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Delphi Electronics Show in Shanghai, innovative technology

    Recently, in 2011 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show, Delphi Corp. showcased its range of key used in electric vehicle electrical / electronic architecture, data connectivity and active safety technologies and products, including electric vehicles, electrical and electronic systems, portable charger system, battery pack, high pressure / shielded harness and wire, battery monitoring devices, high voltage electrical center connector system, and the use of Delphi's advanced anti-collision technology, radar and cameras.

    Delphi has developed a series of leading anti-collision, active safety technology, the future of the automobile driving safer.ratchet tie dowm The Exhibits will include some of Delphi's active safety technologies mature, such as Delphi multi-mode electronic scanning radar (ESR), an integrated camera, a rearview camera and sensor data fusion.

    Delphi sensor data fusion technology can help improve target detection and classification capabilities. It targets and by enhancing pedestrian classification sensing technology to improve performance before the collision, and can be integrated into Delphi before the collision mitigation (Pre-crash Mitigation) systems.

    UHV: "Twelve Five" investment in engine power.
    UHV "second five" engines, high pressure "Eleventh Five-Year" engine. "Eleventh Five-Year" compound annual growth rate of investment in power about 25% (excluding 2010), high pressure is the driving power of the round of investment in the "engine." "Twelve Five" special high-voltage power grid will boost investment in new "engine", the investment scale of about 550 billion, accounting for a total investment of about 24% power (of which about 2,800 billion AC, DC about 2700 million, the station master part of the investment about 1500 million).

   UHV leading equipment upgrades, high pressure facing the industry concentration. Unlike other voltage levels, high voltage AC / DC technical difficulties, the threshold is high, industry concentration is high, ultra high voltage power equipment and technology upgrades to lead and help the domestic enterprises in international strategy. "Twelve Five" investment during the high pressure will remain stable or have declined, while the industry is already excess capacity in the bidding and the EPC model, driven by high pressure will significantly increase industry concentration.

   UHVDC best of both worlds, special high-voltage AC or took a dramatic turn. Comparison of the various aspects of HVDC approved, the line for approval, the implementation of relatively smooth, while the approval of the progress of UHV optimism has been lower than the market. Mainly in equipment and technology of UHV AC, localization, and system networking to the Energy Bureau and other factors not determined, the delay has not ratified, "Ximeng to Nanjing", "Huainan to Shanghai" line under construction.

   In this case, the national power grid on the one hand demonstration of active lines "Jindongnan - Jingmen" expansion project, on the one hand multi-step UHV public relations propaganda effort to eliminate the community's negative view of UHV.

   Recommendation to buy XJ Electric, TBEA, China Western Electric, Tianwei change, high level of electrical. UHV and high industry concentration, large-scale investment will substantially increase the performance of leading enterprises, it is recommended to buy XJ Electric, TBEA, China Western Electric, Tianwei change, high level of electrical.

   Major risk.

   Large-scale construction of UHV deferred to the "second five" late.

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