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Advantech DLOG launch ultra-rugged vehicle terminal type MTC6

    Advantech DLOG pleased to announce a new product -MTC6/1010 "industrial vehicle terminal (VMT) grand public. MTC6/1010" industrial-grade ultra-rugged vehicle terminal is a mobile terminal-based system, designed for a variety of extreme conditions of automotive applications and design, such as cargo terminal from the outdoor to indoor forklift between the cold storage, booster cables port container cranes, mining vehicles, agricultural tractors and other heavy duty applications inside and logistics.
    Advantech DLOGMTC6/10 through independent laboratory testing to meet IP65, IP66 and IP67 protection class, and able to withstand short-term water immersion and high injection forces the water column impact speeds of up to 100 liters / min. MTC6/10 by EN60721-3-55M3-class standards of certification,battery clip able to withstand three times the normal level computing military MIL-810F to withstand vibration and impact devices. MTC6/10 symbolic use DLOG WLAN antenna diversity, can be used for a variety of harsh wireless environment.tow rope Touch-screen compliance DLoG standards, able to work a variety of harsh environments. Other features include low-power Intel ? Atom ? processor, with optional handset's advanced VOIP, isolated protected power supply, ratchet tie dowm a dedicated configuration tool and more flexibility.

    Ultra-rugged industrial-grade vehicle terminal.

    Advantech DLoGMTC6/10 meet IP65, IP66 and IP67 protection class. Vehicle tested the end product which proved completely short immersion in water. 5M3-level car terminal is also consistent with the standard, to prevent shock and vibration (three times the military standard), so to meet the needs of the worst environments. Car Terminal I / O interface, complete coverage is not exposed, the device passed the rigorous analysis by the internationally recognized testing and certification process. Antenna using "RedCap" sub-set design made of strong molded plastic, can withstand the impact of 60Kg. Touch screen damaged by anti-design, can withstand 500g metal ball falling from a height of 1 meter impact. In summary, vehicle terminal which beat the competition with industry, product and ultimately come to the fore.

    Space diversity antennas and DLoG touch screen, high accuracy and reliability.

    Advantech WLAN in the best allocation of more than 18 years of design experience, MTC6/10 with two separate diversity antenna, can receive the best signal transmission for reliable data transmission. Car system support 802.11a/b/g/nWLAN and 10/100/1000Mbps network connection, ensuring the most sophisticated communications network topology network reliability. DLoG special touch screen for the resistive touch screen,

    With enhanced design to prevent breakage. Provides a simple and accurate touch screen input and uses LED display (the industry first to adopt this type of touch screen), can provide a clear definition, high contrast, high-brightness display and long life support (lower power consumption).

    Powerful, cost-effective.

    MTC6/10 have a variety of outstanding features: ultra-rugged, fanless design, support for wide temperature working range (-30 ° C ~ 50 ° C); leading the concept of low-power Intel ? Atom ? processor; MTC6/10 through to Select the handset's DLoG voice packages to support VOIP, reduced demand for walkie-talkies; power supply with current isolation design that effectively prevent the functional independence of the various electrical current flows between the risk; MTC6/10 with DLoG configuration tool that enables customers to set Diagnosis and independent configuration to meet specific operational requirements.

    Advantech DLOGMTC6/10 Car Terminal is rugged and reliable industrial applications all the best solutions, including logistics, control, manufacturing and production. Advantech DLoGMTC6/10 available now. Advantech about car series or other products and services company for more information.

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