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Analysis: International Glass Fiber and Development of new technologies

    Present the basic glass products can be divided into four categories, namely, enhanced with glass fiber reinforced thermosetting plastics materials, glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics, insulation and other uses of textile glass fiber products and glass fiber roofing materials.

    Glass fiber reinforced materials in which about 70% to 75%, glass fiber textile materials account for about 25% to 30%.

    Foreign varieties of glass fibers has grown to more than 3,000, more than 50,000 specifications. booster cables In recent years, average annual growth of more than 1,000 specifications. Foreign experts believe that this can not maximize the speed of product development to meet market needs, development can only be considered a 'starting point'.

    For the production of glass fiber in the growth of the new glass composition should be said that so far,battery clip is still mainly used fiberglass E-glass, that is E glass. Boron in the base glass (C glass) in a foreign country is only a small amount of acid used in the production of alkali glass fiber products. As traditional E glass and composition on the performance of some of the weaknesses (such as poor chemical resistance of glass caused by environmental pollution in some of the ingredients, etc.), tow rope nearly 10 years to the emergence of new glass composition and has been put into production .

    ECR glass is actually a modified E-glass. Its composition does not contain boron oxide B2O3, with a particularly strong acid resistance, water resistance, resistance to stress corrosion and short-term anti-alkaline. The ECR glass fiber has become more widely used for corrosion and stress corrosion of the glass pipe and tank production.

    ratchet tie dowm CFC-free E glass was developed in recent years, environmental pressures forced the recipe, replace the fluoride used as a flux so that the glass of other costs.

    High strength glass fiber is the recent development of a new product, its name is called high ZenTron. E glass fiber tensile strength than 15% higher than the S-2 the cost 20% lower fiber strength, high-performance composite materials will be expected to be widely used.

    Advantex is a newly developed boron-free E-glass fiber, and its electrical properties, strength properties and is similar to the standard E-glass fiber, and its resistance to chemical corrosion and E-CR glass similar. Because it does not boron, so boron in the glass melting volatile compounds can be avoided, so as to reduce environmental pollution, but also reduce the erosion of refractories. U.S. Owens - Corning Incorporated has 10% of its E glass fiber production use this new component, and is ready to gradually expand its scale.

    Technology trends.

    More than 95% of the world are using advanced glass fiber drawing in tank furnace, and only some special varieties still use the ball Fala Si glass.

    Development to large furnaces furnaces regulatory touch is currently in 30 tons of glass / day below the kiln furnaces are considered small, 30 ~ l00 tons of glass / day, the large furnaces, 100 tons of glass / day or more of the kiln for the special large furnaces. Nissan 100 tons of glass furnaces can be equipped with a large block 100 of more than 1,600 large drain hole plate.

    Furnace drain board to the porous, multi-element, dual-floor direction, according to foreign sources, however, industrial furnaces are used in developed countries porous drain board, drain board, mostly 800,1600,2000,4000 holes, in recent years has grown to 6000 and 8000 holes.

    In recent years, furnaces drain board components except zirconium, yttrium, the alloy in platinum and rhodium can still add molybdenum, tungsten, rhenium, iridium and so on. A third element added to the platinum and rhodium metal alloys to go, can greatly enhance the chemical stability of platinum-rhodium alloy, the formation of metal oxides, more stable than platinum and rhodium, platinum and rhodium alloys are able to maintain scalability. To reduce fragility, easy to drain board manufacturing process, but also greatly improved high temperature performance drain board.

    Furnace oxygen combustion technology will be gradually implemented according to the U.S. on 40 Corning lucky break oxy-fuel glass melting furnace of the test data, the use of pure oxygen fuel flexible technology, not only emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOX) can be reduced more than 85%, aluminum borosilicate glass batch dust can be reduced by 30% to 50%, and overall equipment investment and production are relatively low maintenance costs.

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