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Luodian fire wood processing plants are fire hazards Check 15

   From the March 15 date, the fire brigade Luodian County in Guizhou Province of the township of wood processing plants to carry out in-depth fire safety special inspection of wood processing plants 21 checked and found that the potential of fire 15, the spot rectification 14, issued a " shall order a correction notice, "1,booster cables a fine of 2,000 yuan.

    It is understood that the fire department is deeply Luodian learn from past lessons of fire wood processing plants, battery clip a comprehensive fire prevention work to ensure fire safety in timber processing plants. The inspection focused on wood processing plants to establish fire safety responsibility system is implemented; fire service installations and equipment are fully equipped; fire safe passage, safe exit is smooth; plant laying electrical lines are required; whether to develop evacuation plans and fire drills organization and so on.
    During the inspections, the fire department found that some wood processing plants exist to varying degrees, tow rope the fire safety problems: inadequate fire safety responsibility system, the insufficient number of fire extinguishers configuration, in part poor awareness of fire safety managers, factory workers have not received fire training system , ratchet tie dowm does not use fire extinguishers. Of the existing problems, fire department or the requirements of timber processing plants shall be ordered to make corrections, issued a "correction notice shall be ordered", and processing plant managers and staff were easy to understand fire safety publicity and education, especially electricity, fire safety, on-site professors, factory workers how to use fire extinguishers, fire escape distributed more than 500 copies of self-help manual, fire safety warning signs more than 400 pieces, and enhance their self-defense self-help skills.

    So far, a total of 21 wood processing plants inspected and found that the potential of fire 15, the spot rectification 14, issued a "correction notice shall be ordered to" 1, a fine of 2,000 yuan. It is reported that the fire department there will be hidden on these issues to track wood processing oversight, effectively eliminating the potential safety problems in the bud, to effectively prevent and curb the occurrence of fire wood processing, in order to create a peace Luodian escort. (Contributed by: fire brigade Qiannan Guizhou Province)

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