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"LED lighting system to make it easier" to visit the forces involved in health LED power supply module

   LED lighting, setting examples in the growing market is expected to expand. New LED lighting business involved in many enterprises, expanding the scope of companies involved with the hope of easy to design LED lighting demand is growing.

    Engaged in the business of the German power supply module Kang (RECOM Electronic GmbH) is stepping up to meet the needs of expanding product line LED driver module. In addition to LED lighting power supply with small DC-DC converter LED driver module, the company also launched the second half of 2010 to direct the commercial AC power to light up with LED lighting, AC-DC converter LED driver modules. Recently, the site features news products of the company and development objectives, interviewed force Kang Yazhou Pte Ltd (RECOM Asia Pte Ltd.) Greater China, ratchet tie dowm Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, sales director, Harry Gu, and RECOM Distribution & Logistics GmbH, Group Managing Director Karsten M. Bier.
   Figure 1: AC input LED driver module LED light scene. Use the output power of 20W products. Because LED lights in the relationship between the Ministry of the above paper was light shelter. The module only with the commercial power supply line and LED modules. 20W to 12W output products to the left of the output products, the lower side for the 60W output products.

    - Li Kang What are the characteristics of the LED driver module?
    Li Kang: We had been required for industrial equipment and other uses to provide high reliability power modules. LED lighting is optimistic about the future of the market, so we start from about 3 years ago, LED lighting for an increase in the product line for light LED driver module. Although the first DC input from the beginning of LED driver module, but with the hope to AC input to the voice of LED growing light, we Bianxiang market launch of the AC input LED driver modules.

Can be said that both the DC input of the product, or AC input products, our products are various manufacturers of LED to light up for the idea. We work with the United States BridgeLux (BridgeLux), United States Career (Cree), Taiwan's Everlight (Everlight), Osram Opto Semiconductors (OSRAM Opto Semiconductors), U.S. Philips lumens (Philips Lumileds), and Seoul Semiconductor ( Seoul Semiconductor) has a partnership in their reference design using the company's LED driver modules.

    - Please talk about the power of health in the LED driver with regard to ease of use under the effort.
    Li Kang: for example, DC input LED driver only 6 terminals. 2 for input power, 2 for the LED output power, there are two, compared with the PWM dimming input use. Can achieve 0 to 100% dimming. And similar products of other companies only 10 to 100%. The designers of lighting is sometimes too bright and the presence of 10% is the case.

By expanding the dimming range, enabling the design of LED lighting to extend life. LED's are advancing rapidly, there will be a variety of years, improved luminous efficiency and brightness of the LED of new products unveiled. Each time a new type of LED appears to be on the LED lighting apparatus is bound to re-design. Through full use of dimming can reduce the trouble of re-design.

    - Please talk about the requirements to AC lit LED background of growing demand.
    Li Kang: It can be said has been the use of incandescent light bulbs and other lighting designers to design, there are a lot of people do not know until about two years ago, LED lights also need to drive. Although there is no such thing now, but can not say no one good power supply design. LED driver with DC input module, then you can easily light LED, but input to the AC power LED driver module, then also need to prepare AC-DC converter, power supply design that the designers of lighting fixtures is a trouble for job.

To save the trouble and easily assembled LED lighting system is the AC input LED driver module's strong suit. A commercial power only the power cord and LED drive power connector on the module and the output LED driver module connected with the LED module can implement a system for lighting. Input connector more than 90% efficiency, with power factor correction (PFC) circuit power factor up to 0.95. Thickness from the module to see, 12W output products only 18mm, 20W output products only 22mm, so revenue can be easily installed in limited space areas.

Reliability for the products in the 5-year guarantee. Our company has been engaged in the industrial equipment business with the power supply module, and therefore has a knack for high reliability. In the LED lighting apparatus, the decision is the product life power circuit. Once damaged, the power circuit, even if the LED has a longer length of life, can not play to their strengths.

Our AC input LED driver module Although not currently support the dimming function, but has plans to market during the year in 2011 to support dimming products. Intends to launch the first output of 12 ~ 20W variety.

    - In Japan, sales of products AC input, we must first meet the Japan Electrical Appliance Safety Law (PSE) requirements. Accept the certificate?
    Li Kang: We are ready to apply for certification of the written materials PSE, has submitted to the relevant certification body. Expected to be adopted in mid-2011. In addition, the company also received the UL standard LED lighting for the object's safety standards UL8750 certification.

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