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Exterior wall decoration market in 2011 over 50% of the water-based paint

    With the deterioration of the environment, social life and habits of the guide, people continue to pursue "green, green, low-carbon" way of life. These people are called "LOHAS", "LOHAS" the first letter of the English word form "LOHAS" this new vocabulary, literal translation is "healthy sustainable lifestyle."

    This "booster cables healthy sustainable way of life" more reflected in the consumer home environment, the renovation of the interior wall to select a variety of environmentally friendly paint, paint companies have also introduced a "health paint", "pregnant women paint," " Children paint "and other concepts of products, furniture to buy natural materials, green products and so on. But for most people, they just said earlier,battery clip only care about and things they have vital interests. As the Tang Jun academic scandal earlier in the United States, he wanted to resign, only one of 100 personal values: honesty; in Japan, he wanted to apologize, 100 people have only one value: to play; in China, he wanted to quibble, 100 individuals 100 values: something he have anything to do with you?

    Most people in the country there is such a psychology, exterior paint, for example, the same as paint, wall paint brushing the exterior walls, green ring does not seem to the people living in the house had no effect,tow rope but did not realize the small family environmental health or living environment built on top of the Earth's environment. Concerned individuals, small home environmental health, living conditions and more to be concerned about the Earth's environment, which is the implementation of the external walls of the large Ferris environmentalism.

    1 large exterior wall decoration material environmentalism.

    Decoration in the home environment-friendly interior wall paint used to reduce the release of harmful substances, etc. These are small green concept. Large and systematic philosophy of environmental protection, in addition to the familiar common types of environmental protection concepts, but also include regional or global environment and sustainable development and human production and life through social activities ways to reduce the harmful effects on the natural environment.

    The field at home, involving a large part of environmental protection are: raw materials, means of access to sustainable development, not exploitation of natural resources caused injury; production process using a variety of means of using energy resources such as water and other electrical and can be recycled; a variety of packaging materials using recycled materials; the final product on the human body and the natural environment is friendly; products can eventually abandoned after the recycling. Exterior decoration materials in the building, the exterior paint is internationally recognized energy-saving environmental protection products, non-polluting, does not destroy the ecosystem, does not produce waste, construction waste. The stone mining both the destruction of ecology, but also affect the environment; glass curtain wall in the summer of serious light pollution or affect the climate and the people living life comfort. States currently attached great importance to energy saving building insulation, and insulation system is the supporting wall paint decoration materials, other materials due to weight, safety factor and not suggested the use of poor.

    A senior pointed out that in Germany, the Netherlands and other European countries, a large number of emerging environmental awareness of consumers with superior, if people find a home products, raw materials collected damaged the environment, or the production process that pollutes the environment or spend a lot of energy, people will resist this product, so that the manufacturers have tried every way to improve environmental standards. To Ferris exterior paint, for example, from raw material selection, formulation of environmental protection, to the production, control of the finished product testing, adhere to low energy consumption, low pollution, low-emission principle, the products produced comply with energy saving, low- Carbon requirements.

    2, low-carbon, low emission, low pollution and the promotion of environmentally friendly exterior wall paint.

    Environmental experts believe that paint is the second largest in modern society sources of pollution, environmental protection, there is no doubt paint health guarantee. The so-called green paint, the paint is to protect the environment, with non-toxic, odor-free characteristics, can inhibit the growth of mold. Interior wall paint to environmental protection, exterior paint but also to environmental protection, exterior paint in addition to decoration, enhanced exterior walls, paint the external walls of environmentally friendly low-emission, low pollution, low carbon, will not cause major ecological impact on the environment. Exterior paint also known for its fresh, elegant, non-toxic, odorless, safe, economical, more and more by the majority of users.

    Therefore, the traditional paint has always been considered Polluters, and the promotion of water-based paint in recent years is the use of water as a diluent in the production and use of process does not produce pollution, and save a lot of oil resources, it is characterized by water sex, color retention is good, non-toxic tasteless, the premise is not polluting the environment, contamination is also super, Ferris exterior paint with pure acrylic emulsion and the new anti-pollution technology, the building has a great post-brushing Strong resistance to pollution, much better than the national technical standards for Excellence. Exterior paint environmental performance of its special characteristics, has become the international direction of development of exterior wall coatings. Although water-based paint can not replace oil-based paint in all areas, but as technology advances, the major trend of water-based paint is inevitable. But most consumers still depend on knowledge of environment-friendly exterior wall paint, care for a small home, more concerned with the overall living environment, the earth ecosystem, large consumers, environmentalists need to support.

    In Beijing and other cities, oil paint has been building for sale or sale by the city. The next 4-7 years, the domestic water-based paint coatings industry will account for more than 50% market share. Reduce use and emissions of harmful substances in environmental health at the same time concerned about the home, people began to earth with practical action to support environmental protection.

    At present in China has been promoting the use of exterior paint, but coverage is low, while in developed countries, the wall decoration is the most used exterior paint. Almost all Western European countries paint decorated wall in the United States, 70% of the external walls of buildings are decorated with paint; Singapore's residential buildings with more than 85% wall paint decoration. Not only in Europe, America, Japan and other developed areas in large-scale use wall paint, wall paint decoration Thailand already accounts for 50% of the amount of decoration. In China or in various types of stone, glass curtain wall, aluminum, aluminum panels, exterior wall tiles and other wall decoration materials based.

    This state of the primary and the past of poor quality exterior paint, and too weak on environmental performance. Traditional solvent-based paints are oil-based paint, after brushing environmental pollution will, the production process will waste a lot of energy, it has been more and more paint companies and ordinary consumers realize. General from the main traditional paint paint, curing agent, thinner and so on. Its use is generally 2:1:2 ratio, that is, at least 5 kg 2 kg of paint thinner, and cleaning tools but also with the thinner, and thinner is the main component of benzene, toluene, xylene, a large number of thinner evaporation into the atmosphere, serious environmental pollution.

    With the development of domestic high-performance exterior paint, new species emerging, Ferris is also water-based exterior paint products have passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification and the China Environmental Label Certification (ten rings certification), is the real double green products. People and the environment will not cause any harm. The building is now a growing emphasis on harmony with nature, non-toxic paint safe natural color, energy-saving insulation, environmental protection and other characteristics of low-carbon, in line with people's psychological return to nature, the price of economy, construction of exterior paint is relatively easy to make strong return wall decoration market.

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