment time, "depends on price movements, to see changes in market conditions to finalize."

   ratchet tie dowm Electronic medical records to get into social security card.

    Lu Yingchuan that function will be to expand social security card, social security cards for this year's settlement is expected to seek medical treatment outside the new "electronic medical record" functions, like the future pension payments, unemployment pensioners, social assistance, community service and other functions will also be gradually come to accommodate.

    Production car sales in Beijing were not affected.

    For the city "car limit", "limit room," and "restriction order", Lu Yingchuan that these measures are very prominent for the current contradictions in the city to make it, "produce some short-term market volatility is a normal condition, but long run on the Beijing Economic and industrial development will not have a fundamental impact. "opposite more conducive to optimizing the economic structure, the adoption of new energy, new materials, new pharmaceuticals and other alternative industry filled upgrades, as well as infrastructure, affordable housing investment increased, so that policies and measures to minimize adverse effects.

    He also, for example, the Beijing production car brand, quality reputation, although the city market is limited, but "from the February data, the car sales are very good."

    Vegetable prices dropped by 2% a week.

    From the end of last year's grain and oil prices begin to exert their meat and eggs dish, if adequate reserves, they will not "rare", Lu Yingchuan, for example, on March 19 about the city's eight wholesale supply of 17.1 million kilograms of vegetables a week Prior to March 12 was 16.5 million kg, 19 March wholesale price is 2.59 yuan, March 12 is 2.64 yuan, 2% price cut.

    Lu Yingchuan also said it would improve community food market and farmers market of services sectors, the distribution costs down.

    Within the Fourth Ring km subway.

    "Twelve Five" and strive to further increase the city during the nine rail lines, bringing the total to 23 operating routes, operation mileage to 660 kilometers. Lu Yingchuan explained that this means that within the Fourth Ring Road, walk a kilometer to get to a subway station.

    City evacuation quality resources

    Lu Yingchuan that in order to ease the pressure on urban areas, health, education and other public facilities and services resources will be transferred toward the outskirts. If Branch is nearing completion Huilongguan Jishuitan Hospital and put into use; in Tiantongyuan, Qing Hua Changgeng Hospital, Peking University International Hospital have started construction; Friendship Hospital will start building Wangjing Branch; Tongren Hospital to expand the new hospital in the Serious Area; Tiantan hospital Huaxiang to the overall move to Fengtai, "" Twelve Five "period to the community as a unit, to build a" quarter of an hour convenience living area "."

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